June 18th, 2007


Communal Photo Archive Idea

Hello Dears!

In light of all the recent wardrobe posts, it appears that a lot of us have been taking inventory of personal clothing collections and looking for the official brand pictures. Which we all know, can be quite a daunting/impossible task even using the wayback machine.

There is a large number of the active community that hoard brand pictures of stuff they have/like/want. So I had another (potentially good or bad?) idea...

Why not collect all these in one spot and possibly have a link on the side bar on EGL to make it accessible to everyone?

This is just an idea, so I'm looking for suggestions on how to make it work. So far this is what I have come up with:

• Use a photo site that lets you create albums and use keywords. We could have one album per brand and use the garment type as keyword for easy searching, OR have one album per type of garment (JSKs, Bags, etc) and have the brand name as the key word.

• Give people who have a large number of pictures access to upload their pictures directly. People who have just a few pictures to submit can email them to the keeper(s) of the photo album collection.

• Also compile a weekly or monthly list of "Looking for official brand images of items X, Y, and Z" to post on EGL.

• Upload only brand pictures that are no longer available on websites.

• I'm not suggesting we upload EVERYTHING ever put out by brands, but it would be really specifically helpful for limited prints, popular/highly sought after items.

So, opinions? Does this sound like a good idea? Would you participate? Should I STFUandGTFO?

Edit: Ok, seems like people like the idea. ANY suggestions on which would be the best place to create an account? The main requirements are SPACE and sorting options. Fotki only has 50MBs on free accounts, Photobucket has 1GB, Flickr has a bandwidth limit of 100MB of uploads per month. Alternatively, if enough people want to donate a dollar, we can set up a paid account...
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Stock photo request + BABY Parfait sizing question

Looking for: ALL stock photos pertaining to AP Carnival OP, ALL stock photos pertaining to BtSSB Sweet Check OP (except black)

Secondly, can anyone who owns a BtSSB Parfait OP tell me the max bust measurement? The site doesn't list it, and anyway the waist measurement they listed is a total lie. (I know it's sold out, but that's what future WTBs are for lol)
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Rosechocolat Shoes in New/Different Colors.

So, I asked Rosechocolat if they could do their Premier Ballerina in other colors and they said that they could do pink and brown but nothing else.

Now, the options are to find another place for custom color shoes, or send in lots of e-mails asking Rosechocolat about new colors. Any opinion on what course should now be taken would be great! And if you already know of a place that will take custom orders (even if it requires a certain amount of orders) It'd be great to know!

*Edit: Okay, so assuming that Rosechocolat (I like them since they are real leather, not pleather) has other colors available to them to purchase, what colors would YOU like to see some of their shoes in? I feel it would be nice for them to STOCK a new color, since it seems that if they have the color, you can pretty much get any shoe in that color (pertaining to their comment back to me, at least).

Although it may not work, I feel if we have enough people wanting a certain color, they might think about stocking said color, so what color would you like to see? Please only state a color that is not already on their site (pink, white, red, black, brown) and later we will vote, then I will start a petition online that can be signed, or we can individually send in e-mails requesting the voted color. (I make no promises of this causing them to stock a new color, but trying can't hurt)

So far we have: Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green (Jade-ish), Periwinkle, Mint, Light Yellow, Gray, Antique White/Ivory
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Brand Loyalty

I've been thinking about this lately, and I'm a bit curious how others feel. I know many people have very strong brand loyatly, and others not so much, but for those of you who do feel a sense of brand loyalty to one or more brands, what are the reasons?

Do you have loyalty to brands solely because of their designs? Are you motivated by more practical things like fitting better into their sizing, lower prices, or being able to buy directly from their shop without using a shopping service? Do you like certain brands because you like the designer or brand founder/spokesperson? Are there some brands you like for one specific thing (i.e. blouses from one shop and JSKs from another, or one brand's print fabrics that you adore more than any other) but not for everything?

For example, I adore Baby but wouldn't fit into most of their clothes, while I would have a much better chance fitting into many of Meta's items but I don't like their designs and materials as much so I have very little interest in buying anything of theirs. However, I like Candy Violet because of the sizing and because I like the designer, though the clothes they sell so far are fairly "standard" in design and not as exciting to me as some brands.

So what are the reasons for your brand loyalties?
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Quick question.

I recieved a reply for a Baby order and realized that the total cost they have down is less than the total I was expecting. I thought maybe I added it wrong, but it turns out it's because I ordered two of these hairpins and only got charged for one~ http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/acce/131833.html

I'm just wondering, do they come in a set of two and that's why I only got charged once? Or do you think that it's a mistake on Baby's part? I used a site to translate the page to see if it's a set of two, but those sites... don't work very well. =/

Bulky Waistbands

So, with lolita there's pretty much always an issue to some degree dealing with bulk. On skirts especially, waistbands can get to be super bulky. Here's my question.
If you sew, or if you know how brands sew, how does one make skirts with seperated waistbands (for flat or semi-elasticized) that aren't super bulky?

