July 7th, 2007


I was reminded by the Swimmers post below me. :)

A couple of months/weeks back a fellow lolita posted pictures of rainboots from Swimmers and it was a bit hit. We all squealed over it's cuteness and insisted on buying them.
Has anyone ever tried incorporating rainboots with lolita yet?
I'm just asking since it seems to be a big hit with us. :)

Some cheap rainboots under cut!
I can delete it if it doesn't seem lolita enough. :)
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  • ayameh

Swimmer Bag Info?

Hi~ ^^

I was just wondering if anyone owns this bag here by Swimmer?
I was wanting a cute Loli-influenced/Loliable bag for school next year, and god knows Swimmer makes the cutest stuff + it isn't terribly expensive.
This particular bag seemed to have the largest dimensions out of the styles I liked, but I was wanting more insightful input than just the measurements and a short description that I can't read.
Would you say it's large enough to hold regular sized things, like binders, spirals, and smaller textbooks? Is it very roomy, or is it a tight fit?
And anything else you can tell me would me really helpful.

Thanks in advance~!

Brand Names

Ok, so this has been discuseed alot, but what is the deal with brand names? Why do you like them so much, you can get a skirt at BTSSB for around 100$, but at a non-brand seller you can probally get something allmost as nice for 2/3s of that price. Now I like the brand names things, but lets be rellsitic here, why do you love them?
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Shikkaricon 2007 (Pennsylvania)

To all of the Pennsylvania/New Jersey lolitas: I know that this is very early to be asking about this, but is anyone going to Shikkaricon?


It isn't until October 27th BUT the cheapest pre-reg ends on the 31st of this month. I went last year and they had a lolita panel, which I missed because I was late *boo*. It's a small con so it had a very relaxed intimate feel. Lots of fun. I just wanted to let everyone know about this, because last year I only saw 2 other lolitas!

(BTW, it's a horror theme. Gurololi or Queen of Hearts, anyone?)
sby, famiko

Lolita cards

Well, I was planning on posting this yesterday,
but after reading taichotoki 's post, I knew I had to put them here!!

I went into Sussex Stationers yesterday, and saw these wonderfully illustrated
card games, and so, bought both packs.

They are illustrated by Racey Help ^_^
(I bought Happy Families and Snap!)

The wonderful thing is, they have "please and thankyou rules" included,
helping to teach children manners when passing and asking for the cards!
sooo cute!
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white lolita

phaidon book release event with Mfashion in The Netherlands.

I totally forgot to place these pictures ^^ (all pictures are copyright)

Saturday 23 june there was a book release event in coöperation with 
the American book centre located in Amsterdam and Mfashion.eu, We all got a free book  ^^

This day also a tv programme filmed: it starts at 9 min: http://cgi.omroep.nl/cgi-bin/streams?/id/VARA/serie/VARA_101151765/VARA_101151876/bb.20070626.asf

I am still trying to find a program where I can ripp this with so I can put it on youtube, 
if someone can help me with this that would be great!


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Drawing// Kurumi!
  • turynn

Skirt Shapes Post ^_^;?

So, does anyone remember (or possible saved to memories :D??) a post here a few weeks ago about fabric cut shapes for making the best lolita skirts?  I was asking something similar in another community, and someone told me, "there was a guide posted up on the EGL LJ community a couple of weeks back regarding the shapes used for lolita skirts, how they're created, their properties and what the cut out pieces look like, and after 30 minutes of searching, I can't find it =(" and suggest I ask ^_^;.  Anyone? 
  • oro91

size issues

i consider myself skinny. im 110 lbs and not short, but when i bought a BabySSB skirt yesterday the waist was sooo tight! it barely fit!! i wasnt trying to make it sit near my hips or anything, it was at my actual waste. the skirt is also free at the hips so thats not the issue either. whats the deal??!!
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  • hviw

other bad lace?

I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of bad lace other then Raschel, if there is such a thing. So far the only examples that I've seen have been Raschel. Also, if there is anything too look for that is specific to there types of lace, I'd like to know about that.

(no subject)

           I've got a question to ask " Is there ever going to be a english speaking lolita magazine or mook?" I've been searching through memories on the subject and there as been attempts to do so But so far I have heard nothing. If anyone knows any information I'd been be grateful,
                                                                                                                Thank you for your time.

AatP Boots question!

I have a few questions about these boots... I'm totally in love with them and very close to deciding if I should buy them or not:

1. Do these have a side zipper or are they pull-on?
2. How comfortable and sturdy are they (ie, good for day in and day out use?)
3. Anybody have ANY personal and/or magazine pictures of coordinates with these boots? Loli and non-loli would work, I just want to see how they look on and what they would work with. Flipping through my GLBs I haven't found anything yet.

Thanks in advance! .^_^.
white lolita

21 + 22 July Mfashion @ Japan Ex London , England

*** 21 + 22 July Mfashion @ Japan Ex London , England ***

You can request Mfashion to bring items from the shop.

(especially small item like blouses and skirts or smaller, no dresses)


*** Once a day Mfashion will also give a Gothic lolita fashion show ***
(Time is not yet decided)

We now also got a lj: 

mods,  I hope this message is oke, otherwise let me know.


Loli sight-seeing in HK

So I'm in my hotel now typing on the free internet terminal while in Hong Kong (and some cute French guys just appropriated the terminals next to me, hee). Just wanted to say I visited Spider at King Wah Centre and Dracula at Sino Center today! And imho I think Dracula stocks slightly better outfits than Spider although there is the occasional K-starr looking dresses with scratchy looking laces hanging on the racks. They have some Millefleur and Atelier Pierrot inspired dresses that look quite good made of thick broadcloth-like cotton. I didn't buy anything though as I'm saving my money for a doll event tomorrow, haha.

I snuck pics of their shop fronts! And I might try to visit Anna House too even tho it's slightly off the beaten track. But they have pretty loli shoes for great prices =D

Sorry if this is a random post!
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