July 1st, 2007


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Okay, not my first post here, but it's been a while. ^^;

I'm heading to China (Shanghai, Wuxi) on the 17th, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any loli stores there other than Westmend. I also know of Anna House Fashion in HK, but I don't think I'll get to stop over there, so sticking to Jiangsu Province / Shanghai would be best.

Hope you guys can help~.
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Brand adventures!

I'm a very poor kid. xD And I want to buy a lolita brand item or two~
Thing is, I'm having a very hard time deciding. My wardrobe is very limited right now...

And my question is, what are the most fundamental parts of your wardrobes? Like, should I buy a nice blouse that will go with everything, or perhaps a skirt? Bloomers and shit I can make on my own, as well as Headdresses. :/
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Emily Temple Cute question: Prices?

Does Emily Temple Cute have a site with their prices on it?  I found the blog and HP, but they don't seem to have prices on them.

If not, in what (rough) price range would you say the items are?  

I was thinking about getting a few things through a shopping service, but have no idea how much to budget.


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rose choclate ?

I was thinking of buying rocking horse shoes from RC [ since I read their're higher quality and easier to walk in], but I think I read somewhere that their're really narrow and you need to buy a size larger. Can anyone verfy this? Or can anyone who wears a size 8.5-9 US who has them measure the inside width? o_o thanks a lot!

Also, in the picture on their website, the signiture cutout in the back seems to be missing, what's going on with that?

edit: Drats. I just realized there's no way to get my size anyway unless it's ina group order ;_;
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Travelling with a petticoat?

Okay, i dunno if this should be posted under a cut, but just tell me, and i'll do n___n;; Also, i hope this haven't been asked before(i tried the search-thingy, but i couldn't find anything).
Anyway, i'm flying to Amsterdam on tuesday, and i wanna bring my petti, but i'm really afraid it'll get flat if i pack it in my trunk? I have one from ITS, and until now i've tried keeping it from being totally squashed, but it'll be as hell if i put it in my trunk -____-;; So, what do you do when you're travelling? I can't really just wear it, since i have another big skirt that won't fit into my trunk ._.
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Our capers consist of necklaces, bags, hats, bows, and the gentle trill and warbles of my tender voice.
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Tom Felton by Rachel

Pic request

Hi, I like to have the official pics of everything I own, so I'm looking for the official pics of Baby's pink sleeping beauty cardigan, and Meta's lavender cherry elastic skirt (which seems to heve disappeared off the site...) Thanks for any help. ^_^