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First time loli questions

So, after seeing sakurafairy's beautiful bodice-skirt combo, I thought I'd try that for my first time sewing loli, since I know how to sew a skirt and a bodice and I DON'T know how to sew a jumper. This is what I came up with, after about 40 minutes of internet-sketching:

(sorry for the crappy quality. The white checker-ish part is supposed to be lace, and the deformed flowers are my version of a flower print.)

So, do you think I need to make any adjustments to it? Moar race? More details? I'm open for anything!

(Also: would a Sock Dreams petticoat be okay while I save up for a good quality one, or should I not bother?)

Late Loliday post!

[EDIT]:  this entry is giving me so much trouble! my computer keeps acting crazy and so i try to post this, my compy screws up, and i end up with a weird entry missing stuff that i had wanted to say/show. I am going to fix this tomorrow, even if it means reposting (sorry!) but just know that half of my pics aren't here (for whatever reason, I've uploaded everything several times over!) and that some info is missing/incorrect. i'm just hoping my laptop isn't screwed up permanently and that this is just some horrible computer fart. so, yeah...this will be FIXED tomorrow!

So....blahblah I know this is pretty late, but I'm sorry. Anyways, for Loliday this year naive_wanderer  and I went to the mall for a little mini-meetup!!! Of course, it ended in a visit to Starbucks/Barnes & Noble

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Swindon Mini Meet?

I know we have a few lolita's in swindon and some near us so who would be up for a mini meet? say.. the 30th of June?

We could find a nice cafe or something, go shopping too [Tho swindon is very lame for shopping] or we could have a small picnic in Queen's park [Am I right?] or Lechlade by the waterside?

who would want to come?
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co-ordination help! + International NANA day

Looking at my budget for this summer, it looks like I may be able to afford some items I've been wanting. I've been playing around in mspaint but am having a lot of troubling co-ordinating this particular skirt. I have a few questions regarding sizing and co-ordination, so skip this post if you don't want to read it, merci <3

Quick EDIT: Oh and, someone in my city's LJ community (montreal ) posted about International NANA day happening here (http://sushicorp.com/nanaday/index.html). I thought it was a cute idea and a good day for a lolita meet-up, anyone else heard of it?

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In need of some assistance

Okay. On Wednesday I'm meeting my best friend. This will be the last time I'll see her in quite some time, seeing as she's moving to Georgia. [DD:] Now, I want to know whether or not you lovely gals (and guys) at egl think I should wear the following outfit.

[By the way: She's very open minded, and doesn't care if I wear gothic lolita, or Western goth, or some rabid decora/raver crossbreed.]

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questions ^__^;;

I've always been a little iffy on the high waisted jsks since I've worn tops like that and they make me look as if I'm pregnant. Now I may not be the smallest of lolitas but I'm not too chubby either. How exactly would that look with a petticoat under it? And how does it look when you're sitting? I came across a problem today while wearing a jsk to an interview that sitting is very unflattering looking when you're wearing a rather poofy petti [it's not extremely poofy but..it's still a little big] and it made me look like I couldn't fit on the seat >__<. Are there ways to look pretty while sitting in lolita? Or should I just buy a new petticoat?

OH and if anyone has pictures of themselves wearing a high waisted jsk along with their comments it'd be greatly appreciated ^__^

Fun Video, Photos and Hairstuffs

Does anyone remember a video of a little Japanese girl break dancing in lolita? Well, I've got another video of Strong Machine 2 for you, here. Marionette style! This time she's dancing with her father, Strong Machine, who's in a tux, while his daughter is in Bodyline (I think?). It's too cute. The video take a while to get to the dancing bit, but you get to see the father daughter pair practicing. Japanese TV shows get me every time, they're too odd. She's adorable, and it's showtime!

I've also got some photos of a hair style I whipped up for a Ren Faire, but could be moded for lolita. It's extremely classical, yet really easy to do. I attempted to incorporate my lolita style into my Ren attire as well, so, it ended up being an odd combination.

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(no subject)

I have recently watched Shimotosuma Monogatari movie with subs (at last) I have the following questions to ask: Has anybody made an replica of momoko's embroided bonnet, If so are you thinking of selling?
What is the name of the book momoko was reading in the caf'e with ichko and is it a real book?

Sorry if these questions have been asked before. This can be deleted if meanless. Thank you for your time.
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(no subject)

I have an event coming up in just under 2 weeks and I was wondering how long it usually takes for Baby to ship to the (UK) including the time taken to process the order?

Or if you know of brands that ship out exceptionally fast so I can use a shopping service (rush?) to get here in 1.5 weeks?


(no subject)

Dang, how long did it take you ladies to get your delivery from F+F?  I ordered a dress and petticoat about two months ago and there's been no sign of them.  I live in the good ol' US of A btw.