June 17th, 2007

Help with replicas?

Hi guys. I have some fabric (the pink and red print on the far right hand side) that I'm hoping to use to make a dress in the same style as the Marie Antoinette jumperskirt. (It's not on Baby's website anymore, but it's the one with little puffed sleeves and three bows down the front of the bodice.) The only problem is that as far as I can tell from the photos I've saved, the waistline is slightly different from a normal gathered-at-the-waist dress. It looks like the skirt is attached at the waist in the middle panel, but the side panels of the bodice come down slightly lower?
So anyway, I have a favour to ask for anyone who owns the original Baby JSK. Would you be able to take some photos of the detailing, especially at the waist, so that I can see how it's constructed? I would love you forever n_n. Thanks a ton.
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Thoughts: "The Walk of Shame"

While walking to the train station yesterday, I noticed that I always feel quite nervous wearing lolita until I get to the city. I guess it's a little better in Japan than Australia because at least you can wear it in the city without getting harassed, but it's still nerve-wracking while in the suburbs. Everyone turns and stares, cars honk their horns... The only saving grace is when children see me and they smile and wave like they think I'm an anime character come to life or something^^;;

Waiting for the train...

How do you deal with standing out? Do you only get changed when you reach your destination (i.e. tea party, convention)? Have you ever considered giving up lolita because you got too much attention? Your thoughts, please.

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Sakuran 1


There is a Japanese artist named Daichan who dresses in lolita and draws them as well. I believe he has been posted here before, but I cannot find his site for the life of me! I've tried google, in both English and Japanese with no avail. If someone has the link please share! ;-;
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Making your own parasol?

Question: Has anyone ever tried making their own parasol out of an umbrella frame? I've read a tutorial on this, but I want to know if it really works out IRL. I'm having trouble finding the kind of parasol I'm envisioning and I'm seriously thinking of mauling some poor old umbrella :D Pictures would be nice!
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Different Reactions Than Expected?

Have you ever had someone you know react to Lolita differently than you expected?
I recently received my F+F skirt (my first real Lolita clothing item), and I had my father, who is kind of detached from my life with my parents being divorced, order it for me so it had arrived at his house. He knows nothing about my Lolita obsession, and I wasn't 100% sure how he would handle it. Seeing the pictures on the F+F site was really the only insight he's had, however he knows I dress up for anime conventions (which this was for) so he didn't really question.
When I got to his house, he asked me to try it on to be involved. Now, I expected my stepmother to be really open-minded about it because she's supposed to be very liberal and accepting of new ideas. However, when I came out in it, she looked less than pleased. When I was changing back, I heard her complaining fervently to my father that I had no business dressing like a little girl. My dad ended up seeming a little interested and accepting of it, however. This was kind of topsy-turvy from what I had originally expected. (I was very very sad that my stepmother was so against it. She hasn't said anything to me personally, but I have a feeling that even if I explain it to her she won't get it.)

Has anyone else experienced someone close to them reacting differently than they originally expected? It doesn't have to be bad like mine, I'd like to hear stories of people who you'd expect to not like it ending up adoring it. ^^

Novala Books?

Hello All, Im new here, and iv never posted here so im a bit nervous, but id like you ask you all a question. Iv been a big fan of Novala Takemotos book Shimotsuma Monogatari aka Kamikaze Girls foe about a year and i learned awhile back that he has other books out that havent been translated into english but my question is this....where can you find his other books for sale? I know you can find them at Amazon.co.jp but i wanted to know if its possible to order his books and get them shipped to the us...and if anyone can get me a website id be eternally thankful. well thats all:) *waves good bye*

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