June 13th, 2007

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Picture Request

Does anyone have pictures of the medical-looking Meta tote bag? It had a pill bottle, a syringe, logo, & some other things on it. Also, was this in a series or just a one-off type thing? If it was in a series, similar items are welcomed too!

stock pictures are preferred

EDIT: It's the same set as in this post.

Your own lucky packs?

Hello! hope I don't get stoned like I normaly do with whatever I say.

Theres alot of people here who make their own clothes and more then likely have their own indie brand names. Have any of you thought of making your own 'lucky packs'?

A friend of mine is doing lucky packs at a convention soon. Like a skirt, cutsew and bag or something in a set. Anyone thought that might be a good idea to help them kick start their indiebrands? just curious :3

And a fun idea would be a 'lucky pack' trade or something?

A quick question about Meta pink and white accessories

Recently, I bought Metamorhpose's pink and white striped pinafore dress.
I bought it through here though so I didn't buy any accessories for it.

I just wanted to know if Meta had any accessories that were specifically made for this dress (stripes and all) on their website.
I looked at their website but I know that the navigation can be confusing so I want to make sure that I didn't miss anything (I need to figure out before the Meta group order deadline). ^^
Any help would be appreciated!
Spring Lolita

Amazing Customer Service

In light of recent "customer service" issues around here, I want to give massive kudos to Meta at how professional they are there.

Earlier this year, I preordered 3 items - the school blouse in talls, the crown skirt in pink/purple, and the sailor blouse in talls. On Saturday of this week, I received the package after months of waiting. (it was the school blouse they were waiting on!)

I tear into everything and start trying it on but there is a problem - the tie to the school blouse is missing. I search everywhere - the bags, the floor, all around my house - nothing. It would seem that the blouse is just a blouse. 

So, Monday morning I sent an e-mail to Meta about the issue. I even offered to send back the blouse for an exchange like their policy suggests (which would mean alot of extra time and I wouldn't get to wear this blouse for a while). Yesterday, I get an e-mail apology and a second e-mail stating that the tie is being sent EMS. They took care of th eproblem in less than 24 hours.

I would have to say, this is by far some of the best customer service I have experienced anywhere! They even wrote me an apology e-mail stating that they hope this wouldn't keep me from ordering Meta again and that they would like to keep me as a customer.

Has anyone else had nice customer service? I think it is time we give some praise vs. complaints. ^_^

Typical shoe fabric?

Not to long ago I purchased a book that shows you how to make your own shoes (not as complicated as it sounds :D) and I was wondering if anyone knew what material these are made out of? Or if there is something similar online that I can purchase to make them.

Thank you!

Lolita decorating: Glass table re-vampment part 1

Now that I have finally found a place to live that I will be staying in for more then a year I have been getting crafty. My kitchen is going to have a victorian/lolita/wonderland theme and I thought I would share one of my projects since there have been many posts concerning how to decorate your house in a lolita way. Steps and pictures behind the cut ^_^.

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sby, famiko

POLYSICS and tea~

Just an odd little post here.
Wondering if any lolis in the South of England are going to the Polysics gig tonight.
(in lolita or not)
If so, I will be down at the Concorde 2 at around 6:30 in my lolita garb.
Come along and say hello! ^__^ Unfortunately, i cant wear my crinoline as it
will be rediculously big!! X_X

Also, here is a little picture I took of me 'Drinking' from my Laura Ashley teacup
- there are actually marchandise Character pins in there! XD *checks*
one of Yuki Eeri, and one of Father from Azu. haha. mmm manga tea.

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Layout Update

Hey everyone~ Some of you may have noticed, I've update the layout again~ It's different then the one from yesterday, and includes the Navigation Strip and isn't so buggy :) The graphics are less intense and lighter, so hopefully there won't be too much problem for dial-up users.

Please let me know what you think, if you prefer this one, or the other, which can still be seen at egl_comm_sales.

A disclaimer! This layout was originally created by carriep63~ Please check out her work if you want a similar layout for your own journal :) I altered to it fit what was wanted (with permission of course).

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Marriage equality!

Meta Replicas?

Does anyone know of a company or seamstress who makes really good Meta replicas?

Specifically, this one:
(eep, I guess the other one wasn't Meta <_<; )


EDIT: Is this a WTB? eep. If it is, lemme know, and I'll move it.

Thanks for looking!
By me!

Outfit help o_0

I'm lucky enough to have a job interview tomorrow, but I need help with my outfit. Should I go full-on lolita or casual? I want to show my interviewer my true colours and I think this is the best way to do it, plus I'm trying to wear loli everyday now I've left school for good ^_^

I was thinking of wearing a dress that I finished a few days ago, it's not too much loli, but I think it's just enough!

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What do you think?
puking mickey

Angelic pretty sold out items?

I was looking to buy through celga these beautiful sleeve stoppers... unfortunately they were sold out before I could get all the money =(

In the faq of celga they mention that they can look o ask the poeple directly on the stores to see if they still have sold out items...

do you think they still have this item or is it for real ... that they are finally sold out =(?


I know that they are NOT often seen in Lolita, especially classic, cute or country. But I am wondering if anyone has pictures of or knows much about lolitas and dreadlocks, I am sure that solid color falls could be an interesting take but I would like to get as much input as possible.

Thanks so much :)Pictures would be wonderful
(and excuse the typo I hopefully fixed all problems with the post ...)