June 27th, 2007

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Lolita Meetup in Frankfurt, Germany

Hello Co-Lolitas!

This meetup has been a while ago. We collected the best photos from each of us and can present them now to you. The informations given under the photos (the rights go to their owners!) can help you to answer some of your questions. If something is missing, just the person on the photo can answer it to you. We had a wonderful meeting with well dressed Lolitas :)

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For those of you attending the AX Lolita Swap Meet at the Pike!

I have an emergency question!

Since the meet is at 6:30 pm, I don't know if I should wear lolita all day, or change into it. My shoes are definitely not very comfortable, and my hair probably won't look very good if it's been done all day, and I'm sweating in the heat. I don't have a hotel room, and the place I'm staying is at least 35 minutes away. However, I got my very good friend to carry a duffel bag full of 'normal' clothes for me for afterwards.

I just want to know what you plan on doing! Please help me! Thank you.
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(no subject)

I was out running errands today and decided to stop at the local Goodwill to buy a man's shirt needed for a cosplay.
While I was there, I took my time browsing.
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Not much to show off here, but I wanted to share my find.
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Spring Lolita

Hime Cut Photos

Greetings ladies! I have a friend who would look awesome with a hime cut, however we cannot seem to find any good model pictures with the cut so she can take it to the stylist.

Does anyone have some good pictures either of yourself (no headresses or anything please) or of models with this cut?

Your help is appreciated!

Question about AatP Hats

I'm in LOVE with a bunch of the Alice and the Pirates hats. But as a question: these are all mini-hats, right? Something to be worn cocked off to the side? The Google Translation doesn't do much, but there seems to be mini somewhere in the title. :)

Thanks for the help!

San Diego ComicCon

It seems that there's some interest in an event taking place during San Diego ComicCon. I've offered my time and knowledge to help plan an event. However, I'd love your input as to what sort of event you'd most enjoy! So, if you will be attending SDCC and would like to join us, please feel free to comment with your interest as well as any suggestions for activities you may have.

Hope to see you there! <3

AX Area Map! .^_^.

Map thumbnail:

I created a map of the convention center area and pretty much everything within walking distance, and I though somebody else going to AX might find this useful. It includes banks, gas stations, restaurants, mini marts and supermarket, coffee houses and bars. It also has the main convention center layout, the big hotels in the area, and Lolita meet locations.

Please click here to download the PDF map

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(no subject)

I found this tea place near my home and recently became a big fan of it. This may have already been brought up, but I thought I would share this place with all of you. I highly recommend:


for those unfamiliar. They have amazing tea and the perfect teas for lolita tea parties!

If this is to off topic or not allowed feel free to delete it! I just wanted to share with the rest of you. I think their tea is fitting for lolis.
EGA Picnic 5/09

Convention in Toronto

Hello Everyone,
I hope it's ok that I post this here, if not please delete it.  Will anyone be attending the horror/sci-fi/anime convention in Toronto in August?  I worked at it last year and there were some Loli's walking around.  If you're attending, I will be at the Midnight Syndicate table wearing my new Loli dress (granted I get it done in time).  Please stop by & say hi!


Bah >

Mostly I just lurk around here, but after reading some shocking information, I'm kinda scared.

I just placed a large order at Momo's (eBay buyers should know who I'm talking about? .~.)
Including two pairs of socks, two skirts, and a blouse.
Now, I'm worried about the quality, and if I'll ever receive the items. x_x
Any experiences with Momo's you guys can share with me?

Also, I have a big question about panniers and petticoats. They're so expensive.. does anyone know where I'd be able to get an okay one (I don't need something ridiculously extravagant) for cheap, or would someone be willing to make me one for a decent price?
Even better would be a tutorial on how to make one. (Relatively easy, I'm not a great seamstress. xD)
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EGA Picnic 5/09

Stocking question

I am a bit self-conscious of my legs (they're a bit on the thick side).  I am making a black Gothic Lolita dress.  Would it be acceptable to do what Mana did and wear lace tights (or something like that) and wear black stockings over them?  I'm still a newbie and wouldn't want to embarrass myself too terribly much.  I don't want to have to put myself on the bloopers page.  What do you think?

