July 2nd, 2007

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So, today (Sunday) a few of us Michigan Lolita's got together for the afternoon.
6 of us had to cram into my 5 person car. It was interesting. We were wondering what the cops would say if they pulled us over. D:
But anyway, Onto photos, because I know that is all you really want to see.

This is our new band cover. Too bad we haven't formed the band yet XD
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Official Info for Central Florida Meet-up

Well here is all the details for the meetup here in Central Florida.
The Regular Meetup:
Date: July 28th
Place: Lake Eola
Time: 1:00pm (so that Loli's from far away don't have to drive back too late)

The AFO Meetup:
Date: Saturday of the Con
Place: We'll meet outside of the dealers room after it closes so that we can proceed to where the mini-tea party shall take place

If you are coming with friends I please ask that I be emailed with the number of people going so that I can ensure that none of us go hungary at the meetups. My email is santiagoy13@yahoo.com and please title the message Meetup Guests. Within the message please state which one your going to or if your going to both.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all at the meetup!


As stated in our auctions, we usually ship within a week after payment has cleared. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your item has been shipped."

My payment cleared on the TWENTIETH of June and I received that message on the 24th. I believe it is now July 2nd in most or all places.

How long is this supposed to take to get shoes to America from ebay seller inspiredcatlingmao (whom I believe is on here)?

Dying. Want need shoes.


Just wondering if any of you are gonna be there.... even though I think there's only like 2 lolis in CT ._. Well, if you guys are going, hope to see you there?
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Quick Celga Questions...

Okay, so this is my first time using Celga so I have a couple small questions:

1. The money you send initially when you send you order...is that just the base total of your items from the webshop without Celga's markup? If so, when do you send the rest of the money?

2. It also says to make sure to calculate the 5% sales tax and usually on webshops there's the lower and higher prices and I've always thought that the higher one was the one with sales tax. Is this correct or is there another 5% sales tax I have to pay?

Thank you! ^^ <3
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tea party shoe replicas

i searched egl and came up with a bunch of old (at least a month, but that entry has been deleted) entries regarding the replicas, but mostly they were about arranging group orders to get some(http://community.livejournal.com/egl/7647994.html), or where people can get some(http://community.livejournal.com/egl/7360207.html), or who does any... and i was wondering-

1) did anything come from the tea party replica group orders? (was it completed/were they received?)

2) has anyone gotten replicas from somewhere and were very satisfied/dissatisfied? from whom and how much? (in both the site's posted currency[yen, hong kong dollars, etc] and the currency you paid for it in[american dollars, euros, pounds sterling] with shipping?)

and if need be, maybe we could cobble together a group order?

Casual Loli

My mom got me a shirt today because she thought I would really like it. I thought it was so cute and it looks gothic/casual lolita. It's adorable. What do you think?

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What do you think would go good with it? Any suggestions?
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Putumayo Replica Skirt

I want to make a near-replica of this skirt for a more casual outfit but I don't know where to begin. I think I'll replace the buttons with a zipper and have chains and other such dangling things rather than a screen print. I'd also like to do it within the next two days for ANext. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Help Please!

So I don't know anything about egl style, but my best friend loves it and I want to make her an outfit for her birthday. She's had her eyes on an outfit for like ever and I want to make it for her...I got the top of the pattern all drafted out, but I need help on the skirt!

How do I make the skirt that puffy like that?! Does anyone have a pattern for a puffy skirt like that? Or any suggestions on how to make the skirt that puffy? Thanks so much!!
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Bonnet tutorial?

Hey~ EGL

I'm going crazy with DIY stuff [e.g.: making suspender'd-skirt, two night gowns and a couple headdresses] but I was cleaning out my room [because I'm painting it ^~^] and found this magnet-thing and got me wondering/looking.. Does anyone have a tutorial for a bonnet? I mean, I know there's the hooded-scarf tutorial, but I haven't seen/found a bonnet one! O;

Thank you for your help~