June 12th, 2007

  • emiko

Want to see your art on egl?

Since we have a new layout now, we figured it'd be fun to showcase different member's artwork on a rotating basis in the header/banner!

All members are free to submit their own artwork of our mascot, Sophie, to be featured in the header image on a monthly rotation. The only requirements are that she is to have honey-brown hair and brown eyes- everything else is up to you to choose ^__^ There is no deadline, so feel free to email me at any time at emiko42 *AT* gmail.com with your artwork, LJ User name, and a website link (it's ok if you don't have one, just let me know where to give you credit!)~

I would prefer artwork to be on a white background (or no bg, if you wish to send a .psd file that's fine too). There is no size requirement, but your submission should be at least 250px tall, please. Don't be let down if your work isn't chosen for upcoming month- it may be featured the next month or on the sales community.

Feel free to send in any 'style', anime, realistic, 3D, collage, etc... Just make sure it's on a white background. You can dress dear Sophie in any style or theme- sweet, gothic, sailor, kodona, etc.

Ouji Assistance

So it's been a while since I've visited the *little* community here. Anyways, the reason I came, I was curious if anybody could give me good (preferably cheap) idea's for cloths to get. I'm not sure when I'll actually get to wear anything, but hey, it's always nice to be ready for random conventions I'm brought to by friends. Sadly, the only picture of what I look like is stolen from the Animazement post from a while back, but I'm sure it might help to gather ideas.

Animazement '07

Thanks in advance.
egl administrator

COMMUNITY: New Moderator Submissions

As the number of community members and posts grows larger everyday, it would seem that the number of moderators should also grow. We have decided that it is time to find a few new moderators.

We were torn about the method in which we should select new moderators. There are so many people who might make good candidates, and it's hard to see everything everyone does. So we came up with the idea of having the community suggest who they think would make a good moderator and why.

All of the comments in this post will be screened so that everyone's suggestions will be kept confidential. This is not a popularity contest, and we want everyone to feel free to suggest whoever they may wish to.

Please comment in this post and name two community members you feel would make good moderators and list three reasons why for each. Please do not submit names of people who are active in any of the snarking and bashing communities. Also, please do not submit yourself.

The current moderator team will review all suggestions made and pick a few new mods from your submissions. These new mods will be added to the current team, and we hope that will help in keeping the community in line.

Thanks everyone! ^^

Miss Megan Maude // Administrator

Several people have commented that it is unfair to exclude someone who is in one of the snarking/bashing/wanking communities. It has been mentioned that a number of people in those communities participate out of concern for this one. It was also noted that miyu_sakura is a member of lolita_wank. The moderators do monitor the other communities to see what's going on.

I apologize for misspeaking myself. What I meant to say was that people shouldn't bother nominating members who are active in being cruel in those communities. I understand that it doesn't make you a bad person just because you comment or agree with what is said in those communities. You may indeed be a very concerned individual. So please feel free to nominate people who are active in those communities, but don't nominate the really nasty people.

Again, my apologies for misspeaking myself. m(-_-)m
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Quickie Update :)

Hey kids! I know the new layout has some bugs, and that many of you are rather unhappy with it. I'm taking your words to heart, so I'm going to come up with a few other layout choices, and we'll put them up for vote.

There a few elements that we're absolutely going to keep, such as a sidebar (for links to important things and other info, since many newbies don't always check the profile page), and a header image (less big though, I promise!). It's still going to be pink to start off with, too! If you don't like pink, I'm sorry ^^; As I mentioned in a previous post, the header image is going to change every 4-5 weeks, featuring new art by the talented artists on egl, so hopefully next month the layout will be blue, or dark red, or whatever ^__^

So, I'm going to try and have some layouts done by the end of this upcoming weekend, so if you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see how feasible it is~
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(no subject)

hey, does anyone know where I can get a pattern for crinoline/hoop skirts? Google has been no help and the only one I know of is in one the EGL extras and thus uncomprehensable to me. Thanks!
Beautiful Wolf
  • ofinns

Waist-size and brand?


