June 28th, 2007

Central Florida Meetup?

Lately being around my normal friends and not being able to dress up Lolita (well I do anyway but after awhile its lonely) got me to wanting to organize a meet up here in Central Florida. I know that they are some great Lolitas here that I have met at cons and thought it would be great to get together. I was thinking that perhaps for AFO would be one fun place to meet up seeing that I requested to perhaps give a Lolita panel if their isn't the same one for last year and thought a tea party afterwards would be great. If not we can also meet up in July perhaps at Lake Eola (sorry but I can't remember the spelling quite well but its on Orange Ave I believe, in Orlando). If anyone is interested or had any other places they wish to suggest to have a tea party I would love to hear from them!
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Hello girls~

I was browsing the memories for some pictures of bonnets (in order to serve as a guide to making my own) when a random thought struck me:

Has Mana ever been photographed wearing a bonnet? o_o

I simply just don't remember seeing ANY pictures of him wearing one so I was hoping someone on this community had some pictures X3.

And if he doesn't usually wear them, is there a reason for it?

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu ♫
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Imai Kira Image Request Plz<3

I come to request images of Imai Kira artwork<333

I've searched the internet high and low 9.9 6.6 but have had very little luck in finding images of her artwork.
Places where I already found few images:
AP official website
Imai Kira official website
Myspace Lolita Fashion Group (actually had the most)
Myspace Country & Gothic Lolita Fashion Group

If you know any other places to find them plz share<333
If you have any in your personal stores, plz share<3333333

Thanks VERY much! v.^_^.v
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Dinosaur comics


I visited their site this morning to order a few little things and one of those adorable sailor cutsews. . . and they are gone! (the cutsews. . not meta)

Anyone know what's going on? they were pretty new. . . and none were sold out. So where did they go?

::hopefull thought:: Could they be on their way to sale?

EDIT: they have new parasols up now

Innocent World stock question

I was wondering whether anyone who is currently residing in Japan could help me out. Is Collapse ) and particularly the longer version still available to buy in the actual IW shop? I noticed they've taken it off the website but I'm not sure if that's always an indication to whether you can buy it in real life or not. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks~

how to wear an alice bow?

ok so forgive me for the silly question.....

i've not really ever bothered with headresses and the like as i find they don't really suit me but i decided to get my first alice bow recently after seeing lots of people looking totally adorable in theirs. anyway i went with meta and btssb, the meta arrived and it was massive but i thought i'd wait and give the baby one a chance. it arrived this morning and with a squeal of excitement i ran to the mirror to try it on but it's totally HUGE! gorgeous but huge!

so my question is, how do you wear an alice bow without the damn thing looking like it's eating your head? is it a hair thing? do i need to make my hair bigger in order to balance out the bow? or do i just have a freakishly small noggin and am doomed forever?

any advice and pics would be most appreciated.

Lolita movies?

Someone just posted a video for a trailer for a movie with lolitas in it. Now I know the general opinion on that movie was less than favourable but I was just wondering if there were any other movies out there featureing lolita's? Aside from the obvious Shimotsuma Monagatari. If you know of any please post links/names(preferably ones w/ eng subtitles)! I would be very grateful.

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Gothic Lolita for men

I've poked around and saw that there were some mentions for men that are interested in dressing Lolita/Gothic Lolita.  I've seen some examples on my own in various places.  My husband is very interested in this look however doesn't care for what is out there for men.  He is proposing to make his own "Gentleman Lolita" style.  It would be more of a historical (late 1800's military style), think Prince Albert w/a Lolita touch.  I've seen something like this  before, but he still has his own ideas.  What do you think of this approach?  He hasn't made anything yet because he is a very busy person so I don't have any pictures.  He hopes to have something made by Halloween so we can dress up together on our vacation.  Any questions, comments, advice would be helpful.  By the way it will mainly Gothic as he likes to dress in black.  A lot.

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id this :P + reminder

FOR ATL area lolies!!! X posted to Atl_Lolitas

So um.... i was having coffee with a friend the other day and i thought, how simple would it be to make a weekly date for EGL coffee... if a few people showed up that would be great, if not, whats wrong with dragging a friend to the coffee bar anyways? So i propose that sunday evenings from 9-close at Java Monkey in Decatur be a good time to meet for some EGL Coffee.... whether or not a ton of people come is ok. bring a friend too! EGL or no... just come and have some good coffee and have a chance to regularly wear your Sunday Best ^^.

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Rose Chocolat - new colours?

A couple of days ago, someone posted about Rose Chocolat and ”non-excisting” colurs to Premier Ballerina/RHS. (She was having a voting about new colours)

What happened to that exactly? Was she suppose to contact RC and see if they could do other colours ore what? :S

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Anna House questions

Has anyone ever ordered from Anna House? There was a post a while back about how this brand is priced in Hong Kong Dollars and how this translates to 'affordable' in North American currency... But I couldn't find any reviews or anything. I'm thinking of getting this dress and a blouse and maybe a skirt or bloomers. I'd like to know what their quality and customer service is like. Also, do you think that dress is brown or burgundy? :P
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loli spottting at seatac airport?

My mom works at the Seatac Airport in washington state and she said she spotted someone in the airport wearing lolita.
She said the girl was wearing a blackxwhite gingham dress and had big glasses.. and a ruffled bolero like thing..

Just curious if this was you, and if you have pictures of your outfit *curious*

being as it is an airport youd think youd see more lolitas or people in more alternative clothing but not really X]
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Belated Loliday Post

Yes it has almost been a month, but better late than never, eh?  
I was put in charge of making the photo post so all horrible WoW jokes are mine in their entirety.  If any of the captions don't make sense, just tell yourself it is a pathetic computer game reference and pretend I said something about MOAR RACE or "kawaii desu ne?".  Thanks.


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self portrait

Lolita ID card

I was wondering if anyone has thought of an idea of having an "official" lolita ID just for fun.

I decided to create one and have also included a template and some helpful things to note just to ensure consistency. :D

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When shirings too much?

Hello all, I got a Meta replica recently and the shiring well.. it makes the dress look too long and saggy on me, if I had boobs, fantastic but it looks like I sag at the bust..

I've tried to pull it down to make it not look so saggy/baggy up top and the dress comes to my ANKLES almost which was NOT the plan.

My question is... is there an easy way to adjust the shiring so it becomes tighter? or if I took it to a tailors could they tigthen it up for me? or is shiring one of those things you just can't change? thanks.
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Sorry for my second post today, but I found this interesting.

My brother picked up the new Christopher Moore book the other day, You Suck. Yesterday, told me he found something that I might enjoy. This is what he found:

"Tommy gave him the money. He checked Tommy's ID and stamped his wrist with a red slash. Just then a group of Japanese girls dressed like tragic Victorian baby dolls breezed behind Tommy, waving their wrist slashes like they'd just returned from a joyful suicide party instead of smoking cloves on the street. They, too, looked more like vampires than Tommy did."

Sound like lolitas? =D (maybe gurololi?)
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Target loli, GO!

We interrupt your lolita broadcasting journal to bring you news of loli-able items in regular stores in your area! (or at least America, I guess)

I work at Target, so I get to see all the random clothing and crap that comes in. I'm not in jewelery much, but in shoes and clothing all the time (softlines representin'!)

There are/were some little keds (I think that's what you call those flat shoes) with crowns on them, would look good for a punk loli.

There are also some cute t-shirts with girly prints on them, little hoods, and capped sleeves or other neat princessy sleeves that would make cute cutsews for a casual lolita.

I do believe I saw some earrings with crowns, though... but that was awhile ago.

My camera is broken, otherwise I'd bring you pictures.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.