July 5th, 2007

sewing question

I'm not exactly sure how to word this question but... I know there is help and guidee to creating more normal lolita clothing, but I was wondering if there's anywhere that covers making things more on the desconstructed looking side, kind of like what Alice Auaa and and H.Naoto make? I don't mean screenprinting and stuff, but just the general construction or clothing... I looked around and couldn't really find anything. I can make loli stuff just fine, but I have no clue about how I'd go about making things like what they make D:.

Thanks for any help in advance!
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Celga Confirmation

^^' I ordered and sent payment to Celga on Monday but I have yet to get a confirmation email from them. Their auto-response said to allow for two business days...and it's been more than that. Should I send them an email? I'm a little nervous because this is the first time I've used a shopping service plus I really don't want the items I ordered to sell out. x_x

So to those of you who've used Celga before, how long does it usually take them to actually confirm your order? Longer than they say?

Help is much appreciated! ^^ Thank you!
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Afternoon Tea

I have some question about the ”tradition” of Afternoon Tea..I thought I could ask you because many of have been to a café with Afternoon Tea.

What exactly/often do the AT consist of? I now it’s tea (of course), scones and small sandwiches. But what kind of cookies is there? I have searched through internet, but it’s always different. Perhaps the etiquette is not very strict when it comes to the contents.

I hope this is okay to ask, otherwise I just delete it >_<

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Lolita in Shojo Beat???

I just got the August issue of Shojo Beat and the front cover mentions an article on "The Many Stlyes of Gothic Lolita". I haven't read it yet, but as soon as I do, I'll write up a real quick review and post pics (no scans, sorry, my scanner is beyond dead....)
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LOL customs *shakes fist*

Well, customs is holding my package from Celga and wants to see the invoice. Celga was so nice and marked the value down to $30 and marked the package as "gift" and "used" and still German customs want to see the invoice because they want to check if it's the real price (obviously not!).

Did this ever happen to you? Am I f***** now?

I know that there is no way I don't have to pay customs I just hope they won't accuse me of being a criminal (customs avoidance and blah)... >_>

And to be honest I just asked Celga to mark it as gift. No marking the value down. Well. Can't do anything.
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"What is lolita fashion?" - The question of the year

Every time someone here asks the question "What is lolita fashion?", (obviously pertaining to research for essays, news articles, presentations, etc...) they are presented with about eighty or so different answers from different people.  Some people just refer them to quotes or interviews from brand name specialists or famous lolitas and designers.  Well I am sick and tired or people who give big drawn out answers trying to find facts in an opinion.  It would seem to me that everyone has their own opinion of what lolits is.  I want to ask this question and I don't want some big uniform answer about the fashion.  Try to keep the answer as simple (1 or two sentences) and sweet as possible while still being true to yourself. 

What is lolita fashion to you?

My answer:  It's a cute fashion I get to wear on occasion and makes me feel pretty!  ^-^

them smudges...?

Okay, like a lot of you lolis on this community, I bought a lovely pair of knock off rocking horse shoes from ling_lam with the fuax wook foam sole. Now, as with most shoes with a large foam sole, they get dirty..especially those weird gray marks. Any one have some tips for cleaning them?

few questions~

<lj-cut> Hi, i'm very very new here (since 5minutes lol), so please tell me if i've done something terribly wrong or something like that.

Well, as the headline says, i have some questions :x

First of all, i want to buy shoes from ling lam and i'm not so sure which one i should choose. No, i don't want your opinion which style do you prefer ( but if you want to tell me, i'm always interested =3), i just want to know if the sole of these shoes

shoes 1

is of good quality, i mean, i'm afraid that the sole will break (sry i can't find the right word now xD) if i wear them too much because it looks more "cheap" (i hope you know what i want to say >_<) then for example, rockinghorses. Furthermore, i've heard that ling_lam sells good quality shoes, but i'm just especially a little bit worried about the sole xD

In Addition i would like to see some pictures of the second shoes


beeing worn. So if you have some pictures. just gimmeh a link please. I've saw a picture of a cute girl who wores a camouflage-skirt with these shoes, but in the picture i can't see enough to make my final decision..lol.

Thanks, yet ^_^ </lj-cut>