6p asuna x kirito

Gothic & Lolita vs. Elegant Gothic & Lolita (Moi-même-Moitié talk)

I see a lot of people that say stuff like 'Mana's a horrible lolita' or 'lace gloves are not lolita' or 'fish nets does not equal lolita' etc. What happened to the qualities that distinguised elegant gothic lolita from the other styles?

I've always been under the impression that EGL and EGA were distinctly Moi-même-Moitié's signature styles. I think all the gothic styled items, hair, shoes, make up, etc are not wrong because MmM is literally an elegant gothic and lolita/aristocrat style. The high heeled Mary Janes, black lipstick, etc is part of the style.

Mana has never claimed to be a sweet/classic/whatever lolita. He's an elegant gothic lolita/aristocrat.

And no, this isn't a rant from some rabid Mana fan. :)

EDIT: Also I'm not talking about Mana's costume (the corset, over skirt, platform boots thing), only the clothes that you can find in the GLB and in the Moitié stores.


New Member

Hello. I am Meghan, or, as I am known here; Nyami Rose.

I am very interested in Lolita Fashion. It's beautiful and elegant, but at the same time it presents an air of child-like innocence. Not to mention is much more conservative and modest than many other teen fashion; even Erololi is modest compared to the mini-skirts and low-cut shirts I see on most of my fellow teenage girls today. *grimace* It’s despicable, I tell you.

I do have a few questions, but this is the one I will ask for now:

I am 14 years old. I really want to be a Lolita, but I have heard that being a Lolita at 13 to 14 years old is not acceptable and that the girl l would be considered an Otaku Lolita; something I most defiantly do not want to be known as. But on the other hand, it is suggested by Lolitas in Japan that a Lolita who is over 20 should either hide their age or quit. Then why do I see so many 20+ Lolitas here in America? (I mean no insult to older Lolitas when I ask this. You are beautiful no matter your age. I’m just curious.) And would it be acceptable for me to be a Lolita at my age?

That is the only question I will ask, as I have many, but for now I will refrain from spamming this community with my endless questioning ;)

Thank you for your time,

(((EDIT: Wow this communities is active! 40+ comments in less than 10 minutes? I think I've died X_X  You can all stop now, I got my answer. Unless you just have to say something... )))

AatP-like Boots in Larger Sizes?

I know I've been asking a lot of questions lately and I have yet another. I really love these AatP boots but there's absolutely no way I could ever fit them. I need something closer to a US 11/11.5, as I have horridly large feet. Does anyone know of a company that makes a similar boot?
PS: I also have larger calves, which has been problematic in the past. Just throwing more things out there to make this just a wee tad harder.

Possible July Dallas meetup?

Hey, everyone! I wanted to know if there would be any possible interest in a Dallas area meetup in July...Shakespeare in the Park is going on now, and I think a Lolita picnic to see Love's Labours Lost would be fun. We could do it so that everyone brings their own dinner (picnic dinner!), but maybe each person brings some sweets to share with everyone (cupcakes, pastries, candy, etc). Would there be any interest in this for some time in mid-July?

(This is Shakespeare Dallas's website for more info. It's $7/person, so it's not too expensive for Lolis on a budget.)
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looking for crown label pics from meta.....

hey guys...got a picture question....

I am looking for the offical pictures from Meta from the crown collection last year that went with this blouse.
not the pics of the items themselves, but the coordinate pics of the jumper with the blouse.....I need it so I can see if the blouse on ebay would go with a jumper I have that is similar to the crown jumper...at least I think the dress I am rememberins was Meta crown label ....it came in green and dark red etc and has several rows of ruffles on the skirt section......

any help would be much appreciated....b/c I have this dress (1, and 2; the blue dress on the right) that is very similar in style that I have never been able to find a blouse to go with and I realized it is similar to the crown jumper and so that is my best bet at a good coordinate...

I hope that all made sense and ANY help is REALLY appreciated!!

thanks so much (sorry for any typos~!)

♥ Biscuit
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(no subject)

Ok, so I love this JSK from Baby and I'm trying to see if I can fit in into my budget but I cant seem to find the link for it on the Baby site anymore. So does anyone have the link or own this JSK and remember what they paid for it??

Sorry for the crappy picture its the best one I could find.

I forgot to mention that my brother is in Japan and is going to check the stores for this JSK and I want to let him know if I can afford to buy it or not.
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