June 9th, 2007

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Anyone Want To Split A Double Decker Order?

Hey Lolis and gents,

I was interested in taking advantage of the 2-for-$100 deal, but really only wanted to buy one pair of shoes. So I was wondering if anyone on here was interested in splitting it with me? ^^

Unfortunately I've never done anything like this before, so I'm not entirely sure how it works. I imagine the other person would pay half of the entire cost up front, including $50 + half the shipping cost + shipping cost to where they live, and then I would take of the rest, later shipping them the shoes. Is this right? x.x I have no idea.
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sorry to litter the community

i was wondering if anyone knows the modeling agencies the models in G&LB are with. i'm interested in TRYING to do some G&L modeling when i move to japan but i have no idea what i need to do to apply to the agencies.

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whats the strangest part of lolita fashion to you?

As I was in a car on a very long road trip, I started thinking about lolita and how the use of certain accessories and the like came to be. For instance: Who would have thought rocking horse shoes would go with a predominatly victorian/rococo/50s style, or heavily decorated nails, or hime hair cuts? So..what clothing items, hairstyles, accessories etc do you find interesting?

Note: This is not a conversation about mannerisms, ideals or anything else related to that. Material items only please.
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Summer Lolita

Hello! I'm only recently getting into the whole lolita and I have a question. What kind of lolita wear would you recomend for the summer? Something practical, most lolita like clothing I've found is kind of uncomfortba'sle (I try to avoid styles that are to uncomfotable to wear) and rather hot on a regular basis let alone summer. Its still a lot of fun though, lol!
Would the new doll style dresses that seem to be really in the year be lolita-able maybe with a few accessories?

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(no subject)

One of my 52 (yes, 52) cousins is having a graduation party tomorrow, and of course my entire extended family (most of them, anyways) are coming in from everywhere for it. I'll be seeing lots of people I haven't seen in a very long time (some of them I've never even met!) So i thought I would make a cute new outfit so as to make a good impression.

I didn't want to terrify them by going TOO crazy with ruffles and frills (plus the party is outdoors and it will be HOT). I think I did apretty good job coming up with something that can be both cute semi-casual party wear, and a great lolita outfit with the right accessories.
This took me about five hours to make.

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DS: Non brand dress and sets

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My friend is in Hong Kong. She did not has a LJ account, so I sell things for her.

Please make note that all the items are NO exchange and NO refund.

Please think carefully before you buy.

All the items only can hold for 3 days, please pay within 3 days.

All the prices is mark in US Dollars (USD).

Payment method: Fund transfer Paypal, No Credit Card please

The items will ship from Hong Kong.The postage will mail by Air Mail from Hong Kong.

The Postage shown in below is ship to Worldwide.

Victorian maiden dress (without tag) with hand made rose headdress(100%NEW)
Price 110 USD (include postage)
Height BLOUSE: 47CM Skirt: 63CM
Bust 86CM
Waist SK:70CM
Hip N/A 

Baby blue sweet Lolita set with headdress, ring, ornament
(blouse:80%NEW skirt:95%NEW, ring & headdress;100%NEW)

Price Full Set: 74 USD(include postage)
Blouse with headdress: 38 USD(include postage)
Skirt with ring and ornament: 38 USD(include postage)

Height Blouse: 52cm
Skirt: 51cm
Bust 86cm
Waist Under 90cm
Hip N/A 

ANNAHOUSE classical Lolita set with headdress and necklace
(set:85%NEW, headdress & necklace:99%NEW)
Price Full Set: 74USD(include postage)
Height Blouse: 50cm
Skirt: 52cm
Bust 85cm
Waist Under 76cm (skirt: free)
Hip N/A

Remarks: There is a tiny dirt on the skirk (photo is posted) 


Gothic Lolita Set with headdress, sock
(set:90%NEW, headdress & sock:100%NEW)

Price Full Set: 70USD(include postage)
Blouse with headdress: 33USD(include postage)
Skirt with sock:38USD(include postage)

Height Blouse: 45cm
Skirt: 43cm
Sock: 45cm
Bust 83cm
Waist Blouse: Under 70cm
Skirt: Under 85 cm
Hip N/A

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lolita In Touch Classical Lolita set with under skirt and headdress (O.P: 85%NEW, under skirt: 80%NEW, headdress: 100%new)
Price Full Set: 74USD(include postage)
Height 87cm
Sleeve: 58.5cm
Bust Under 85cm
Waist Under 74cm
Hip N/A

Floral Rose Skirt
(99% new)
Price: USD 25
Postage: USD 12
Waist: 68cm
Length: 58cm 

Floral Ruffles Jumper-skirt
(60% new)
Price : USD 45
Postage: USD 15
Bust: 86cm
Waist: 76cm
Length: 92cm

Remarks: There is tiny worn on the skirt 

Blue-liner High Waist Skirt_3 (Not included under-skirt)
(95% new)
Price: USD 35
Postage:USD 12
Waist: 80cm
Length: 62cm 

Floral High Waist Skirt
(80% new)
Price: USD 25
Postage: USD 12
Waist: 74cm
Length: 67cm 



