June 10th, 2007

For all you sewing lolis...

What do you find is the best waist-to-ungathered skirt waist ratio for the average/slightly more poofy onepiece or JSK? And then what is the waist-to-hem ratio?
I had guessed that the ungathered waist of the skirt was about 2x the measurement of the waist, and the hem was about 2.5x the measurement of the waist.

An example of the amount of skirt poof I want is under the cut...

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Models' Blogs

I know about and already have the links to both Aoki Misako's and Watanabe Chikage's blogs.

I was wondering if anyone had links to any other models' blogs.

Thanks in advance for any info/help. ^_^
pink princess


So I've been quietly planning an order of all orders from Baby bigger than a military coup [which is the cause for my more frequent posting as of late] and just when I was about to place the order I thought, "Maaaaybe I should check the sizes just in case." And I'm suddenly very worried that they will be TOO BIG.

My measurements, on further cenimetre inspection:

waist: 65 cm
bust: 80 cm
height: 5'2"

I see most of the measurements are above this by at least a few centimetres. Will these things still fit or will they be horribly awkward on my body? Am I doomed and need to start chomping on ice-cream bars to become the width of a normal human being and not a toothpick?

Please help.

love, terrified.
Dinosaur comics

Quick question

I'm sure this ahs been asked a million times but I couldn't find it via LJ   search: Does Angelic Pretty Ship interenational? Do they accept Paypal or just bank transfers like Baby used to. Or do I have o use a shopping service? (if so. . could you recommend one?)
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This is just for fun.

Imagine a Lolita Rehabilitation Clinic, where Lolitas are suffering from some sort of Lolita-related addiction or abuse.

I challenge you to come up with one of these addictions or abuses!

To start off, I'll list a couple I just came up with:

Excessive Baking Rehab

Race Buying Rehab

I came up with these in just a few seconds; we have some really innovative and creative people on here, so I know you guys can come up with some good ones!
Imai kira birdgcage

Candy at target

I was shopping in target today with my mom when she picked up a plate and was like "OH THIS IS LIEK SEW KOOL! WOODNT UR LOLI FRENDZ LIEK THIZ??"
I was kinda like :x.. i dont want to look.
But it was pretty cute actually.
Target has this cute candy (looks like taffy) line with plates, place mats, bows, cups ,pitures, and towels (from what i saw)
Thought you guys might enjoy it.

EDIT:The 12 peice dinnerwear set (both plate styles and bowl) is 20 bucks for those curious. Link is in the comments. :]
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Another Wardrobe

Seeing everyones posts made me want to photograph my clothes, too. :)
While I'm into Lolita since years, I just started buying and making things in January, so my wardrobe is quite small.
My first item was a BABY JSK and I don't remember why I suddenly wanted to buy it, but the moment I opened the package and unfolded the dress I knew I was obsessed...

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LA Weekly

lil'last min Long Beach gathering OR Adventures in experiencing the best Scone ever~

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
...No really, this small unimpressive scone was one of the yummiest ones I've had before, it was strawberry flavored!
a fine time was had today at our SUPER DUPER last min mini Loli gathering in long beach at Elise's Tea Room
this was planned (on well... saturday via phone/IM convo's and last min tea house reservation) because of pawteegal's super LAST MIN Southern Cal trip.

it was rushed but we made it happen!!!

pawteegal and I drove down to Long beach and meet up with carmila and kuramew. A little late due traffic happyberryloli and her friend lolibop_lolibop joined us after our 1st pot of tea.

now, on to the part I know is more interesting...
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attention classical maidens

I have a question about stockings. I went out looking for patterned stockings today and all I could seem to find were solid and fishnet. I don't mind fishnet as long as the holes are very small, but that's what I usually co-ordinate with classical, and I want something different.

I want a nice pair of lace patterned stockings to wear with this dress for my grad. Please give me your suggestions, sites/stores/etc!
Imai kira birdgcage

F+F bag?

I tried LJseek so dont give me shit lol .
maybe i fail im terrible with search engines.

