July 6th, 2007

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MEET-UP: Ritz Carlton @ Laguna Niguel, California

Hello everyone!

I was thinking of possibly holding a SoCal Loli meet-up at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. ^^ The date I'm looking at is July 27th, 2007. I know many would prefer the weekend, but weekends are really uncertain for me at this point. :D Tea will be around $20-$30 depending on what you order; I realize that the price is quite expensive for tea, but you can always order something else off their menu for less.

The dress code will be pretty strict. ^^;; No cosplay lolita or Mana-esque styles will be allowed, which is per usual with the past meetups I've held at Pasadena and the Biltmore. XD(They might not let us in if we're too outrageous!)

The hotel also has a special summer picnic event where you can buy their pre-prepared picnic baskets, then eat them out on their property. I think that'd also be a fun option, especially since the landscape and ocean make the scenery quite picturesque. ^o^ I'm not sure how much these baskets cost or what's inside them, so if the majority of people are interested, then I'll explore that option more.

This is just an informal post to gauge interest. XD

Here's a link to the hotel website for those curious: Click!

Picture request~

Hey, I was wondering if anyone happened to have pics of these shoes in pink? Both regular pictures and pictures of them being worn.

I've seen them the other day, and I'm in love with them. Perfect size and everything. I need to get them before someone else does. I just forgot what pink tone they were, so now I can't even make up an outfit. =3=;;

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Your opinion on replicas?

Before I start yammering, here's what I mean when I say a clothing replica : Drafting a pattern, and recreating a dress for sale, or for personal use.

I do not mean a counterfit, and I do not mean buying something, or taking a picture of something, and claiming that you made it.

And, if you know what discussion I'm talking about, don't reference it here, except in a very general way. I'm not trying to create cross-community drama.


So, after talking about replicas in a BJD community, I'm bringing it here. I've noticed a signifigant difference between the general opinion of replicas here, and there, and I'm wondering why. Both communities are relatively small, and expensive, and both have lots of artistic designers, and people whose entire income depends on the clothing and designs they're creating. Infact, the only difference I see, is size.

In the BJD community creating clothing replicas is frowned upon. It's considered "idea theft."

In the lolita community, not so much. We have entire companies that specialize in replicas. Or am I wrong on that point? Do most of you consider it bad practice to offer replicas to your customers? Would you turn down a replica order (disregarding the difficulty factor) if you could/can sew well? Is it considered "idea theft?" here, as well?

What's your opinion on replicas?

and, if you're part of the BJD community, why do you think there is such a difference in attitude between hobbies that are both very small, and very expensive?

(no subject)

Okay I have a bit of a problem, I was looking through the  metamorphose website and I absolutly fell in love with this dress 
http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/onlineshop_eng/dresses/107205030029.php?ssid=132e21181076715927. I really want to buy it and the price isn't the problem, the waist measurment is. My measurementsv are Bust- 35', Waist- 29' and hips 37' the measurements for the dress are length 70.5cm (27.7in) + lace, bust 90cm (35.4in), waist 70m (27.5in). But the comments below the size measurements say that the lace up front allows you to adjust the size, but I'm not sure if it will adjust 2 in' to fit my waist and I don't want to pay 200 something dollars for a dress I won't be able to wear, this is my very first lolita purchase and I really need advice. 


Problem Solved! Thank you everyone! ^_^

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DIY Lolita Fashion panel at Otakon

I'm hosting the "DIY Lolita Fashion" panel at Otakon this year (being held July 21st, Saturday, from 8-9 pm) and I'm looking for lolitas who sew or modify their own clothes to 1) be in a picture slide show or 2) to model their clothes in front of the audience!

The slide show is geared towards lolitas who aren't going to Otakon but would still like to participate in the panel and show off their sewing skills. I'll show the pictures on an overhead projector screen with my laptop and read a short description from the creator about the sewing process.

Those who are attending Otakon and would like to model their own lolita creations (dresses, jsks, blouses, cutsews, accessories, etc) in front of the audience will also talk about their outfit for a little bit to explain how they made it, what materials they used, level of difficulty, etc.

Please contribute! I only have four people in each category so far and I would like to have more. <3
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New Hampshire lolis-Possible meetup?

