July 3rd, 2007

Questions about BABY skirts

I know that the BABY skirts run REALLY small and I was wondering to those who own a few, are they suppose to sit on your natural waist line? Also, does anyone know how to make them bigger? I believe most of them are like 66 cms at most? I'm looking for a 10 cm [at most] increase. Is this impossible? Please someone break it to me gently if it is :[.



Saturday, August 11th
Bryant Park, 2pm

I'm announcing this early so that you can schedule yours days off NOW! There are no plausible excuses for you to miss this, NONE!

pierraxryuka, unless death befalls her or something, will be our lovely photographer. She'll be taking a lot of candids, as well as taking people to the side one or two at a time for quick mini-shoots, so look your best BUT DO NOT LET OUTFIT DILEMMAS KEEP YOU FROM COMING, AT ALL COSTS. This is gonna be a picnic, guys, so bring a little something IF YOU CAN. I will try to provide as many blankets (and tarp/shower curtains to go underneath them) as possible to accomodate us, though if you want to help out on that front that would be great.

EGA Picnic 5/09

I need your opinion

Hi Everyone,
Don't worry this won't turn into a slew of posts.  I've learned my lesson.  I also did A LOT of looking around the handbook & memories.  Some of my questions were answered.  Some weren't exactly.  I hope you don't mind helping me out w/a couple of things.  **Sorry for the double cut, I did it wrong the first time.**

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Interest in restarting the World Loli Exchange?

Right... So. I had a bit of fun with it last time, but it appears that a lot of people didn't do their part.

So, I was thinking about maybe restarting it with some tweeks to make things more fair, if there is any interest? If there is, I'll be happy to edit this post with more information, and start a mailing list.

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If you're interested in joining, please send your LJ name, your E-mail, and your real name to loliswap@hotmail.com, and within the next 24 hours I'll be sending out more information to the people who are interested in joining.

Also, do you think that a personal journal or community would be a good idea, or should this simply remain a mailing list thing?

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Would you purchase a dress if you could just fit the maximum measurements? (ex the max. waist is 70cm and you have a 70cm waist) or would it look too tight when you wore it? When are you small enough to wear something and look good in it? Being at least 2cm smaller than the maximum measurements? i mean for something non shirred D:
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Miwitch Review

I recently received the dress I ordered from Miwitch and I must say what fantastic service they have. The dress is beautiful, well made, looks very much like the picture and fits like a dream. The service was fast, thorough and very polite.
It took about two weeks to make. I paid for EMS shipping and it arived in four days.

But enough of words, here are some pictures.

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