June 14th, 2007


Need outfit coordination help!

I finally went and bought my first brand dress :) I had loved this BTSSB dress ever since I saw it on the site but based on the measurements I thought it would be too small. In the last 4 months I've managed to lose 20 pounds so I thought to celebrate I should buy the dress (which I got off of YahooJapan.) I need help figuring out the other pieces to buy to make a complete outfit. I have a white petticoat I can use but that's about it since the rest of my egl wardrobe is black. Here are some ideas I have so far, any suggestions are appreciated!

Red Riding Hood Dress I bought:

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Knickers, Pictures and Communities

I have three questions. Please bear with me!

1) The first one is a little silly. To all the U.K. lolitas: when people online describe Kodonas as wearing "knickers", is it understood that we mean knee-length pants? Or does it just make you go "HAHA stupid Americans, knickers are panties!"

I plan on making a Gothic and Lolita Glossary some time next week and I was just wondering whether or not it would be appropriate to say "Knickers = not what a Kodona wears".

2) Second, does anyone have or know where to find photos of clothing from brands like Angelic Pretty and BSSB way back when they first opened? Of Lolitas on the street in the late 70's or early 80's?

I remember hearing about brands Pink House, Milk, Wonderful World, and Vivienne Westwood when researching early Lolita fashion also (that they influenced Lolita), but I've never been able to find early photos.

I'm also curious to see photos of early Gothic Lolita. Could I just turn to the early Bibles for that, or did it look different before that existed?

3) Since it seems like a vast majority of this community focuses only on pure Lolita, would anyone be interested in a new Gothic Lolita/Punk Lolita-only community? One exists (gothiclolitas, but the last several posts are mainly sales posts. There's nothing wrong with pure lolita of course, it just isn't my style and I would enjoy seeing more Gothic styles once in a while.

Thanks for reading!


Hello everyone! I'm new to community! Wow this place is so cute! It's nice to know there are lots of other lolita's like myself.

I'm looking at the post above me. That's a VERY long dress. I didnt think metamorphose made dresses that long. It looks a little arisocrat to me. 

Hmm, I've been thinking about it for a while. And I think that I really want to buy this aprion from BTSSB. Sadly, I dont have enough clothes that go with it! And I dont know how much I would save extra for tax. Anyone know how much tax with this thing is normaly? 

Anyway, Its nice to meet you all! I am sure I will love it!
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In need of a super parasol for meetup/event but don't have time/money to buy one?

celticfreefall's post on vintage really got me going on searching for vintage umbrellas and parasols. While searching I came across Bella's Umbrellas where you can apparently rent vintage parasols for an event or special day. They have some really really gorgeous ones too! It looks like rental is between $10-20 and they pay for shipping to and from your address (US only). While it's always nice to own your own it does give you more options.

Seattle area residents: There's free pickup and dropoff at Isadora's Antique Clothing on 1st Ave downtown. Hooray for us!
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What do you think? <3

Did I do a good job?
I've been working on a lolita outfit for the meetup this weekend and I finished almost all of it! <3
The underskirt is done and I've very proud of it!  *THIS IS NOT THE OUTFIT IN THE PICTURES*

I was also wondering what people think of my casual lolita outfit!
I just took a few pictures so I wanted an opinion before I went out to dinner today!

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holding hands

Quick Question!

Those of you lovely ladies out there who make your outfits, about how long does it take to complete one entire outfit?
I'm trying to make my skirt+vest combo and I'm not sure how I should pace myself if I want it done by the time animefest comes. I'm also going to be buying stuff so I have to wait for shipping and money and what not. I just need a general time frame so I know how how I should pace myself.

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meet up at ax?

so, i remeber a while back a girl was talkin about having a mett during the Anime Expo convention, which i will be attending. if i remember correctly she said '10 am, monday, ranbow lounge' which is all nice and dandy, but that was a very logn time ago, and now the ax is practically upon us and i havent heard any more announcements regarding it, so im wondering if she decided not to host this? if anyone has some info, please elt me know.

also, my group starts packing up and leaving at 11 that day, which doesnt give much time for a meet. i understand if this is the only time available, btu if things are still loose, and earlier time, or even sunday works better. =3 <3 thanks for you help! please let me knnwo if anyone has any info. <3

also, if it appears this girl has decided not to host this meet, loli's going to the ax should meet up anyways!! lol <3

Photo Request

Does anyone have photos of outfits with unusual colored shoes? I love loli shoes, but I think that they're especially striking in unusual colors like blue (sax) and mint. I almost never see outfits with them though.
I would love to buy a pair of blue Babyssb shoes, but I'm afraid they would be too hard to coordinate with.

Thanks for your help!

Question on rocking horse shoes..... Thanks!!!

I'm interested in buying some rocking horse shoes, but before I do, I'm interested in hearing a bit more about them, especially walking in them. The reason I care so much is that I am...a bit clumsy, if you will (READ: insanely clutzy)...and I'm worried that I'll fall over in them.

So, here is my question: Just how difficult is it to walk in rocking horse shoes, I suppose, in comparison to walking in regular heels/platform heels/flats (obviously there is going to be a difference there...)? Does it take practice to get used to walking in them or can I just slip them on and skip (metaphorically, of course) right out the door?

I just want to know whether I should bother wasting my money on shoes that are insanely cute, but that I have no chance of walking in.

[EDIT] Thanks for all of your input! It seems as if they should be easy enough to wear...thanks for putting my worries at ease!
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Conan rockssss

(no subject)

Hello, EGL~

Well, this is somewhat like emmyette was asking, in a sense that it had to do with Rocking Horse Shoes.. Anyways, I heard somewhere that Ling_Lam's shoes run a size larger/smaller? But I can't remember which! =/

If I could get this cleared up, that'd be a great relief and I could finally order my RHS~! [Banzai!]
February snow

Swimmer pic request

Does anyone have pictures of Swimmer headphones actually being worn? I'm seriously thinking of buying a pair but I want to make sure I won't look stupid in them first. XD
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angel-devil photoshoot


tamulove oneesama and i decided to switch styles and go on an adventure (>v< )
normally, she portrays the 小悪魔 (sexy, cute, glamarous devil) and i take on the 純粋乙女 (pure angel maiden) but we switched!!!
our exciting schedule was like this:
1) explore the buildings of a local psychiatric institute
2) afternoon tea at restraunt in a garden
3) stroll the gardens
4) to tamie's house for tea and talk

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Hey kids, hate to be such a lamer, but could anyone link me to that post awhile back where we talked/posted pictures of what we wear when not in lolita?

Thanks in advance!