June 7th, 2007

SF/Bay Area Lolitas...


I am not sure if it is ok to post this, (if not then I am sorry and feel free to delete this mods). I am a San Francisco photographer (student, female) who is really into the victoriana/doll/lolita lifestyle. I subscribe to the Bible and Kera (for the past 5+ years!) I was wondering if there are any bayarea lolitas who would like to work with me on a lolita themed shoot. Very sweet, innocent, maybe tea party, maybe verging on the human doll.

You can check out my work at my modelmayhem page http://modelmayhem.com/member.php?id=359277

(again, if this is not a welcome post, then I am truely sorry)
Kamijo dork

First time sewing + question

Yay, I don't sew but summer school is so boring on the 2nd day and it drove me nut already on the 3rd day so I looked into the sewing book and I learned to make a pair of hairpin! ^^ I'm happy that it turned out pretty nice as I never sew before! So I'm going to sew more and give them away if people wants them. ^^

And here is pics of the hairpins. There is a question for any of you that can sew a bow. Is it because of the way I sew the button that makes the pin looks so weird. And any advice on how to make it look better?

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Since Everybody's Complaining about Lolitism Anyway...

If it's okay with the mods can we do another round of the My Lolita Closet game? It's been awhile since we did wardrobe posts and I totally loved peeking into other people's stashes ;) Of course, if you'd rather not have the community flooded with wardrobe posts again just say the word and I'll remove this post, but I always loved those and was just thinking earlier today that we haven't done them in awhile :)
by kisa_chan
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Some outfit pics

These are some outfits I wore recently. They're not 'perfect lolita' but mostly stuff I just wear to class or to get groceries :D Also, there's a tiny pirate hat. If you dislike them, please don't click the cut 0.o

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[tp] my name is agent dale cooper

Color lenses~?

I know this doesn't directly relate to lolita, but I've lately been interested in wearing color contacts when going out in loli. ^^;; I've heard a lot about circle lenses since they're quite popular in Asia, but I've also heard they also can be dangerous...? Not to mention, the only places you can get them from the United States are from middleman dealers. Anyone from China/Singapore/Korea/Japan who can give there opinion on this?

The problem with a lot of color contacts that you can get in the US is that they tend to be dull and unnoticeable in most instances, unlike many of the asian-brand contacts I've seen. ^^;;

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If do end up deciding to get circle lenses, are there any lolis in the communities that could possibly buy them for me? (of course I'd pay you first!) XD;; Seeing as they don't sell them in the United States.