July 9th, 2007


Modifying BTSSB skirt to make it fit.. Need advice!

Hi everyone! I've searched through memories and couldn't find anything so here's my question:

Has anyone ever modified a BTSSB skirt (to make it bigger) and how?

I'm asking because my friend who lives in Japan got me this Btssb Chess/Alice print skirt (since he knows i'm a fan of Alice prints) but the thing is.. the measurements are ~60-66cm (23-26inches) and i don't think i could ever fit in it coz my waist is 76cm (30 inches). He was told he could exchange it for something else.. but there's nothing at the store i particularly want at the moment so i was thinking about keeping the skirt and just bringing it to a skilled seamstress who'd make it bigger.. but is that even possible? Anyone ever done it? What should i do? I first thought about getting a waist cinch (is that the name? girdle? the thing that makes your waist smaller/hourglass shaped?) but i'm not too sure it would make my waist small enough to ever fit in that skirt. What do you guys think?

Thanks alot!

EDIT: Just for your information here is an elastic in the back of the skirt but it's hiden by the bow.
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SO yesterday I headed over to NJ for a bit to check out the picnic going on on the lawns at Anime Next. It was a little bit of a disaster and I was disappointed in most of my fellow lolitas, but I had fun anyhow with ailolita, kiyomi23 while she was there, and Ai's friend Nikki (sp?).

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See everybody at Otakon ;D The jfash panel is Sunday at 1pm I KNOW I KNOW TERRIBLE TIMING BUT THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT. We are having a serious lack of support in the gyaru department, so please come out and support our panel! ♥
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Otakon Swap Meet

For once, it's not about my tea party (though that post will come in a few days)!

Swap Meet Info!

ugly_kitties  and I will be hosting a Lolita swap meet on Saturday, July 21st at 6:30pm, shortly after the Lolita Fashion 202 panel. It will be in the lobby of the Sheraton Inner Harbor, which is connected to the Baltimore Convention Center via the skywalk, and is number 6 on this map. Please bring anything you'd like to trade, though, as the event is not being held inside the Baltimore Convention Center, sales are welcome, too. Brand, indie brand, nonbrand, and DIY items are welcome, but please bring only lolita or boy style items; though all forms of lolita are welcome (as are kodona, ouji, dandy, and aristocrat), we reserve the right to tell you that your Hot Topic dress is not acceptable and ask you to please put it away, so use your best judgment. We will also be monitoring quality of DIY items--basically, if it wouldn't be allowed here, please don't bring it.

An end time has not been determined, but I'd imagine it will be over fairly quickly--probably no longer than an hour for all items to be traded/sold and bragged about--so please be prompt (or don't, but don't whine when the best things are picked over!). This way we can wrap up our business with enough time for everyone to eat dinner and get back in time to line up for the DIY panel. We will be holding this event in the lobby of a rather nice hotel where members of the community will be staying, so ugly_kitties  and I reserve the right to ask you to leave if you are disruptive.

Lastly, please support the Lolita/Japanese Fashion panels! There are three this year: Lolita Fashion 202, Saturday at 5pm; DIY Lolita Fashion, Saturday at 8pm; and Japanese Fashion, Sunday at 1pm. All three are run by members of this community that I personally believe to be very knowledgeable in their topics, and will prove to be very interesting! We're very fortunate to have a convention so willing to accept us, so please come by and lend your support for all of the hard work these ladies have done to put these panels together!

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So naive_wanderer and I were in a bit of need for some random loli fun so we grabbed noskeet and headed up to La Madeleine for a bit of food and then over to Starbucks to wait out the rain and then, finally, over to the Kingwood Library for some pictures!

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Dear EGL~

Hi, everyone! I am in need of some help.

I have been asked to do a panel on Japanese street fashion at an up-coming con, and I was wondering what kind of informational advice I could gather from here! It's basically "JFashion 101." I'm planning to talk about all the different types of loli, ganguro, kogal, and Jrock fashion.

