June 29th, 2007

Maid cosplay in Spiderman 3 game

As my cousin was playing Spiderman 3, I noticed that there were women dressed up in "maid cosplay," they even had platforms on and stuff.  They were in BxW OPs and had headdresses on.  It was quite funny and amusing. I couldnt find any screenshots but if anyone gets a chance, play the game and see if you can find them. lol. It actually is a good game though. ^__^
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Tigger & Rabbit

Coincidental Comments

Ever gotten a lolita-related comment about yourself...from people who don't even know about lolita style?

Now, I work in a family restaurant with people that are nice, but that I don't exactly match well with. I've never really told them about my personal life, let alone trying to explain lolita style to them at all. I was wearing these small crown earrings at work today when a co-worker of mine noticed them.
Him: "Why are you wearing crown earrings? Does that mean you're a princess?"
Me: "Why yes, yes it does. That's why I'm working here with you right now."
Him: "Ha! I'll tell everyone you're a princess then." *proceeds to yell about me being a princess in the kitchen*

It made me smile in a silly kind of way, especially because I love wearing my crown earrings with my lolita outfits, my hime lolita outfit in particular. It's funny, how non-loli things can leak out into the open, accidentally!

I know you're sick of lucky packs, but...

Even though I STILL have not gotten my Lucky Pack in the mail, I have a question.

Dear Kelsey,

The staff at our shipping center accidentally shipped Lucky Pack twice.
If you received 2 of them, please send back one of them with unopened to our
shipping center.
We take the shipping cost you'll pay.
I send the money to your PayPal account.

I'm really sorry for this inconvenience.

Thank you.
.*~ Metamorphose temps de fille ~*.
Aya Nakagawa

Hey, does anyone know how to see through Lucky Packs? Probably impossible, but I want to get a good one! And of course I can't open it. Maybe I could feel for something? Like, if I feel a cowboy hat (punkuma, love the set but it'd never fit me)...
That's very nice of her to pay shipping, though.

EDIT: Whoa, guys, I never said I'd open it. That would be too immoral. Dx I was just wondering if there were ways to see through the bags to decide which one would hold the most things that would fit me.

Some Newbie Questions

I've always loved victorian type things, but I have only recently discovered lolita. I adore it, esp sweet lolita. I've been reading the FAQ, handbook, memories, etc, but I still have some questions. *smiles sweetly*

1) When it comes to panners/petticoats/etc, does the brand matter much in terms of quality? (trying to get out of international shipping and brand prices for things that don't show, if it could work out) If you feel that it does matter, what brands do you like best?

2) What is the current reply time for emailing baby? I saw in the memories that it had been slow last fall, but I was wondering if that is still the case.

3) Do one or two piece outfits tend to look better/more lolita? I'm debating between getting a skirt or jsk.

4) How do you feel the quality of fan plus friend is?

Thank you so much! *smiles*

Cyber Lolita

I was browsing through the journal, and the accompanying handbook, and something struck me~
There doesn't seem to be much mention of the cyber lolita fashion. o:
You know, lacey but a lot more latexy. Not really Erololita, but a much more fetishistic fashion.

I wanted to know what the community thinks of the fashion. <3
snow white


Okay, I have the feeling someone might yell at me for this, but here goes anyway:

Because I am very very lazy, and also don't want to trouble Baby by e-mailing them about it without ordering, I wondered if anyone who has ordered similar items together could tell me how much shipping would be in an order consisting of a cutsew, skirt, headbow, and socks.
Recently, I've been planning to order a set of their Oz line (the cutsew, skirt and headbow) and also a pair of socks to coordinate with, and since I'm a poor dumb little high schooler with no job, I have to save up my lunch and allowance money, so I'd really like to know the shipping cost (or estimate at least) so I'm not surprised when I go to order. @-@;

So can anyone help me, or at least help me with some sort of estimate?
Thanks in advance~

(Also please let me know if questions like this aren't allowed. o-o)
goth club

(no subject)

About how much fabric (width) is put into gathered brand skirts? Specifically those from Baby & Meta w/ either partially shirred or fitted waists?

Also, does anyone have pics of brand skirts that have been altered to fit larger sizes?


Just a silly little question.

Hi everyone!

I've been checking this community out for years and years now and this'll be my first post, haha. So I should hope I do it the right way ^o^ Well, on with my question. :D

I'm going to order
Collapse ) dress at Fanplusfriend. And I was just wondering if you guys had any tips on how to co-ordinate it! Any tips would be welcome; the lolita-items I own are pretty limited and so is my experience with coordinating.

Thanks a lot in advance! :)

<3, Stilettoqueen
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