June 19th, 2007

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since brands/stores are putting up summer lucky packs, does anyone know/think they'll be having sales as well? i've been wondering when sites like meta would be updating their sales section again.

also, since theres been some shoes posts, was wondering what others thought bout this. has anyone tried to stretch rhs? or does anyone know if it'd work or not? i wondered if certain brands (cause of quality, material, and construction) might fall apart if tried. just curious since some of us have width issues rather than length size issues.
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AX Lolita Events

Greeting Ladies!

I know there are quite a few of us around here that are planning on attending AX this year. I was wondering what events were being planned.

The Midnight Tea is the sponsored event by AX this year, and we are working hard to make it a decent event. If all goes well, then we should be able to host more Loli events next year!


What other meetups are being planned?
Is a swap meet in the works (since last year's went so well)?
If an off site tea was planned, who would be interested in going and how much would you be willing to spend?

There are some of us here on EGL that are trying to make this a good time for everyone! All feedback is greatly appreciated!

^_^ Carm

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Lucky Pack Speculation

I thought it might be fun to speculate what might be in Meta's lucky packs this year (the ones released on Wednesday, I mean). Either general speculation (i.e "socks, bloomers, etc") or specifics (i.e "i think this specific item might be in there"). Do we think they'll make LP specific clothing (does Meta even do that?) or will it be old stock? Will everyone get more or less the same things? What colours might there be?

Speculate away!

** Note: This topic MIGHT become a bit spoiler-y...depending on how accurate we are. Just a heads up. **

EDIT:: The packs go on sale TUESDAY, not Wednesday. My mistake. Thought I'd clear that up in the main text of the post just to avoid confusing people.
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Question celga

If you reserved something through Celga and they sent you an email stating that they will send you another one when the stuff you reserved is available, do they do that? FORGET IT, I didn't recall it correctly. I am an idiot!

Because it seems like my MM dress was finally released (it's sold out on the MM site) and till now I didn't get an email. I'm a little worried. =(

And what is their address? Do they write Celga Inc. on it? Because I am thinking about asking them to mark it as gift but if it sounds like some business I don't think customs will believe the package to be a gift.


I thought I might throw my hat into the ring on the potential circus loli fad, although for me, the inspiration game from gargoyles, go figure.




Drawn a couple weeks ago, colored yesterday with markers. Of course my scanner had its cruel, perverse way with the colors and messed it up bad, making their skin really yellow and the heart that awfully garish fuschia. I tried to fix it with the color balance tool, but there was only so much I could do.

The third, all I did was 'posterize' and BAM! I just thought it looked kinda nifty :P. The scanner picked up on the drawing behind it (which now has pink dots on its butt because the markers bled threw  >:( ) and now it almost looks like an intentional, artsy design piece. 

pink princess

Problems with BABY Ordering -_-U

So I emailed my order to BABY Monday, 6/11; they got back on 6/12 saying it had turned into garbage characters. So I resent a new one in English. I received my receipt/total Friday 6/15. One of the items was out of stock and another was not on the receipt without explaination (a JSK). So I promptly sent them another asking if the out of stock item was available in a different color (since the webpage did not say any were out of stock) and I asked why my JSK was not present. It is now Tuesday 6/18 and I have not heard back.

Is this normal behaviour (and I am ridiculous and impatient) or should I reinquire? Or is it too soon for that and I should stick it out another few days? I need these things before I leave town on the 4th, and I'd really like them for my birthday tea/a shower on the 30th...

Thanks for all of your help!
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Lolita baby shoes

I need help to pick a pair of baby shoes that will go along with a lolita baby outfit we are planning to give in a baby shower this weekend.


if you could tell me which one are better, I will appreciate it

I will delet it as soon as I get some replays

Serious question...serious business.

I'm being 100% honest.

Here's the story in a nutshell; once upon a time a long long time ago [in a galaxy far away, Naboo was under an attack...>_> <_<], there was a girl named Kristina. Her friend called her K-Chan and she got hella pissed so he called her K-Bread, and...it...stuck. D:So my real question is... How do you loli-fy bread...? Also, Anyone got any meetup organization tips? :b I want to have a Dallas-area meetup, but I...don't have...the slightest idea. D: [WHAT THE HECK~ It won't let me put spaces ;_; *kicks LJ*]
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Questions, questions, questions!

I've got a few questions for you folks.

QUERY 1: The first is regarding lolita events at Otakon. I heard tropigalia and sakurafairy are planning on doing a lolita panel, but will there be a j-fashion panel and show like previous years? Also, is anyone interested in having a tea party/get together of some sort, possibly at some location outside of the BCC(because their policy on such things is dumb)? I would be willing to help plan/organize such a thing if there is interest. Perhaps one of the hotels or restaurants nearby has a tea service? Does anyone know anything about the location  where the 2005 tea party was held? Maybe we could do it there again. I need to figure it out soon though, in case the location needs that info in advance.

On the subject of a j-fashion panel/fashion show, I'm super-interested in organizing one if there isn't one already. i'd need people to speak on behalf of the other street fashions (ganguro, gal-style, decora, etc) and designers/ models for the fashion show!  I know I'd like to show some of my stuff but I would need models.

Question answered, there WILL be a J-fashion panel and a fashion show, and apparently a tea party at the Harbor Court hotel. HOwever, if anyone has dates and times for these things, I'd appreciate it!

QUERY 2: Does anyone know if this bag from fanplusfriend will accomodate a 14" laptop? If not, do you know where I could get a cute loli-style bag to carry my laptop in? it's 14.5" wide and about 10"...er...the other way (length? that doesn't seem right...). I'm looking for something roomy but not to terribly expensive.

Thanks in advance for any help you may have! <3
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How are ITS's bloomers?

Hello there lolitas,

I'm thinking of ordering a pair of black bloomers from ITS, either the eyelet bloomers (http://www.inthestarlight.com/eyeletbloomers.jpg) or the Bo Peep Bloomers (http://www.inthestarlight.com/blackbopeep.jpg). Has anyone ordered their bloomers before? The pictures make them seem only alright-looking, but since I was going to put in an order for a petticoat anyway, I was thinking that I should tackle my needs for black bloomers as well. What do you all think?

Did I miss something? .__.'

Ok, so like, I havent been on the egl community for 2 days..and I see a lot of posts saying "Lolita not Dead" o_O?? Did I miss an article about this or something? Maybe Im just stupid x_x

Sorry if I'm being annoying, you can erase if needed.. ._.
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