June 20th, 2007

15 - macoto's snow white

Crown shoes replica?


I've heard that F+F was selling replicas of the famous Angelic Pretty crown shoes, but I can't find them on their site or ebay store. [edit] I've also heard they had some sort of defect, but some of the girls I've seen here have said they owned these replicas a while ago. [/edit] Does anyone know anything about this? Thank you!
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Baby Paypal method

Thank you for the answers and now I know. :3
Hi everyone I was wondering about the Baby paypal method. More like I wanted to know if they gave you the total in USD or YEN.
So I want to see if I have to use the paypal converter.
Did you pay with CC or NON CC PAYPAL.

Thanks everyone.

Two confirmations for one Lucky Pack...

If you missed out on a Meta Lucky Pack and want one, please read!

So, I'll just spare you of reading a bunch of meandering blabber and just skip to the point...

I sent Meta ONE order for ONE lucky pack.

Yet I got two confirmation emails.

Does this mean they reserved two Lucky packs for me? If so, maybe someone else here could buy it through me?

Ive got a screenshot under the cut... because you can't really trust internet strangers too much!

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I ate the

Gosurori help and Hello

This happens to be my first post here so I'll use this chance to say Hello to everyone :)

But actually, I'm in need of little help. I'll be going to Japan soon and I thought I'd by some Gosurori magazines from there, but I was reported that they're all in plasticcovers :( I know there is a site somewhere wich shows the pictures of the dresses wichs patterns a certain magazine have. I've been there once, but then I didn't realise to bookmark it, and now I can't find it anymore. So anyone know where I could get that kind of info? Since I can't go through them at the place, I'd like to pic a few in advance that has patterns that interest me and then try to find those :)
Or are there any other good lolimagazines with patterns?(Same question for these as above.) I only own Gosurori, and I have gone trough couple of Gothiclolita's and that seems to have only very few patterns in it and mostly advertisements.
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cinderella, aya

Pour Lolita!

The other day when I went shopping (with ten dollars!) I came across a pencil with a little Hello Kitty figure attached... and she's all lolied up! Regardless of it's $6.99 price, I had to buy it and when I opened it it I read... and it said "Pour Lolita White Collection by Novala Takemoto" I was very ":O !!!!!" I should've known, though...(y'see, the put-two-and-two-together gene skipped my generation.)
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Isn't it cute? Ah, I'm in love! (full pic~ of a pencil...
So, does anybody have cute Hello Kitty or Pour Lolita items? I wanna see what everyone's got♥
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Photo request... fun/odd hair + loli?

So.... I recently went on one of my dying missions and I now have this awesome shade of neon greenish yellow/platinum hair :D. I absolutely love it but my hair is dead, and while I plan on keeping it for a while, I know I'm probably going to end up dying it darker so it will be healthier and probably cut a lot of it off... so I wanna see pictures of cool hair with loli! Bright colored hair, chelseas, mohawks, shaved heads, anything nifty will do, I need ideaaass!

Thankyou a lot!
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Sewing, Dress, Creative, Red

(no subject)

I don't recall having posted my red dress here, when it was finished in April, and I have just recently managed to finish another skirt, as well as a part of an underbust JSK. Now that I'm no longer the only person covering a job that takes 3 people to decently manage, and my new coworkers have settled in, I actually have time again to sew. Hopefully there will be more posts from me like this to come.

I will warn you now. IMAGE HEAVY (A little over 20 pictures of Red Dress, Skirt, and WiP Underbust Dress).

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I am looking to buy some bows and even though I would love to buy one from Meta or Baby I cant afford $26 to $35 + shipping for one bow so do you know any good places to buy one thats not as expensive ? I thought about In the Starlight but I have other products from them and I didn't feel they were good quality.
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Seattle Meta lucky pack opening party

I was just wondering if any of the seattle area loli-chan want to have a meta lucky pack opening and swapping party?

I am opening this meet up to everyoen who is interested in sawpping EGL style clothing and not only luck pack items so that everyone who wishes to join us may. ^_^

How does Friday June 29th sound to everyone? I am pretty sure everyone should have thier lucky packs by then.
Any ideas on location? I think that the UWB library could actually be a really good location. It is easy to get to and to find. But I am open to any ideas you may have.

scary happy face n_n

June movie in DC! Also, Kanzashi picnic planning!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to extend an invitation out to anyone who can make it to DC on June 28 at 6:30 pm! A small group of Nova lolitas are going to see the premiere of "Tekkon-kinkreet" at the Japan Information and Cultural Center! If you'd like to come, please comment here. Also, please let me know if you'd like to do anything before the movie =) More info about the movie can also be found there. I'll be making final plans within the next few days (meep ._. always running late)
Also, later on, we'll be planning on a Kanzashi class picnic type event. The kanzashi making will be taught by Miss Vivian of Candy Violet/Cute Salad :D!! Miss Vivian has expressed that she wishes to invite MD lolitas to come as well ;3 She likes a big party! So anyone who is available to come, please let us know here! I'm still in early planning stages, so if you have any ideas or comments, you can let me know in that post too!