Lolita wedding

A long time ago someone posted an amazing drawing of the back/front of a loli esque wedding dress, so I was wondering if sanyone happened to still I those pictures. I did until a few weeks ago when I got rid of all the extra images on my computer.
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Classic Lolita Shoes + sizes

ok sorry for posting again!!! but it just occured to me.
I usually only dress in Classic Lolita, and I have a nice pair of brown shoes 
from Seychelles - but thats basically it for my loli shoes. UUGGHH <*frustration*

So, what coloured shoes would you reccommend to go with dusky floral patterns 
and coloured Classic clothing? 
Also, if anyone has any online or offline stores to recommend
that sell classic/general lolita shoes in US sizes 9-10 i would be very grateful!!! 
I need another pair of shoes!!!! And I highly doubt that I will find anything in Japan,
Yet if anyone knows over there, any shops who cater to larger-footed lolita, that would 
be extremely useful!
Thanks in advance xxx

Internet ridiculous

(no subject)

So, I'm a total newbie to lolita, and I have a certain blouse that is currently the closest thing I have to something loli.

My question? Is this blouse loli enough to wear with other loli items, and if it isn't, what can I do to make it loli?

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If offered, is it silly

...to pass on a great deal if you have the money? I'm torn between buying this dress from MMM and not.

It's being offered to me by a penpal for ¥6,100, and it's beautiful, but sleeveless looks only half-decent on me (man-shoulders), and putting on one of those pulls doesn't help; I'd have to find a whole shirt to put over it. Would it be better to get it and just make it work, or save for something I know will look at least nice versus '...meh?'

This question may seem silly, but I'm an incredibly indecisive person. Help???

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Brand Fabrics

There is a post on Himitsu no Niwa about this, but since many people do not have membership there, I thought I would post...

Has anybody ever found any fabrics for sale that look exactly like the fabric you see on a brand dress? I have found two, both thanks to the posts on HnN.

If you have seen any, please share!

Two Six matches under the cut...

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^_^'' Expensive much?

Well all this posting about wardrobes has got me thinking. (Always dangerous) Lolita is one of the more expensive hobbies out there (duh) and doubtless this has been asked before but I thought I would bring it up again (hey, don't jump down my throat, the wardrobe thing has been done before too!! XD) About how much do you think you paid for your Loli wardrobe? More than a thousand? More than two? I'll start it off(goes to add it all up): 950 or so. That does not include Gothic Lolita bibles, handmade stuff and things that are off brand (ie: A cute loliable coat from forever 21) So hop to it!!! Tell me how much you paid for all your loli cute-ness!!
Angry Alex mode!

Attention Jersey lolis!

I'm planning to host a meet-up here in New Jersey, but there's a problem. It seems that we're all spread apart! Yes, I know there's a NJ loli community but it's totally dead at the moment... I need suggestions to host this meet-up that everyone can access either via NJ-Transit or through a ride.

I'm holding this meet-up after I get back from vacation and before I start school (September 4th). So the following are out of the question:
A park (unless you WANT to get sweaty)
The beach (or the shore if you prefer that)
Atlantic City/Wildwood
Six Flags

NYC lolis are welcome to join in, but I'm afraid that you rather stay in the cleaner state :D *envy*.

Also, are there any lolis in Rutgers-Newark!? I know you're out there! (see you in September)

Brand Lucky Packs

Question: Which brands do lucky packs (other than Metamorphose, AP and BtSSB) and what's the usual price range?

I am specifically looking for information about lucky packs from brands such as Miho Matsuda, Moi-Meme-Moitie, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, Juliette et Justine, Angelic Pretty or BtSSB, though info about other brands is of course more than welcome!

I've tried searching for "lucky pack" within the egl community and came up with 31 pages of results. I've scoured through them all (no joke!) and more than half of the info is about the Meta lucky packs. There were tantalizing hints of Miho Matsuda, Innocent World and Victorian Maiden lucky packs though and I'd appreciate it if anyone who managed to get these would let me know how they got them, at what price and if it's not too much, maybe pics of the contents? 

I suppose for brands other than Meta, most would go through shopping services or online auctions. It would be really great if anyone who did so would share their experiences with me too!

I'm new to lolita and am very fascinated by it all; would love to own brand and am trying to learn lots more! Lucky packs seemed to be a good way to initiate myself somehow (and at not too high a price!)  : )

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Question AatP

If you want to search for Alice& the Pirates items on yahoo!Japan auctions and mbok are there some kind of katakana you can use? Or do you type Babystars and go through the many pages?

I tried Alice Pirates and just Alice. Alice alone had too many hits and Alice + pirates just one.

(no subject)

Dear egl, I need your help.

I am desprately in love with this jsk in blue:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And I know there is one on Y!J right now (and I am currently too broke for it ;o;), but the pictures of it are quite bad. So if you may, can I please have your pictures of this jsk, both official and non, in blue?
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What to do, what to do? Now with a few designs!

When my friend went to Japan for her Taiko drumming tour, she did a little shopping. She bought me this BEAUTIFUL fabric while there.

Unfortunately, the lady didn't understand her, and she ended up not cutting enough.

Now, I'm left with 41"x42" of lightweight cotton. What the heck do I do with it? This fabric has been sitting around for months, and I'm starting to feel bad about it.

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It's not enough to make the skirt I planned for it. Also, if anyone has some patterns that don't require much fabric, I would love to see them.

Any ideas are great! Thanks!

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