July 8th, 2007

sby, famiko

on button up shirts....

Right, well I hope I am not the only one who has a problem with this but;
does anyone get that 'hole' inbetween the buttons of a shirt because of your bust,
even though the shirt fits you perfectly everywhere else?
Its an annoying and common problem of mine. So, besides minimising bras,
what shape of bra or any other solution should I try to avoid this?
Or should I just get very baggy shirts =_=''

thanks everyone! question solved!! ^_^
Kyo [ K ]

Shopping service for Swimmer headphones?

I hope this is the right place to post this; if this is best placed on the EGL Sales Comm do let me know so I can delete and repost, thanks!

Ok, I'm thinking of buying these headphones from Swimmer. So far I've inquired with Celga and Crescent Shop if they accept Swimmer orders and they do, however I'd just like to check if anyone has second opinions, like are there other shopping services I haven't checked yet other than Celga and Crescent Shop that can offer lower rates and quicker service? (This is shipping to the Philippines and payment methods either via PayPal or credit card, by the way if it helps)

Thanks to all those who answer! :)

I always wondered...

Is there any handicapped Lolis out there? I see so much diversity among us, but have failed to ever see one of us in a wheelchair or some other aid... I myself am not, but I have wondered this for such a long time!

**and something I heard: A Japanese guy friend online (in Osaka) says lolita style is 'cute and attractive' and that 'it looks better on westerners'! Go figure!**
Rainbow Candy!


Hello, this is my first post here. Tonight I'm going to Panama for the whole week. I was wondering if I could find some pretty loli stuff over there, or some cute loli girls, and where. 
Thanks for reading ^^

TN Lolis!

I am aware this is a very shallow and plain question, but:

Are there any Lolitas out there who are from Eastern Tennessee? I have found one from Middle TN, but I haven't found any around the Valley area. I'm talking about Knoxville, Chattanooga, Gatlinburg, Sevierville... etc.
So anybody? I'd like to make friends with people in my state for once.

(PS: I live in Powell/Knox)

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Angry Alex mode!

t3h_janitor_jim's AnimeNEXT adventure!!

I must say, AN was rather okay even though there were hordes of people and my room mates were a bunch of jackasses.

..Other than that, everything was fine. There were a few nice lolis and I'm happy to take their picture. Also, sorry for not making it to the picnic!!

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If people want to know the reactions I got, my roomates kept saying I was their hotel maid and started to scream at me to change the linens. I also didn't get any stares, just a bunch of guys that wanted to take my picture.

PS. if you were there and went to the info desk, I drew a picture. It says loli love mudkipz.
mj : peace

Shojo Beat Scans

There was a post a while back about the August Shojo Beat having a lolita article so I decided to scan it and share it with you all.

Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with the article. Nothing is grossly misinterperated or anything like that. I've only been reading this magazine recently so I don't know what other stories they may have done on the fashion but this article gets a plus from me.

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Rose Chocolat Image Request and Question...

1. Does anyone have any pictures of the Ribbon Scallop Boots other than the official website pictures?

2. I've seen a couple reviews of the Classic Heart Boots, the two people that have reviewed them didn't recommend for larger than a 15.5 or 16 inch calf size, but I'm curious if they they might have a slightly larger calf size for larger sized shoes (11+). Can anyone offer help or an opinion? I did ask Rose Chocolat if they could make larger calf sizes in a custom order, but they replied they could not. -_-;;

Thanks in advance!
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