June 16th, 2007

Question. Thank you!

I have read through the memories, but I have not found an entry relating to lolita shops or shops that carry lolita in Hiroshima.

I am hoping maybe someone here could kindly tell me of any lolita shops in Hiroshima? I would really love to buy some lolita clothing while I am there!

Thank you so much!!

From Icy
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Help: Cannot View Japanese Sites

I've been trying to view some of the EGL links listed in the FAQ,but my computer does not recognize the Japanese characters,it only comes up with a series of question marks.
Is it possible to download a language pack or something to that extent,so i may view the characters then maybe translate those characters to English? Also,I use firefox browser,if there are any plugins etc. that may be useful that you know of please let me know. And thanks for any input.

sorry if this is rather unrelated.
i attempted a google search as well as an LJseek and came up unsuccessful.

thanks for all the help,the problem's been fixed.i really appreciate it!
I speak for the trees!

Lucky Pack horror stories?

I've noticed that Meta will be doing a Lucky Pack sale... which I'm SUPER excited about! Time to get my hands on some brands!
But this thought crossed my mind..
What if, I get something unattractive?! Or something that doesn't fit?! (those skirts run awfully small!)
So! Please share me your lucky pack horrors!
Have you ever gotten an item that you didn't fit in / hated / or went wt*?
Thanks <3333

If you want, please tell me items you were SUPER happy about!

Shoe Help D:


I need some help with shoe sizes. I was wondering if anyone would post dimensions of their montreal shoes.
I can fit into anything from a children's 3 to an adult 7, depending on the shoe,
because my feet are a really weird shape (short but *really* wide) and it's hard to find shoes that fit. Dx I want to get some measurements to see if they're a possibility or not.


Rocking Horse Shoes Question/Problem

Hello I did a scan of memories and mostly got sale posts or where to buy RHS. I KNOW there was a post on HOW to tie the darn things but I couldn't see it.

My question is.. HOW do you tie them? I did it the way you would ballet shoes.. but how the hell do you KEEP them up your leg? I did it and they kept sliding down.. I got mine from Linglam and replaced their ribbons with my own so they'd wind up higher.. sadly in the end I had to settle for using their small ones again.

Sorry for the dumb questions, please no mean replies I just would like to know.

moar shoe questions

I took measurements just to clarify that I am a US size 7.5. According to the international shoe sizing chart, 7.5 converts to Japan size 23.5. However, I ordered Secret Shop's size M, 23.5, and they were rather tight. I measured my traced foot today, and I don't understand how the measurements I had gave me US 7.5 (9.5 inches long), yet when I curiously measured my foot in cm's I was almost 24.5.

Here's my main problem. I'm considering ordering from here, yet I hear that you should add a half of a cm to your measurements because they run small. I'm clueless on what measurement to even start with-- 24.5 or 23.5? Perhaps Secret Shop shoes run just as small as montreal?

I'm sorry if I'm missing something obvious, but I'm quite confused.

Art Post

Hi everyone! I started and finished this picture I drew today for our mascot on EGL. I've already got it up on my DA account and sent it in to Emiko so I thought I'd share it with all you lovelies!too! Please enjoy!

Here is a link to my artpage as well. Stop by and tell me what you think if you have an account. :3 www.usagichi102388.deviantart.com
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to SF lolitas

I think I went to the wrong tea house, as I was there at 12.15 and it was closed!

So am sooo sorry.

By that time it was too late to go home find the address and go out again. I hope we can still put together a shoot! I feel like such a dtiz, this has never happened to me before. I have been a bit fried form having 3 photoshoots this week.

sorry again,


I still really want to put together an EGL shoot!
and everything nice...

(no subject)

The hubby and I went to a wedding yesterday. It was out in Manchester (which is about 45 minutes from home, and where my parents live.) I wore Lolita.
This marks the first time I've worn Lolita in the presence of my parents (it's been around 7 years since I've lived with my parents) and to a wedding. Since my parents live so far away and I have a crazy work schedule I hardly see them. My father of course didnt care for it (big surprise). My mother was alright with it, and it so happened that my grandparents were over, my grandpa adored it. He took pictures.

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