June 11th, 2007

Tigger & Rabbit

Double Post! My Wardrobe and pics from Star Wars Celebration!

Hello there lolitas! Well, I wanted to jump up onto the bandwagon and post up pictures of my small but functional lolita wardrobe. I only have seven full outfits so far (the eighth is being worked on right now) but I'm proud of my clothes nonetheless! Also, so that I don't litter the comm with two many posts, I also wanted to share some pictures of my Star Wars lolita outfit at Celebration IV, the official Star Wars convention I went to last month. Take a peek!
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sby, famiko

Novala - Emily??

I have always wondered what on earth this book is about. I cant find a discription anywhere and the official site doesnt give much help.
Also, (i know there is no chance in hell of this) but has it been translated, either online or published material.
So yes, please, if you know - explain.
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Sakuran 1

Momoko's Wardrobe

Hello everyone,
I am planning on making a Shimotsuma Monogatari fansite soon, and would like to compile stock pictures and screencaps of each of Momoko's outfits. I can do the screencapping myself, but I need help with the stock photos from BTSSB and other brands. I used to have several of them saved to my harddrive but it was recently wiped. :/

Please post any of the stock pictures of clothing that Momoko wears (or owns, we get a glimpse of her closet in one scene)! I would really appreciate it, and Shimotsuma needs a good fansite!

Thank you!

PS, I can post the screencaps if people need help remembering, just let me know.

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This is for all the girls who expressed intrest in a photoshoot (whose email addresses I do not have).

I noticed that there is a lolita meet up this Sunday that ends at 12.30pm, so I was thinking if you guys wanna shoot for the hour following in the Arboritum (very close to the tea house) that would probably be most convenient. Also if there are people not going to the meet up, we could start shooting a little earlier and have the rest join in at 12.20...

Let me know what you think, and if you can make it.

Those who cannot make it as I know it is Father's Day, if all goes well I would like to do this again. or even do some studio shoots.


F+F Antique White

I've recently ordered an antique white shirt from F+F. When I received it, it looked white in the sunlight but darker in artificial light. Is their antique white just a really really light shade or is this an error? Thanks!

Lolita Drawing+ first post :D

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well i hope i post this correctly T~T since im a newbie in LJ
this is my first post here yay~!
oki well this is a Lolita drawing i finished ^^ i hope you like it (comments/critiques welcome) i havent drawn in a while because of finals but im really happy about how this turned out ^^
here it is:

Maybe if you like it alot you can buy
Prints/products here.
byebye now~!
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darkness & light in love

Inspired by the artists here !

 We  have so many amazing artist in this community that inspire us all with thier unquie  designs. I was wondering if any one has designed anything based off Another members artwork?  I would love to see what you have made and who inspired it.  

 I know currently I am working on Gothic Lolita verison of Taicho Toki Mechanic Lolita  :


 I hope to post it for everyone by the end of  July. 
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Question and WTB

I was wondering if there were any other shopping services like the one Mai has. I dont really want to use Celga or Crescent, I dont like the  deposit system, I would rather have them bid on the item for me and send me the total when it is ready to be sent off.

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Hello all!

Quick question! I just wanted to know if anyone has this petticoat:


If so, do you happen to have a picture with you wearing it under something? Or if you don't want to post pictures of yourself, can you give a review of the petticoat? I'm still trying to decide if I want that one, or this one:


Thanks for all the help everyone! I decided to get an ITS petticoat.

Once again, thank you!
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egl administrator

COMMUNITY: Two Heads are Better than One

Over the past couple of years, our little community has grown quite a bit. Gothic & Lolita style clothing is more readily available than ever before, and there are more and more people who wish to acquire it. The community has been flooded with "Want to Buy" and "Want to Sell" posts, and often the entire front page will get filled up with sales, pushing real content to the second page or beyond in a single day.

I know many people don't keep egl on their friend's list simply because they don't want sales post clogging up their page. Many members get frustrated when trying to find information, pictures, or tutorials because they have to wade through so many sales posts to find what they're looking for.

The moderators would like to promote the growth of the community and establish it as a place where people can share, grow and learn in the Gothic & Lolita style. We feel that it will be easier for everyone if we split the community into two sister communities. Both communities will be moderated by the same team, and they will act as one large community. All current sales standards will apply in the new sales community.

egl will remain the same as it is now, but all sales posts and "Want to Buy" posts will have to be made in the new sales community, egl_comm_sales. This way, if you're only interested in non-sales posts, you can just read the main egl community, and if you're interested in buying something, you will have all of the sales easily at your disposal in egl_comm_sales. Each community will be obviously linked on the main journal page of the other.

With the new two-community format comes a new journal layout as created by emiko. Each month, the header graphic will feature new artwork as submitted by community members. The artist will be credited in the sidebar and given the opportunity to have a link to their webpage in that space. The artwork must be a depiction of our new mascot girl, Sophie. The only requirements that must be met are that she must have honey-brown hair in a hime-cut and brown eyes. You can feel free to dress her however you would like. Each month, the moderator team will select their two favorite artworks to go in the header image of each community. You can email emiko with your submissions.

If anyone has any questions or comments regarding the changes in the community, please make them in this post, and they will be answered to the best of my ability. ^^

Miss Megan Maude // Administrator
nikomi LOLITA

my first time

well, i've never posted any pictures of me in lolita on here before~ i usually make my own clothes but during AKON, i wore my META one piece for the first time. it's the most amazingly comfortable dress ever! i think i wore it from 9am~1am and i was never uncomfortable! :D

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rarity stylin

A weekend in custody of some crazyass Philly lolita (pt. 2)

Part two! Sunday I was dragged taken to the Delaware Anime Society Cosplay Picnic, where we met up with sakurafairy and tharivol000, in hime and dandy respectively. We ended up eating their food and mostly ignoring them, which is perhaps where the stereotype of the snobbish lolita comes from, but honestly we didn't know most of them, plus I didn't really like their, "Sure, I'll fork you," jokes when I asked for a plastic fork, especially not when together with being poked in the side with said fork.


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