June 23rd, 2007

meago commission

Ummm... Parasol Help?

Help me!

I bought a black Meta parasol from one our lovely members here this week, and when it arrived today, I opened it only to discover our lovely US postal service had bent the metal part coming from the handle during shipment.

Pictures of damage here and here.

Is there any way to fix it other than finding a person to replace the bent part? And if it can be bent back: how to go about it, best method, etc.?
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Miyavi Maybe

lolita transfers..

hi there..
i was wondering if anyone has any good quality lolita images taht can be printed out and used as iron-on transfers..
i made this cream coloured dress a while a go and it looks very bland and i want to iron on a transfer.. preferably something pastel coloured..
does anyone know of any artists think make simple gothic lolita graphics?
thanking you all muchly ^^
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(no subject)

I'm going to North America this July, and I'm going to be in the San Fransisco area between August 16 and 21st. I was wondering if there are going to be any lolita meetups in the area around that time/if there's general interest in holding one around then? I'm staying with my friend who lives in the Bay/Walnut Creek area who has recently gotten into lolita, and we thought it'd be nice to attend a meetup if there was one around that time.

I know it's a bit early to be asking, but I thought I'd gauge interest anyways. Who usually attends/organizes the meetups for the San Fran area? I'm in Australia so I have no clue who to talk to... DX
snow white

Picture post

I recently made a skirt using this tutorial: http://community.livejournal.com/egl/7929257.html

and although it actually didn't turn out well (better than I expected anyway), I decided to post pictures anyway. ^-^; Still, for a first attempt at a skirt with this much gathering, I think it turned out okay. It's wearable anyway.

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I just hope my linking works. o-o; For some reason, it never seems to, lol.
Edit: YES! It worked! XD

Regarding Petticoats

Question:  What is the preferred fabric for the petticoats most people wear?

The reason I ask is because I have a 2-layer crinoline petticoat that is... overly floofy.  I'm not even entirely sure anymore why I bought it - I don't have anything that I can wear it with (mostly because it's so wide it's like a squaredancer's dress @.@ ).  I'm pondering whether I should bother keeping it since it's been stuffed into my dresser since I bought it.   

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12 princesses

(no subject)

Today I went to a BJD meet and since I was talking to another girl who said she was going to dress lolita there I decided to dress up as well ^^ Its not the best picture in the world, but I don't post here often so I decided to contribute a bit.

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and also so this post isn't just photowhoring. I took a bad dive in my rocking horse shoes today. I fell once, was asked if I needed help and said no, and fell again getting back up >.< Thankfully I only got a liiittle dirt on my dress (my stockings, however, must go in the trash) but I was wondering if anyone else has happened something horribly embarrassing happen to them in lolita? Or am I the only clutz running around in frilly clothes? xD

Photo Request: Circle Skirts

Hey there, egl !
I'm drafting a skirt, and I'd really like to make it with a zippered fly and pockets, so around the waistband area it'd "look" like a pair of jeans. I was going to use a trapezoid pattern, but then I figured, 'If I have to make the two pieces with .5 of my waist, and the hem about 1.25* my waist, then with that kind of angle, a circle skirt might be the better way to go.'
So, can you comment with photos of circle skirts that are lolita?
Thanks a bunch!

*If I use two trapezoids, each trapezoid would need 1/2 of the finished measurements.
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  • arktoi

Please help me decide!

So, since I won't be able to get my RHS from Double Decker because they appear to be made of fail, I've decided to buy a pair from Ling Lam.

But i can't decide on the style! They're all relatively the same price so I'm not concerned about that. Which do you folks like best/think would be the most versatile (i'm looking for something I can wear with a lot of outfits). I'm partial to the leather straps but I have no idea how well ling lam's fasten/stay up/whatever. So, vote time! Please please help me choose!

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Oh noes!

So I've been working on this jsk... which going off in it's own direction *faceplant* Anywho I'm closing in on the finish line. Just mere hems away from the finished project when to my wonderful surprise something goes wrong. As per usual but I'm not quite sure how to fix it this time. To make a long story short I was ironing the back and out of no where these two marks appear. I think that it is candle wax (which baffles me how it got there). Now I've dealt with picking candle wax off clothing before but it's just a stain. No wax to pick off just a mark of the color of the candle. Common sense would dictate to take it to the sink and wash it but before I spend time scrubbing I thought I would ask if anyone has dealt with this issue before and am I doomed since it came off my iron and my mother always told me that heat seals in stains. Any advice would be appreciated since I'd hate to have to scrap the project and start all over again. I really hate stains... I've also included a picture of the resulting damage.
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quick question

hi. i'm new, but this isn't an intro -- i'll make a better post for that i promise. =)

i have a question about ordering from BTSSB. i found what a substance price was using the search thingy, but the post didn't make it clear exactly which price to put in the email. soooo that's my question. do i write the first price or the "substance price"?

the swan

Fake Nails anyone?

Hi girls, I'm asking for help.
I've lost all my precious loli fake nails links T_T
There's anyone here who can help me to recollect them? And maybe recommend me some good shops? And glue? Why my nails-glues always fails @_@?!

Thanks X*

Casual Lolita!

Hello everyone! I have some questions about the casual lolita style. I've read the memory post about it, but I'd like some more tips and pictures!
So if you wear/have worn casual lolita, then please share your advice, photos, and ideas! I'd love to see them.

An idea i have is to wear this skirt with a simple black sweater or turtleneck and the appropriate accessories (during the winter of course.) What do you think? I want some help with making summer outfits. I'm really not too fond of the casual lolita look where the lolita wears an appropriate skirt and a babydoll t-shirt (like this.) Can anyone give me ideas or photos of alternatives to wearing casual lolita in the summer?

Thank you!
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