Im curious if anyone has bought the F+F RECTANGLE not the piano shaped key board bag and could tell me what the quality is like.
sakura l'arc

Call for submissions! English-language print magazine for Lolitas needs your work!


I'd like to start off by saying thank you all very much for the great response, ideas, and interest to my original post! I've decided to go ahead with the magazine, which will be the only English-language print magazine in the world for Lolitas. It will be open to Lolitas of all styles, all races, all sizes, all ages, and now I need your help to get it going!

To The La Vie En Rose Submissions Site - Click here!

If you're a writer, artist, model, photographer, layout designer or just a Lolita with a great idea for an article or something you think other Lolis would like to read or see, please go check it out. :) We need your submissions, as soon as possible but no later than July 1st, when I will begin coordinating the final look and layout of the magazine for a tenative early August release. PLEASE CHECK THE SITE BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT SUBMITTING YOUR WORK.

If you think you might like to buy La Vie when it comes out, or would just like to keep an eye on the project and how it's going, please friend la_vie_en_lj as I'll post there with final details as they're decided. Feel free to post your own ideas or opinions there as well! Thank you!

(For non-LJ friends you think may be interested, please tell them to email me at la_vie_en_rose_magazine@yahoo.com with "Mailing List" in the title.)

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Thank you all for reading, and for any ideas and input you'd like to give! I'm excited about the possibilities of this magazine, and hope you are too! ^_^

Cleveland colossal con

Last call all Lolita going to Cleveland colossal con and coming to the Lolita tea party please let me know if your coming so I know how much food to make. So for I have 20 people Lolita and cosplayers telling me they are coming please let me know if your coming ty.
Miss Momo

(no subject)

There's something on Y!J that I want oh-so-badly. So, I emailed Mai, intending to exploit use her service in order to bid on it. (Unless she doesn't do that, I'm going be so embarrassed. @__@) I emailed her awhile ago and usually she's quick to respond, but she hasn't this time (perhaps she's overwhelmed?). D: My auction ends in about nine hours, give or take, and I'm wondering if I should try and use Crescent Shop (since it seems the easiest to work). I was thinking I'd wait to see if Mai would respond to my email and if she didn't, I'd use Crescent. What do you guys recommend?

She emailed me. :D Thanks for your help!
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(no subject)

I've got a question;
I know that there are brandpics around with models wearing strawhats. I know some of you see strawhats as a big no, but I actually think that they can work if co-ordinated right.
So is there anyone out there who has some pics of models wearing straw hats or anything country hat related?
jack cute

Question AAtP store

Can someone please draw a map or tell me exactly where the AatP store is? Descriptions how to find it? A friend of mine is going to Japan soon and is going to shop for me.

It is in Harajuku right, or am I remembering it wrong? I looked at the Tokyo map and used the search function but maybe I overlooked it.

Could it be that it's in LaForet? One Lolita in Japan please tell me!

Thank you very much.
Imai kira birdgcage


I know i know, its like my 3rd post today, but hey at least the community is being active right?? :O

Alright, im looking for OLDER and i guess newer too.. pictures of novelty gifts from brand stores like tins, napkins/towels, compacts, candies, bags, anything.
any brand.

Help me Please :3

I am wanting to get one of the new Polka dot long sleeve blouses from Meta. But I don't know what size should I get.
So if anyone has the regular size one and can tell me the max stretch could you please tell me.
Here is the info page
I do like my blouses loose though. Do you think I should just get the Tall size blouse?

Thank you for the help.

Pic request: Altered Brand. Or: All I wanna be when I grow up is BtSSB size

Have any of you non-standard non-"free size" lolitas attempted to alter a brand item's sizing to fit?
I have a some brand items, particularly the boxier blouses, that really don't fit all that well because of the size issue.  On one hand I really really want to be able to wear them because they are just so lovely (save for them being too boxy or big in the shoulders or whatnot), but I've been afraid to really do anything to them though as they are sacred brand...

I'd like to see pictures of what other lolitas have done, if it has at all been done