What are some must haves for a budding loli, aside from a petticoat, all-purpose Maryjane shoes, and lacey socks? What kinds of styles do you think are coordinated poorly? If you have any other information/opinions on any other fashions I have listed above, please feel free to contact me: crazyheartsp [at] gmail.com

I want to gather all of your opinions, comments, and such so I can share them with others who aren't a part of this community at the panel. Thank you so much for your time!

If any of you have any pictures of any type of loli you'd like for me to print and share at the panel as a part of a neatly put-together display board, please email me! I will give you full credit and everything, no worries. :)

Kitschy, isn't it?

So yesterday I was up in Solvang, which was really nice and apparently not really Danish-looking. :> (Too bad the drive was so long. xx;) While I was there, my sister and I popped into a kitsch-y type store and I took a few pictures that might be of interest.. (Be aware that I am not a photographer by any means and thus completely fail at decent picture taking. :3)

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Naturally Curly Hair

Can you guys share your ideas for wearing your hair besides ringlettes or sausage curl pigtails? Especially since it is hard for people with curly hair to have bangs :( Im running out of ways to wear my hair.

thank you in advance :)

sby, famiko

Update: Brighton UK Meetup (25th August)

Just to say that the Brighton lolita meetup will be on the 25th of August!
Please, can we start making a definate list on this post as to who will be attending,
or if you are coming from around the country - if you are unsure of how to get here,
I will try my best to help!

It will be held in Queens Park (I bloody hope the weather is nice!) By the clocktower
from 2pm onwards.

This will be a picnic/tea party. My friend cloud lives near by, so hot water is a few minutes
away, however, if anyone has a large thermos or something similar that doesnt need plugging in,
I would appreciate it if you could lend it for the meet.

I ask everyone attending to bring a small something. Depending on how many guests there are of course.
I will be bringing teapots, mini biscuits and a homemade cupcakes and the blankets for us.
So essentials are: sandwiches, tea (2-3 varieties if one person can bring this please?), cake etc. and the
hot water container i mentioned. I will also supply plates and cutlery, and sugar/milk/lemon for tea.

So - let's get this list sorted out and what you can bring, as well as a little phone tree.

Thanks in advance xxxxx

List of Attending:

kyo_o (possibly)
xx_esmerelda_xx (+ friend)
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Dallas Gothic & Lolita Picnic
July 21st, 7:30 pm
The Samuell-Grand Amphitheatre
1500 Tenison Parkway
Dallas, Texas
Tickets are $7/person, and can be purchased on the Shakespeare Dallas website

It's a picnic dinner, so everyone should bring their own food, plus a sweet treat to share with everyone for dessert!

The date has finally been finalized, and everything's been smoothed out! Unforunately, the original plan to see Love's Labours Lost fell through because it only showed on weekdays, but Romeo and Juliet plays on the weekends. ^^ Everyone should bring their own picnic dinner, plus a dessert item to share with everyone. The show starts at 8:15, but we'll meet up at 7:30 to have dinner and chat beforehand. Also, if the weather turns on us, we'll head to a nearby cafe for tea and sweets. ^^
Sorry for the short notice, everyone!

More stores like In The Starlight?

Hello everyone! Recently I've been browsing around non brand shops, because I'm currently a little short on cash.

In my bookmarks bar, the best American lolita seamstress has been www.inthestarlight.com so far. I've heard mixed reviews about their products. The thing I like about that store, however, is that it seems to have a lot of pieces and it's well organized.

Does anybody know of any shops similar to In the Starlight? As in reasonably to cheaply priced and based in the US?

Thank you!
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Fabric and lace in Hong Kong?

Hello all~ I'm not quite sure if I'm allowed to make such a post, so please delete if it isn't. But I might go ahead and ask it anyways.

I'm going to Hong Kong very soon now and I was wondering if there are any good fabric stores there that aren't hard to find? Other than that, I'm also looking for stores that sell lolita clothes (not just brands). I'm not quite familiar in Hong Kong so I'd like to have the address of it too. Thanks in advance!