Hi everyone. I was making strawberry lemonade a few minutes ago and it hit me to maybe put together a NH lolita meetup. Depening on what people think about it I would hold it either before or after Otakon.

It would be in Portsmouth in the early afternoon (maybe start around 1 or 2) and everyone can meet by the fountain in Market Sq. We'd walk around, maybe get a slice of cake and tea at Popovers' cafe or have an early supper at Sake Japanese restraunt. We could also go into Bullmoose music and go to the park by Strawberry Banke museum.
The dress code won't be too strict as long as you come dressed up (I'm not to picky, I love all styles of Lolita fashion and VK style too). And you would probably want to bring your camera too to have picture fun, and money to purchase gifts or food. Let me know what people think so I can put together a set date okay?
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sock toppers and sleeve stoppers

hello!  sorry for another question post but even google only came up with 8 results for "sock topper" and it didn't help at all!

first i know what a sock topper is/does, but i was wondering how to make one myself, and is there a "general mold" for what sock toppers are supposed to generaly look like?

and am completely clueless about sleeve stoppers.  i've seen only a few on brand websites so are they not really a part of loli?  where do you wear them (i think it'd be silly at the ends of sleeves like upper arm armbands...) and same question as sock toppers regarding DIYing

thanks in advance for all your help.  it's nice to have a place to ask questions where people don't just giggle and call you dumb/n00b
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purple glitter


Hello, I wanted to ask the Loli's in New York of any nice places to shop for lolita type things and also lovely tea spots as well (I will be going to New York for a while and I wanted to know of some nice places) If not Lolita base then maybe leaning into Hime.

Any help would be nice thank you


1) Kinokuniya, 10 W. 49th st. This Japanese chain bookstore is your basic shop in NYC for buying your Gothic & Lolita Bible, KERA, and other jfash magazines. They also now stock Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dresses, skirts, bonnets (and an Alice bow or two), and shoes. If you walk in and don't see it anywhere, the store has likely sent it to a con, so PLEASE do not be alarmed and/or start spamming egl with the "bad news."

On that does anyone know if they are in stock XD Just wondering I dont want to get my hopes up to find out it was already sent out >_> yeah PLEASE if you know tell me <3 THANK YOU
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San Diego Comic-con - when are you going?

What day or days are you planning to go to Comic-con in San Diego this year? 

Please click off  at this page when you'll be there if you are interested in participating in a lolita meetup. 
I'm thinking of a late afternoon / early evening Friday or Saturday run to Extraordinary Desserts, but I'd like to see when people are even coming to Comic-con at all. (Plus, I'm loath to schedule anything when I haven't even seen what programming is available for certain.)

There is a preliminary schedule set up right now at this link: here

I can't seem to crosspost to the san diego lolitas community for some reason though...

Please help me

Hey I am new to Lolita Fashion, I have done alot of reserch and no one says anything about weather the perrticoats are comfrotable or not, and by comfrotable I mean scratchness, and maybe pokey metal. I also saw this dress, http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-147/Classic-Gothic-Lolita-cln--3/Detail 
I was wondering if that would be a good frist every day Lolita dress, and if the seller is easy to work with? 

(I posted this on somthing else but no one replyed so I am apoligsing if you have allredy seen this.)

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Gothic & Lolita by Phaidon

I come forward with some photo book/mook questions.

I hope that this doesn't come across as tedious because I have seen several posts about this book before. However, I don't recall any that specifically reviewed the books content. I am thinking of picking up Gothic & Lolita by Phaidon in several days and was hoping to hear some other lolita's opinions on it's content. What did you think about the photo book? Was it worth the 36 dollars?

On a side note does anyone here own any of the Clara Bow volumes? Information is sparse and I would like to get a sense of their overall tone and content in comparison to the other Lolita mook's.

Thank you in advance.

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Fabric Help!

I'm trying to make an outfit like this one:


for a costume. It's going to be a Mad Hatter outfit and I want to stick to the plaid, if I could... but I can't find that particular plaid pattern ANYWHERE! Online or otherwise. Right now, I have some spare blue crepe back satin to line a coat I'm making, but I've had my heart set on getting the plaid for a full Mad Hatter schtick.

I want the gigantamous plaid pattern, preferably in blue, but I can't find it! It's going to be my first EGL outfit and I want it to be perfect. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would love you forevers~