June 8th, 2007

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cleaning lolita

i have a meta dress that i wore alllllllll day long at akon recently. i wanted to ask if anyone has any suggestions on how to clean a lolita brand dress?

my friend told me about Dryell which is a home dry cleaning kit. has anyone used this before? i want to try something inexpensive before taking it to the actual dry cleaners.


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I was wondering after BtSSB posted this (which I love; don't judge me) if there's anywhere semi-reliable to look for Baby ads or coordinates? I recall there being model photos on the Kera website (for which I do not have the address) and I see some advance-of-release photos when I thumb through Kera from time to time (but I don't subscribe, so I have to catch it right as it hits the floor at Kinokuniya) but the blog never has model photos. Are those pretty much the only places to look?
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dumb questions here I come!

So I need a bag that both zippers and has a long stap, as I've learned from having a bag that has neither. I love the new swan-emblem bags from Metamorphose, but:


Does this have a zipper? I can barely tell.


Does this have some kind of strap or handle? I'm not even sure how you hold it. Is it like a makeup bag?

Any other suggestions? There is always the pink heart pochette, but is it really so... bubble-gum?

thanks in advance!

Anna House Fashion

Dear Lolitas,

Do you know about Anna House, Lolita fashion clothing ?
I would like to buy, but I am wondering about the quality.
The prices are. . quite low [for example
this dress is 57.59 US$].

Many bad quality replicas are at this price so I'm kinda distrustful.
If you have advice or reviews about it, please share.

Thank you very much !

The site is in Hong Kong dollars, don't worry !
1 HKD = 0.13 USD.
That is why I was saying I find it so cheap. .
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I am going to Bali this summer ( only one month left !! ) And I've heard from people that there are seamstresses there who can make replica's, and since I don't fit into brand I would love to take this opportunity to expand my collection!
 I've seen a replica recently on here but that one was made in Thailand. Is there anyone out there who actually has experience in this kinda stuff? Can someone fill me in with the Do 's and Don t's? The price range?
Mary Jane Feet

Wardrobe Post of DOOM

I spent a good portion of the day trying to figure out how to post my wardrobe. I fiddled with a few ideas. Then I gave up and shoved it all into Flickr. Why? Because there's no way I can post my whole wardrobe in a cut. There's well over 100 images. And yes its taken me years to gather this collection together. There's a few things on order or not in my possession yet but I posted the pics anyhow.

So here's the link to my wardrobe sets. Includes all my clothing and shots of it in storage.

I'm missing a lot of the brand pics. If you happen to have one I'm missing I'd much appreciate it you could post it. Thanks!
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BTSSB Orange Plaid JSK and tutorial!

I think somewhere in the past someone asked for a picture of the orange plaid Baby JSK being worn. I own it (I mean orange! ♥) and decided to post one pic. I have to say I'm not 100% satisfied because one little bow came undone and I hate little imperfections like that. :(

In it's full perfect glory!

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Random loli encounters

Everyone always has these stories of being stopped by people etc and despite living in a city with a fairly high loli count, I've never randomly run into one!

So yesterday after hanging out with my friend Jennie at her fetish store (SO not loli but she's a big fan and can custom make Corsets. Which she is currently doing for me *_*)
I went to Tim Hortons for cheap food before the theatre for Gypsy. While wearing my meta antique boquet jsk, parasol etc etc. Went all out that day. Threatre demands being dressed Well!

While there I dragged out my brand Mook and started reading away. A large group of japanese students came in and sent one over to ask if I was using the tables extra chairs. She stopped though and kinda Looked at me. Than just asked if I knew Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Which induced mental squeeing for me. First time a question Hasn't been about being in a play or if I was going to a costume party etc.

Anyways her english was very broken and I think she was worried over pronouncing the brand names properly. She said she'd been obsessed with lolita and gothic for ten years and her dream was to open a store! She said she liked baby best and guessed that I liked victorian maiden best. XD and laughed when I said I couldn't fit that brand! She was also a Manatard and it was very much fun.

and than she went back to her friends. I was so amused by it all a BAD thing happened. I forgot the time, rushed out of the tim hortons and Forgot my meta parasol! ;_; Now I need to find a cheap offwhite umbrella to mod into a parasol as I really can't aford a new one right now!
I am very much saddened but still happy over the encounter. :D

Anyone else has random fun stories to tell?

Funny Lolita brand?

So while browsing Y!J I have seen several auctions for the brand Funny Lolita. I was wondering if anyone has bought from that brand and what the quality is like. I think I remember awhile ago (year or more?) someone talking about that brand, or some other brand that sells on Y!J.  They have quite a few cute JSKs but I'm hesitant to buy them if they quality isnt very good.

Also I would like to say that I have used the search function and I checked the memories. And also googled it.
offtopic- wanna see what I found when I used google? This weird video XP

February snow


Does K-Star have a website? I've looked in the memories, LJ search only turns up sales posts, and nothing is coming up on Google either. Thanks.
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is this loli-able?

whilst avoiding chores today (as thats what i'm rather good at doing) i went to my favorite little vintage/alternative fashion shope in my small town of hippieville (not the actual name...but quite suiting!) i came across a nice little "easter bonnet"Collapse )