June 21st, 2007

Are there any lolis in the Charleston, SC area?

Hello, I was wondering if there are any lolis in the Charleston, SC area (since I'm moving there in early July). I know there are loli gatherings in NC and Georgia, but I can't make it to any of those as I share a car with my parents. >_<; So, are there any lolis around there, or am I destined to live in another place bereft of girls in lace-covered frilly dresses? ;_;

Carnet Diversity Icons

I was reminded today by markidesade that I had not made new icons for the last two of carnet_atelier's Diversity Series so here they all are again with the new ones added... in a sort of repost if you will...

I made one set of Eight each with a label, where I referred to the Chubby Loli as Squishy (Cause I love that word) and Another set with carnet_atelier's quotes from her original works, unfortunately the Dark-Skinned Loli's quote had to be considerably shortened because I could not fit all that into an icon, with the picture, without the words being sooo tiny no one could read them.


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Enjoy! Please credit carnet_atelier for her art and me for the icon if you use them. Thanks!

Brand Prices Overseas? + Brand in HK? + Picture request ^^;

I did a LJSeek but didn't really find anything particularly useful, so I apologise in advance if these questions have been asked before. >__<

Does anyone know whether the overseas brand stores have higher prices than the ones back in Japan? I would assume they do 'cause of shipping etc, but could anyone confirm it for me, please? :D Is the price difference significant? Also, how is the stock availability/variety in the overseas stores? I would like to know specifically about the Victorian Maiden in Hong Kong but it would be nice to know how it is across the board too, such as the BTSSB stores in Taiwan and Paris~ :D

My second question is, what brands have stores in Hong Kong? I know there's a VM there, as well as Sex Pot Revenge but are there more? I read in the comments from a few past posts that there seems to be a store that brings in BTSSB in Causeway Bay? Addresses/directions would be really useful. ^^

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Thanks so much egl~ ♥
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ok I thought I was done with Lolita. But I don't really feel like selling my clothes, so since I can't get over the chi-town lolita memories the husband and I need to do a meet up with some peeps soon.

We live in Monterey, CA. We're close to the bay area and would like to get together some time for mucho lacey frilliness. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or at least guide me to your leader?

I miss the days when ms. miyu would ignore me on im.

Wardrobe and cleaning question

I couldn't resist. Even though most of my clothing is either going through revisions or packed into boxes for my move, I Did leave some stuff out. Like... 10% of the total.
So here goes. My limited wardrobe. XD I only kept out One headdress as well. Just an IW band with a small bow in black. And most my shoes are put away too. XD;;;

Warning for large pictures.
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International shipping?

I was wondering if any knows if the used shop Material-World does international shipping (to the US) or would I have to go through Celga?
The same question with Baby's online shop.
Does anyone know any other lolita shops that do international, besides Milky Ange and Closet Child?

Thanks so much!

Edit: one question answered! Thanks! Still wondering about which used shops ship to US, though.

Otakon Tea Party Update!

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I come bearing the promised update about the tea party I've been working on, and unfortunately, Collapse )

EDIT: Just in case people are scanning and don't click the link, reservations are full, except for guests of people already on the list.

EDIT2: It seems clear to me that the best option in this case is Teavolve, who have gone above and beyond the call in being warm, helpful, and friendly, as well as being both affordable and welcoming, with a wide variety of offerings that will appeal to a much larger crowd, so unless there's vehement disapproval, I'm going to go ahead and make a reservation tomorrow for Friday, July 20th, at noon. I have the restaurant's tea list, drink list, and menu, though a three-course afternoon tea service is just $19.95 (plus tax and gratuity). Teavolve is also going to be running a promotion for those with badges (10% off). Never mind that! I managed to argue a rate for everyone for $17.95. The menu for this was sent to me by Sunni, the amazing owner, and is Collapse )

I'll need at payment in by one week from now, though if there's a problem please contact me and we'll work something out. My paypal is Collapse )

FOUND!!! thanks!

I've searched the memories and archives and used lj-seek, but to no avail. Mayhaps you can help?

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Does anyone have link to the thread? I've searched for just over an hour and I can't find it. TT__TT

Found, thanks!!
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Rosechocolat Shoe Color Vote + a quick question

So, in accordance with my previous post (http://community.livejournal.com/egl/9399671.html) it is time to vote on which color of leather you would prefer Rosechocolat to stock.

The colors that have been brought up as options are: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green (Jade-ish), Periwinkle, Mint, Light Yellow, Gray, Antique White/Ivory, Burgundy has been brought up twice so I will put it up for vote as well.

Remember, Rosechocolat already stocks, red, white, pink, black, and brown.

Please vote on your favorite choice!

On a side note, when ordering straight from BTSSB, in the product name and color spots, do you type a description in english or copy and paste the japanese text?! Thank you!


manga cosplay oh noes!

so im going to a mini manga con tonight, but all i have are my rori clothes! does anyone know any characters i might get away with doing? (preferably tokyopop because its their event and there are prizes!)

for reference i have very long brown hair, a blue long wig and a chin length purple one. For clothes i have pink poodle series set, lots of black skirts, black meta school dress, red puppet circus replica...

any ideas?? thankyou!
shia catastrophe

Providence next week, anyone?

I'm going to be in Providence from June 28th to July 1st because my boyfriend is going to Botcon (I would die to go to AX ;.; Damn the luck! I wanna see S.K.I.N.!)
Anyway, I want to see fun stuff in Providence while I'm there, and hopefully meet some of you!

Any other lolis stuck/living in Providence, RI next weekend that would want to meet up/show me around to the fun places? I would love to do a meetup but I have no clue where would be good because I've never been there and I'm from halfway across the country!

I hope to meet some of you adorable northeastern lolis while I'm there!!!

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Did you dress up just for me?

Earlier today, my friend and I went to The Getty and hung out for a bit. I spent most of the time being bored. Not before a trip to the post office, which earned me the comments "Bo Peep!" by some random guy and "Did you dress up just for me?" by the post office worker. >>; (I wonder what compels people to vocalise their comments?)

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