Crossposting to md_grandeur as well >x>;;

loli wedding

Im going to get married sometime in March and would love to have a lolita wedding. At first, I wanted it to have a Japanese feel to it because I love the culture so much. But recently I really got into lolita fashion. So I thought "Maybe a Wa-lolita style wedding!". But those dresses, well as far as I have seen, dont look very wedding'ish. Can someone help me with what I should do? (what I can wear, what the brides maids can wear, decorations, etc) Or should I just leave the loli out of the wedding? Oh also, What would look good on a guy that will go with the lolita theme but not make him look all frilly and stuff? Because I KNOW Rob will have nothing to do with a velvet frilly get-up! XD
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Ok, this is a very strange question... hahaha. But it's been on my mind lately and driving me crazy!

A long time ago, maybe 2 or 3 years ago, someone posted a handmade dress for sale as an eBay auction. I don't remember much about it but I'd really like to see if anyone still has a picture of it! It was a black and white colour scheme, and I remember thinking it was totally breathtaking at the time- it had a very bold high contrast design from what I recall... lots of "shapes". Anyway, it sold on eBay for a really high price- like $350 or something, I remember it selling for more than most brand dresses though, as I said, this was a couple of years ago- even though the seller said she wasn't an expert seamstress. I guess a lot of people thought it was stunning too!

Does anyone else remember this dress? I'm dying to see a picture, I want to figure out if it really was as amazing as I remember or if my tastes back then, combined with the length of time, are making me remember it as something better than it was?

Thank you to anyone who can help me! ^^;

Petticoat care?

I checked the memories, and searched egl, but I couldn't seem to find anything.

OK! My ITS petticoat arrived today! And I love it so~! It's only natural that I want to keep it around for a very long time. Now, I've heard hanging your petticoat upside down makes it "live" longer, but are there any other ways to take care of ones petticoat?
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July 30th

Hello, Lolitas/Kodonas. I live in seattle, so this concerns anyone who will be in washington from late july to early august. July 30th is my birthday! Well, I would like to do something lolita for it! Collapse )
In to the Sea

BABY blouse sizing question

Has anyone else not gotten there Lucky Pack confirmations? I sent my email in no more then 10 seconds after midnight and I haven't gotten mine yet and it has me a little worried that I messed up. :/   Edit: Just got mine after I posted this. o_o;;;;

Also, does anyone know the max measurements for these two blouses?

Thank you!

Casual vs. formal

How many of you wear occasion-specific lolita? This may be a wrong impression, but I feel like a lot of people wear full-on formal lolita as everyday wear. Where do you draw the line? I know there's some stuff that's OBVIOUSLY formal and could never be "ambiguously formal/informal" (lol), but there is also some stuff that I see people wear out in picture posts for completely casual things, but they look too formal for the occasion (maybe it's just my taste). I dunno, I don't see people walking around in "normal" fancy dresses to go to... say, the mall... so is it something specific to underground fashion that people "overdress" like that? And I don't mean for the word to sound negative. As far as the degrees of formality in lolita fashion, do you equate your clothing with the degrees of formality in mainstream fashion? Or do you just wear whatever because you feel like dressing up? I hope that's not too confusing, it's just that I don't see this "overdressing" (sounds negative, don't mean it to be) in other fashions... but correct me if I'm wrong.

edit: Do you have pictures of what you wear for casual events? I know that everyone defines "casual" differently, and that's the point I'm trying to make. XD
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Bonnet Pictures

I feel bad for posting so much lately >_>;;

But I really need pictures of a BTSSB bonnet. It is the one with the criss cross laces that go down the back, not across the side. It is the same one Momoko wears. I don't want shimotsuma pics though, I already tried screen capping it, but there are no clear shots of it. I need Baby's pictures from the site, or maybe pictures from a GLB.

Please help! (this exactly is why deedlelu's photo database idea is awesome xD)
Marriage equality!

Large-Footed Lolis and a pricing question

Okay, ladies. I was in Macy's this evening, and OMG, wow. Do they have some very cute, very loli-able shoes. But my feet were too big for ALL of them!


To The Large-Footed (US10+) Lolis: Where Do You Buy Cute Shoes?

Also, I'll be in NYC in about two weeks, and we've made plans to visit that Alice In Wonderland-themed tea shop, and I was wondering what the prices are like there. (So I know how much money to bring with me.) Thanks! :D

Looking for reviews

I tried lj seek. I gave me sales. I looked in memories. I'm not just looking for the rocking horse version.
I'd like to know about the quality of Rosechocolates boots and shoes now that they Will sell in larger sizes. How the fit is. (for those with wider feet) the calf fit, the quality. How they hold up etc etc
Especially if anyone has ordered a custom size yet.


I posted here a while ago asking for advice on taking on this style and I think I might be ready. I've, finally, decided to take the plunge into loli fashion since I finally have the time to make things. Still, I'm not sure if this completely in the punk loli style.
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