July 4th, 2007


Tea later this month?

I'm going to see a tea house this week~!
Either Thursday or Friday, but I digress.
It is in Livermore and I'll probably be planning a gathering for tea later this month.
So my question to you; Would anyone be able to attend for, say, July 21st or 22nd?
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Tigger & Rabbit

A visit to the Brass Lantern

Hello lolitas! Happy summer to all you East Coast US lolis, and happy season to everyone else. Today my family and I made an unexpected visit to Metuchen, NJ, where I got to visit one of the most lolita-ish places I've ever been to: the Brass Lantern, a Victorian/craft/pretty things store that would make a great place to start a meetup! In fact...hmmm....well anyway, I just wanted to share my pictures with you. I didn't visit in lolita, so it's just pictures of the store. However, I believe any lolita would have had a ball just seeing the inside of the place! If this isn't allowed, however, tell me and I'll delete it.
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BABY Oz JSK sizing

Does anyone know the waist measurement of the jsk in question?  I see it has a little shirring but the site only lists the bust measurements...
thank you ^^
edit:: uhh i forgot there are 2 Oz jsk's! XD it's this one:

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I was running late so in the end Hillary and Haru and Martin came over to my place ^_^ in which I decided to give both the girls a nice hime hair do ^_^
We went to a maid bubble tea cafe and then went for korean and then wallowed around my front yard XD

Tony Tsai

Victoria - Innocent World set
Haru - Home made
Hillary - Angelic Pretty set
Martin - spikey hair dude!

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Shopping Service

Hey everybody, I know I haven't posted an update on this for a while, but I am still doing my shopping service, and I'm taking orders again for anyone who is interested!
Here are the rules and instructions, feel free to post any questions after reading them. 
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Vertical Floral Print/Country Lolita Request

Hey there!

For one reason or another, I really like vertical floral prints on dresses, skirts etc. I've yoinked a friend's doll for a bit, and have two nice vertical prints, but I'm not entirely sure what to do with them and was hoping that I could get some inspiration from you guys =)

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Also, as a side note (for my own interest n_n; ) I'm also interested in seeing any Country Lolita outfits that anyone's put together (I've already been through the handbook).


Edit: Pictures aren't working for me, so I'll just post links until I can get home and figure out what's going on.

Edit2: All fixed! =D
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What have you found to be the best looking and easiest way to make an applique on a skirt/dress? I was thinking of screenprinting or making a fabric applique to sew on, but I am a noob sewer so wanted to ask first!

Dress Shields: So Fresh and So Clean!

Now that it's summer (for most of us), for those of you who are worried about keeping your lolita clothes fresh, as the next step up from just wearing a regular shirt underneath, I recommend using dress shields as part of the solution.  These are garment additions that are kind of more old school - I think that people use them to keep uniforms clean. They are typically pads that are placed around the underarms of the garment to keep it from getting that unpleasant soak-through from perspiration. 

I tested out a 'valara' from Kleinert's under a new blouse and it did the job through an entire day including a concert at AX2007.   Watch out as they seem to run pretty big though. 


Swimmer website.

Can you buy stuff off the Swimmer website if you do not live in Japan?? I really want to buy some stuff from there!! If not, is there anyone willing to buy me some stuff from Swimmer?? Thank you! -M. <3
Marriage equality!

Ling Lam Transaction Question.

Okay, so. I ordered a pair of rocking horse shoes from ling_lam, and I got a message from PayPal that said this:

Your payment of $61.99 USD to the seller ling_lam2005 is complete. You will receive an email receipt for this transaction shortly.

And then I got an e-mail receipt from PayPal that said Dear --------------

This email confirms that you, sammygirl87, have paid lolita_princess2005@yahoo.com.hk $61.99 USD using PayPal.

And THEN I got this from ling_lam:

Dear sammygirl87,

You are the winning buyer for the item below. Thank you for your business!

$61.99 = Total

Please send me your shipping address and payment.
The following payment methods
are accepted: PayPal

So did the payment go through or not? I'm so confused. (I've never used PayPal or EBay before, so I'm kind of a noob, sorry. -__-)

And if it didn't go through, how do I send the payment? Someone please help! I want RHS's so bad, and I've never been able to find any in my size. Please help a mildly retarded loli out! xD

Oh, and if this needs to be under a cut, or needs to be moved to egl_comm_sales, lemme know!

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a tidbit for toronto lolis

Hey ladieseses. I am in the Toronto and I visited Kensington Market today. There's a store called Twylite on Kensington that sells a lot of K-Star stuff. If you don't know K-Star they're a cheaper lolita brand. Most of the stock they had was of the h.naoto rip-off variety but there were some sweet lolita and shiro dresses. The prices were around $50 for punk skirts and blouses and $100 for dresses which I think is pretty standard for K-Star.

They also had a bunch of crinolines (but I think every vintage store in Kensington does) and Blythe bags.

It's not Japanese brand quality but if you're looking for cheaper lolita stuff in Toronto, that's where it's at!
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Yahoo japan bidding?

I finally got a user ID in the yahoo japan auctions... the problem is that I dont know where to click to make the bids...

Could someone please explain it ... preferable with pics? I'm sorry for being such a dummie, it's just thta I tried with the webpage translator and I still dont get a thing... help please T_T!

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So yeah... AX?

I'm surprised that I haven't seen any AX posts yet, so here goes!

I meet so many new lolitas at AX and I know a great number of them are on EGL so hopefully we can all touch base here. It would be fun to hear how everyone's experiences at AX turned out to be. If you were at any of the events, or met me or other lolitas at AX, please introduce yourselves .^_^.

I'm still decompressing from my trip, I came back with almost 500 photos in my camera which need to be sorted and touched up so expect a big photo post in the near future. In a nutshell, here is how it went for me...
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