Well I have found two dresses on Yahoo that I really want. But the seller hasn´t stated very much about them :/

So does anyone here knows the waist-size and which brand the last one is?


The first one must be ETC, because I have seen smaller and a little different model at ST. But what about the second one? Is that that also ETC?

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Ryu Pony

Sandles + Lolita?

So it's been a few months since I've posted last. ^^

I recently purchases these cute Yosuke sandles, and I was wondering...

Are socks still an absolute must? Or could these be used possibly for casual lolita without socks? Thanks!


Thanks ladies! So far the vote seems to be for going w/o socks, which is what I was kindof thinking myself. Thanks for your imput!
Kino gun

Are there any Massachusetts loli around here?

I'm wondering because in two weeks I'll be in MA for 6 days. I'll actually be staying in leominister (I'm attending some thing in Winchendon, and yes I'm aware that both places aren't really, you know, notable) but I will be flying in and out of BOS and I want to take one day of that week (the 26th to the 2nd) to go to Boston, probably Thursday or Friday. I was wondering if there were any lovely lolitas who might want to meet up? I've never been anywhere NEAR the East coast, or even east of texas, so it will all be new and confusing to me :D Anywya, please let me know :) I'll be packing some loli outfits and I want to wear them!

Also, later this summer before uni starts, I'm thinking of taking a week vacation, possibly to Ann Arbor. How is the lolita community there?
Cabbage Roses

Milky Ange

has anyone ever ordered from there?  They sell what look like to be nice lolita clothes, but they also sell maid cosplay, so i don't know if it's a real lolita brand. Plus it's never in any G&LB.
speial k
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So, pictishlass and I have this radio show on Wednesdays from 2:30pm to 4pm. It's name: You Lying Sack of Sh*t. (tune in, http://www.wcbn.org)
Pretty much, it is a game show of lies. We take turns giving each other scenarios of a strange event that they are required to recall, revealing all of the grizzly details.

So, since we are the only two Lolitas in the radio show group of 7, we decided we should play You Lying Lolita. We have been playing for a while making up many silly and ridiculous situations. We decided to share our fun game with you, egl!
Of coarse this won't work as well because its not being spoken, but it gives us all a chance to be creative and make up funny crap that is obviously not true.

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(no subject)


After being asked a million times to do the curly version of a himegyaru hair tutorial I present to you a curly hime gyaru hair tutorial *falls over*
x.x guyz you gottah understand these girls 
all have extentions to have thicker and longer hair *falls over* that and they have a pro (even if they do do it themselves) which means LOTS of practice if you want tall hair and such ( i am no pro, i can see my own flaws). The tutorial I make is preferably for the average girl with medium length hair and regular thickness (means not too thin nor too thick)
-however i think if you have two length hair cut you'd most likely end up like the model from jesusdiamante (given the fact you have REALLY LONG HAIR!)

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  • kyomu

Baby Sizing Question

Most Baby blouses have a 96cm bust measurement, and I was wondering if they would look ridiculous of me, or just be a little bit loose. I have about an 82cm bust and 60cm waist. Baby skirts and JSKs seem to fit me fine, although they are a little bit loose in the bust and waist. If anyone about the same size as me wears Baby blouses and could tell me how they fit them that would be great.
goth club


Original post here

I was just wondering if people will be free for it on Wed., July 18th? Or would you all prefer it to be on the following weekend?

Either way, I thought we'd all meet by the pond at Kingwood Center around 11am. You can see how to get there from the aeriel view here.

After we get done viewing the gardens, mansion, etc., I thought we'd go for lunch and tea at the Twisted Fig Tea Room. If anyone knows of a better place, I'm open to suggestions! If we go here, though, we'd have to be there by about 2 or 3pm since they close at 4.

Again, I'm open to any suggestions!

EDIT: possiblity of this being moved to the 11th 10th instead. thoughts?

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