June 25th, 2007


What else would you like to see? any request?

Hi everyone^_^!!

Most people have seen the dresses/ replicas that we've been doing and now the seamstress is moving on to new dresses for fall and winter. She'll follow the brands. 
In this entry 
(second half of the entry) 
shows you a few sneak previews. However this is her choice of dresses she wants to do but is there any "specific" dresses. Like ALL time favorite by most people? How about those coats from Angelic Pretty last year o.o would anyone be interested in those, or replicas of the Angelic Pretty coats this comming winter?

We love comments suggestions constructive critz, it helps out a ton

Many Thanks 
Tracy and Viki

Picture Request

(This is my first post((If I remember correctly x_x;;)), so I'm really sorry if I do something wrong >_<)

Okay, so I've searched EGL, and either there isn't anything I need, or I'm really bad at using search.

But I'm looking for pictures of busty lolis in empire waisted JSKs or OPs. I read in one of the posts I found, that some busty lolis end up going for empire waisted dresses, but then I read some members say they didn't look good in them *because* of their bust.

So I'm quite torn on how empire waisted dresses look on busty girls. So I'm very interested in seeing your pictures. I'm also interested in seeing *any* pictures with empire waisted dresses too if you are willing to share :)
Thanks for your help :)
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Baby in Paris

There have been alot of threads about the Paris Baby store, but I have some specific questions. Last night I found out I will be in Paris for a Video Game Championship from the 3rd to the 10th of July (Next week!!!) and I totally want to hit up the Baby store. I have a few specific questions for those lovely Euro (Parisian) Lolis:

1. For a tourist, is the store easy to find? ( I have never been to Paris)
2. Do they have AatP stuff there as well?
3. How bad are the prices in comparison to the website?
4. Is there any place around there to get tea? (Since of course I will be going loli)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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lucky packs~

I got my lucky pack tracking number, and it shipped on the 22nd! Apparently it's been in customs since the 23rd, but they released it at 3 this morning, so I'm hoping it'll be here this afternoon! =DD

Any other ladies received their tracking number, or their packs?

Lucky Pack Arrival!!

I imagine we are about to have a flood of lucky pack posts so maybe we can make one post to keep track of whats come so far?

I just got mine (2) lucky packs and here are the contents:

Pack 1:
Red x White lace OP
Black Long Bloomers
Black x Black Lace Trim Skirt

Pack 2:
Red x White lace OP (again *sadface*)
White Short Bloomers
Punkma Pink Prince Pants (not sure how I feel about this, I guess I need to try them on!)

So who has gotten what? .^_^.
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Anime Expo roll call

Good afternoon, citizens. As many of you know, Anime Expo is this weekend in LA. So my question to you all is... who is going?? I'll be attending with nudeonthemoon, snatch_patch, and a few others.

If you're going to be there, leave a comment! Also say what days you think you'll be attending, and maybe we can arrange some meet-ups and whatnot.

If there's already a post like this, please direct me to it and I'll delete this one; I've seen surprisingly little AX-related stuff posted here, though.
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CC Paypal

I always see sales on the community that say "If you're using CC Paypal it will be 4% extra", but I've heard that this is illegal or against Paypal's rules.

Is this true? And if it is illegal, why do people still do it?

And while were on this subject: Isn't it illegal for BABY to charge taxes for orders outside of Japan?

Looking for Pictures...

Ok, so I come across the cutest polka dotted patterned fabric for 2$ a yard...and I remembered that Baby has a polka dotted pattern JSK..the problem is..that they took it off there site (either that or I'm an idiot and cant find it). I was wondering if anyone saved the pictures of the dress before they took it off their site? :<

Please and thank you!

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Mfashion @ Japan Ex London 21+22 July.

I have been asked if I want to come with a stand of my shop to Japan Ex London,
also I have been asked to organise a gothic lolita fashion show ( both days 1 or 2 times a day)
So now the only thing I need more are more Models for the fashion shows!!

About the fashion show:
- Who would like to participate with the fashion show? Saturday and/or Sunday.
(sorry no home made outfits, but for brands it doesn’t matter which ones even if mfashion doesn't sell it)
Models will get free entrance to Japan Ex.
For the people who want to participate with the fashion show,
please give me you’re email, so I can keep easily in touch with you.
Also tell me which day(s) you want to come and
don’t forget to tell me if you already had bought a entry ticket or not.
(I already have enough people who just want to help, so no use to comment for this)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

Models I already have on my list:

jazz hands

eep hair help

>.< I hope this is allowed, please delete if it isnt ^.^

I'm trying to figure out what new hair style I should get. I have had plain long straight hair for a few years now and I need something new. I wear sweet lolita most of the time with barets, bonnets, and bows. I have tried the hime cut when I was younger but it didnt really look so cute on me :/

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looking for shopping service...

I'm sorry I really didn't know where to post this...( on egl_sales maybe?) Is just that I looked in the memories but couldn't found anyone doing a shopping service. I really dont want to take celga or crecent because they are to darn expensive ¬¬ and I only want some sleeve stoppers from angelic pretty ... I hope I can get them because in teh first sale the were sold out in a matter of days T_T ... so is anyone offering a shopping service who can accept paypal or western union?? thanks ;)
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Hello~ me again!

I am thinking of using patterns in the G&LB and I'm wondering what the default measurements are, or what is the best way to measure them to find out. I have some really nice fabric that I would like to make a fitting dress out of. :3 And not something that I have to cry about not fitting!

Thank you!! <3
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La Vie En Rose Lolita magazine looking for photos, art, brand reviews, and questions


First of all, thank you very much to the members of EGL! The world's first and only print magazine for English-speaking Lolitas is on track for an early August release, and we have dozens of contributors working on great articles, art, photo shoots, and more.

Now we need help from you, the Loli-on-the-street. :) We're looking for the following to help wrap up our content for this first issue, and would love to get as many Lolis involved as we can:

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We are also always looking for contributors, so if you're interested in becoming a writer, artist, photographer, model, or Web/layout designer for us, please visit our (about to be upgraded) site by clicking here and check us out. If you're interested in the magazine and would just like to get updates on when La Vie will be released or news about what's happening with us, please friend la_vie_en_lj.

Thank you for reading, and have a great week!

looking for picturesss (:

I'm considering to buy the blue punkma skirt [maybe pants too? since I saw the pink luckypack version] or tote or something.
but I'm still deciding.
[I need something to match my Tie darnit ;p]
so I'm wondering if anyany has pictures? both brand and worn?? please?
or are there other blue punkma shizzle? (:
[No, I don't need the cowgirl hat :') ]

thank you

[does this need cutting? O_o]
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San Diego Comic-con International plans?

San Diego Comicon (Thu, July 26 - Sun, July 29) is fast approaching.  I'm planning to go and represent in my lolita style gear.  Anyone else have plans to visit the convention?

Would anyone like to carpool from the Orange County / Los Angeles area?  I have a pass for all four days but I don't relish the thought of driving up and down without company as I haven't booked a hotel room.

More planning for events at this post >> (click!)

Ideas for activities you'd be interested in would be great too. 
Shall we have a swap meet?