June 15th, 2007

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Basic Embroidery?

I would like to replicate Momoko's bonnet, but I don't know how to embroider. Does anyone know of any good sites or books where I can learn basic embroidery? Please and thank you. ^.^
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Seems like this ought to be in the memories somewhere, but a cursory perusal didn't turn up anything, so -- where/who is the best place to go for deputy shopping? I'm looking primarily for a good exchange rate and reliable service. (I'd prefer to go through a private person before Crescent or somesuch, hence the inquiry.)

Also, can anyone attest to the fit of IW blouses? Measurement-wise I could theoretically fit a M or a L (~88 cm bust) but my proud Germanic heritage has left me sort of stubby with big arms, so I'm wondering if I should order up and get a large.

Buying from BABY?

Good Morning! Hey, I was wondering, would it be better for me to buy the blue aprion from BABY or a Jumper? I dont have much money (because my entire clothes funds come from allowance alone) but I'm saving right now. I want advise on which was a better deal. Or maybe which one is more cute?

This would be my frist brand name lolita. Also, anyone who's ordered from them before, about how much is shipping? Did you use International Money Order, Bank Transfer, or PayPal?

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pink princess

Baby's 'alternative' petticoats

I was very interested in the cutsew petticoat only to have them tell me it was sold out when I tried to order. I liked the fact it was softer and less bulky and a slimmer poof (without being shapeless) and I don't think I'd crush it too much, and I'd heard good things about them. So is this cutsew skirt able to double as a petticoat? I'm displeased with my current one :(

thank you for your help!
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hey guys, I have 3 questions about the much-loved rocking horse shoes.

I searched thru the memories and didnt see these particualir questions adressed but if they've been brought up already, sorry ._.

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Short bloomers?

Does anyone know what to call really small and short bloomers? I was looking at In The Starlight's 'pettipants' and I was under the impression they were short (like bikeshorts and underwear) only bloomers at the same time. I emailed Leah and she responded that they were 18" long, a bit longer than what I expected.

Basically, I really love the idea of little cute pants worn over your underwear like bloomers, only not as ugly and boxy as bloomers (yes, I'm not fond of the ol' bloomer). I saw some artwork around this community once where it had a lolita with her leg up and you could see little short pants like what I'm talking about. Does anyone have this artwork or know where I can find mini-bloomers like this?

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So! I went to Hampton Court today for a school trip  and seeing as my new shoes arrived yesterday, I decided to wear them~ Only that turned out to be a bad idea because I got told off for my dress being too short and that I'm going to get raped (Loads of people were wearing more revealing stuff though) but ANYWAYS. PICTURES 8D
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Bewbiez! [LOLI]
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An add-on to the wardrobe posts?

Okay, so maybe this is stupid, but curiosity has the better of me! We've all been posting our wardrobes lately, but what is it you want that you don't have? Show us your wishlist! Maybe someone has something you've been looking for - and it's just plain fun! =D

I'll start! My wishlist is on Flickr here - mostly Baby stuff, and mostly pink. XD

A Pirate and a Naval Officer

There is definitly a pirate vibe in the air...maybe its because of a pirates of the caribbean, I dont know, but I'm not complaining. So I went ahead and did a little drawin!


The female aristocrat style and pirates seem to go so well together. I didnt quite know how to go about the hat, so I copied the one off of Captain Morgens Spiced Rum :P.
I had to scan it in two different parts and piece them together, so I hope it doesnt look like poo. I hope it doesnt look like poo anyway, but I mean in terms of pic quality.


I felt like drawing the pirates' government-funded counter part, the Naval officer. I guess this is also inspired by the aristocrat style, but the mens style rather than womens.

I hope you like, feel free to crit. I need to work on my pen work alot more. Details were lost in the scanning process :( especially one the second one.

Stupid question :D

On meta's lucky pack page it says

When you choose Credit Card, it will take a few days for us to be ready for you to pay from the reserved page, because there is a limited number on the reserved page.

Does that mean someone who's paying with paypal will have more priority than someone trying to pay with a credit card?
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picture post!

Wednesday, we managed to catch the last run of Pirates: World's End. Fittingly, we decided to go as loli-pirates!

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Then today we had a teddy bear tea party! It was sponsored by Dome, and basically all you needed to do was bring a bear and get a free drink :D Anyway, on to the pictures

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cute and pink

(no subject)


I know this might be a bit of a strange request, but I was wondering about pink & black lolita outfits, instead of white & pink. Are there any out there? Or does it not quite work? If you have pictures, I'd love to see!
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New Kinokuniya!?

So, did any other NYC lolis notice the signs for a new kinokuniya being built near Bryant park in NYC?

:0 good location too, I'm sure I'm not the only one sick of walking all the way to Rockafeller Center.

More GLBs and Btssb for all! :D (if you live in NYC.)

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