June 24th, 2007


Otakon Tea Party (yes, again)!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I know I've bugged you guys to frustration with this, but this will be the last post on it until next Friday, and that will be the last until the 9th, which will really only be a reminder--and the last last one.

Basically, the place and time have been set: Teavolve, Friday, July 20th at noon, though this may change by an hour either way if there should arise a time conflict with one of the lolita panels. The meal will cost $17.95+tax and tip. The menu is Collapse )

I'm polling to find out which of the sandwiches the group would prefer. Please post your decision in comments so I know what you would like, and if there are any allergy issues or dietary concerns, it would be great to know so I don't order all wheat bread if you're allergic, etc.

Collapse )

Payment must be in by Thursday so I can send it off by Friday. If this doesn't happen, we won't get our reservation! If there's a problem, please e-mail me (anonynezumi AT gmail DOT com) and we'll work something out. My paypal is Collapse ).

The address to Teavolve is 1705 Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD 21231. It's a little less than a mile and a quarter from the BCC, so if everyone wants, we can set up a buddy system so no one has to take a smelly cab by themselves, and I really really don't want anyone walking to Fell's Point by themselves--that's dangerous and scary, and you'll be a frilly target. Not to mention you might mess up your shoes :/

Please remember that the guest list is full, though guests of people already on the list are welcome (try to tell me about them before they show up, though, please? That way we can make sure there's food for them!).
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Meta lucky pack's revealed

Has anyone gotten their lucky packs yet? I know I maybe shouldn't ask because some of you don't want to know what's inside but I can't wait and can't stop wondering about it. (if you don't want to know just skip this subject) So please, if you got it tell me what was in it, color and how big (or small >_<) is it. Also, are you satisfied? :D

(maybe it's too early for this post XD)
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I'm going to buy a sewing machine, and its down to these three. Which one do you recommend?
A Brother, An Ishida, and A Jaguar.
thanks for the help!

i should clarify that im in japan and am very limited in options. i havnt found any singers, and everything else is too expensive. well, i should say that i dont want to spend alot of money on a machine since i will only be over here for a year. ^_^

i want something very simple. i had a simple kenmore back in the states, and it worked just fine for me. (unfortunately i couldnt take it overseas with me!)

thanks for your help everyone! wish i could find a decently priced singer over here! U_U
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Anime Expo Break @ Tokyo Wako - FOLLOW UP!

Original Post: http://community.livejournal.com/egl/9414280.html

For those attending or still interested in attending the Lolita Meet & Lunch on the pier at Anime Expo, I have currently caught up with all questions and e-mails regarding this event. (Sorry; I've been out of town a few days).

Any additional questions can be asked using the Easy Q&A Script alongside the event information:

Remember that if you are still interested in attending that you need to have sent your RSVP and deposit by Wednesday, June 27, 2007 @ midnight!

Hope to see you there!

- Lauren (kuramew)

Art Post! Hurrah!

I had made a picture of Sophie that I was going to submit for next month's layout because, although I love sweet loli, I have a feeling it will dominate quite a few of the following months' layouts. So I went and made a Sailor loli! Besides, wouldn't a sailor theme just *so* fit July?

I know I've probably ruined my chances of it being considered for the layout by revealing it. But you guys have no idea how impatient of a person I am. Where's my Meta Lucky Pack, darnit?! I'd probably have to draw her in different poses anyway, and I am not doing that skirt again.

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Picture request and question! (Momoko and ITS petticoats)

Hi everyone! I just wanted to know if anyone had any good pictures of Momoko (from Shimotsuma Monogatari) in any of her nightgowns. I might want to comission one like it.
No, this is not a want to buy. And I have already searched the memories, other websites, and the EGL comm search.


Edit: I also have a question.
Will ITS' petticoats REALLY last? I've gotten mixed answers from this. I just want a simple answer as to if it will stay poofed even after a whole day of wearing it (standing, walking, siting). Since I wore my Rakuen petti once for a day, it's... never been the same. <.< *coughitmustbemyfatbutt'sfaultcough*

Wal-Mart fabric info...

I just got back from my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart (snort) and I've discovered that they will no longer be stocking fabrics of any kind (and yet they'll continue to sell sewing machines...). I just thought that some of you would be interested in scooping up some very cheap fabric in the near future.
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Vivienne Westwood Jewelry Knock-offs?

Although this isn't directly connected to Loli, I thought it was appropriate since VW is such a big name in the fashion.

I was wondering, since there are so many places that specialize in the Vivienne Westwood rockinghorse knockoffs, I was wondering if there were stores that specialized in supplying Viv Westwood jewelry knockoffs?

I know that ebay is crawling with fakes, but it really isn't very dependable and all of the fakes are quite expensive since they're trying to scam rather than trying to sell an obvious fake for those who want the look for less.

Please, help a poor, too-lazy-to-save-up-for-the-real-thing Vivienne Westwood fan out. :B