June 22nd, 2007

Bonjour! Hola! Hallo! :3 I wanted to say "hello". ^^

Well , as nervous as I am I just wanted to pop in and give a hey and how do you do to everyoen here.
I'm a big lolita fan , but sadly I don't have the means nor them oney to purchas a REAL lolita outfit instead the cheap ones I attempt to make and find in pawn shops (I'm saivng up though.) I'm guess what you might call a "rising"-lolita , I've been studying , learning , drawing designs for lolita ever since I was small girl. Looking through most of the Rococo era and such but enogh of that rant. I just wanted to say hi and possibly ask if  anyone knows a good lolita store or online store , maybe one I could afford on a bit of budget. It's not urgent that I get one but if had more attire , I'd feel a little comfortable with myself.

Lolita Types..Exactly How Many Are There To Choose From? o_o

I did a google search and got more than I'd wanted to see , the only ones that I kept coming across

I'm quite uncertain but I know there has to be more than this , correct?
Or are these just popular?
I don't know all the categories for lolita fashion , at least not by name.
But as I kept searching I continued seeing very strange stles of lolita that I'm sure...well...aren't loli at all.
I'm probably just a little too new to it but I would really enjoy some help so I can figure out what kind of outfit I'll save up for after being given great websites to shop at ; even on my budget. :D

VM mini hat

Anime Expo

Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that we will be at Anime Expo again this year.  We will have our Victorian
 Maiden Items as well as some handmade items that we collected from auctions in Japan and some wa-loli outfits. 

We'll be at the Digital Manga booth #1623.

The items for sale on our site will be at the convention, unless something sells out over the weekend.  All items on the site will be removed on Monday to go to the convention, so if you do want to purchase something online, this weekend is the last time before AX.


Everyone loves a sailor loli

Hello all! I'm interested in purchasing this dress:


Well, I'd love if anyone has pictures of themselves wearing it, or even a description of it. And for the rest of you lovely gals and guys, how about your opinion on it?

Too cosplay? Too black? Too ugly? XD

Honestly, I can't afford much this summer. But I really want a dress. And I love that one? Don't it just demand your love?
Dinosaur comics

Question and pictures (I had a loli breakfast)

I know this is probalby listed somewhere on the Meta site but. . . . Does anyone know when the Lucky Packs will be shipped. . . *grabby hands* or arrive?

One other question. . . Does anyone wear their lolita clothes in combination with normal clothes? I wear my Alice and the Pirates Lucky Pack shirt and Skirt seperatly all the time with normal clothes. and I wear THIS dress with just a white T-shirt underneath alot as well. And I carry my Baby tote with me EVERYWHERE! Anyone else coordinate their Loli items with Normal clothes too?

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Baby missing item?

Okay. I've ordered from Baby but never had this problem.. >.>;
Well my recent order with baby has a missing item! I've emailed baby and they said they will ship it out with my next order. I'm not worried, I just wanted to hear if anyone else had this weird mishap with Baby? =3 How did they settle it? Did they send you anything else as an apology?
Dalek Love


I know that their have been a lot of questions about the Meta Lucky Packs lately, but I haven't see anyone ask this yet. I sent in my request but haven't heard anything back yet, so I was wondering if they would let you know if you missed out on the reserve?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Sweet 16 cake shiro lolita

My sweet 16 is coming up and i want to do a shiro lolita theme.  My step mom has a cake business, and she will be making my cake.  I was wondering if any of you had any idea's for the cake, decorations, ect.  All ideas are appreciated.  Thank you very much in advance. 

Update:  I ended up not doing a loli cake at all but I ended up doing a Sakura Blossom cake with my name written in Japanese on the top.  Pic under cut.

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Structural integrity?

I'm thinking of making my own version of the BtssB "pocket" JSK, well it reality I'm really only keeping the middle the same XD So please, if you own this JSK or even have seen it/owned it, please help me.

I am quite bemused about the structural nature of the "waist cincher" middle is. How does it stay so stiff and flat looking? Is it boning (the plastic stuff), heavy interfacing, or something completly diffrent? If so, how does the very structured front trasition into the shirring on the back? Also, the bust part really confuses me, is it like a "shelf" comming off the waist part, or is it more like two pockets? XD Photos of the inside of the bodice would be best, but even just discriptions would be wonderfully helpful.

Edit: The JSK is less of a mystery now, Thankyou