June 6th, 2007


Questions of the Most Assuredly Newbish Kind...

Good Morning (day or evening) all you beautifully fantastic people. I wanted to thank y'all for this community, nothing is a bigger highlight in my day than coming here and looking at the splendid clothing on such wonderfully bright and enlightening people. I also want to thank you for showing me that lolita can be worn by those of us who are overly 'curvaceous' and 'fluffy.' I have what is probably a rather dumb question…

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Me Hawaii

GLB pattern nonsense

Well it's nonsense to me anyway because I'm ttly clueless w/ sewing pattern lingo!^^;;;

Can anyone help me decipher this pattern for sock toppers??

I can't open Battychan's PDF on interpreting Gosurori patterns. ;o;

Thanks O.o;;

(mods- if you wanna help me figure out how to put links under cuts that would be fine by me! Ppl tried to help me before but i'm a slow poke I guess u.u;)
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"WeRe aLL mad hERe..." Feed your Head

X-posted I hope this is allowed (JOB)

NEEDED: Someone who can help with Japanese Websites (to get items to the USA)

I am starting a small online store
and I would like to purchase some items from some Japanese websites.

I'm not sure if they even ship to the USA,
and another issue is that I can't read/speak Japanese

If you
OR you know of anyone who could help me,
either figure out how to purchase/ship from the site myself
or could buy for me and ship to me
I would gladly pay them for their efforts/work
and also give you a thank you gift/s for your help too.

Thank you

Also I would require info and recommendations of the buyer

I am a good Lolita because. .

Here we said why we were un-Loli, lorelei_mayrose said that ;

"hey, just a suggestion, but we could also discuss on "I'm a good lolita because...", that could cheer us up! :p"

Why not ? Say why you are a good Lolita !

I will start.
- I listen to classical music and I enjoy it.
- I have maids, many clothes, and I don't work for money. I don't work at all.
- Sometimes I like to study but never physical work.
- I really like tea, manners, dance, arts. . !
- I want an arranged wedding.
- I never swear.
- Sports I do are badminton, croquet, dance and walking. Never football or such.
- I try to be polite and can be sweet.
- Tidy things, spelling, writing correctly are things I enjoy. [Well, in french only. .]
- I like victorian things, Alice in Wonderland. .
laced up kisses

NC (Concord area) meet-up?

So yesterday afternoon I unexpectedly had to drive through Historic Downtown Concord and noticed how many cool new shops and cafes have popped up since the last time I had been down there.  I also stopped by my favorite spot, Two Leaves and a Bud, which is a small teahouse.  And all of a sudden the thought of a meet-up around here came to mind!  (Also talk of meetups at the Animazement tea party got me all excited XD)

Not only can we stop by the tea house but we could walk around town for a bit to visit various shops and such.  There are even lots of spots I think are great for little photoshoots - it is Historic Downtown Concord so you can be sure there are lots of pretty houses and churches around.  I've never planned anything like this before but I just thought it would be a great idea to throw it out there!  So, is anyone interested?  If so, what would be a good date and time?

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dumb Closet Child question

short version:
can you haggle with closet child? or are prices final?

long version:
I put this lovely BTSSB dress on hold with Closet Child
but now there's the same dress for 2,000yen less...
it doesn't appear to have any damage...so why is it 2,000 yen cheaper? Do you think I can convince them to lower the price?

thank you for your help!
sakura l'arc

Editor thinking about starting an English Lolita magazine: please share your thoughts!

While reading through the comments on the Tokyopop post, amanikitty said:

"It'd be cool if we actually RAN that magazine. Even better if the editors of the mag would be Lolitas also.

That'd be such a dream..."

That got to buzzing around in my brain. We can't take over their magazine, ;) but why can't Lolis run their own magazine? English-speaking Lolitas number in the thousands, but still don't have anything they can really call their own as far as publications that speak with their voices. They have interests, spend money, and clearly from the membership of this community like interacting with each other.

Why not make an English-language magazine? By Lolis and for Lolis?

Not as a "bible" of what is right or wrong, but just a fun group of things most Lolis will probably be interested in?

EDIT: To make this clear: While the layout would be that of a magazine, for now it would be in a .pdf format that each reader would print out and staple together if they wanted to. Printing the magazine right now would be impossible for me to do, unless people were willing to pay for it.

MOAR EDIT: If people are willing to pay around a total of $10, for a glossy color magazine, shipping included, this might be something to consider for printing it: http://www.lulu.com/products/books/brochure.php People living outside of the US or Europe could possibly be shipped through me? It'd take some consideration to work out.

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Whew... So what do you think? Please be honest.

Would you be interested in reading this magazine?
Would you want to contribute to it?
EDIT Would you be willing to pay for a glossy magazine delivered to your house? Or would you rather it be a free .pdf you can choose to print out on your own?

Either way, thanks for reading! :)

clothing from yesasia.com


I was wondering if any one here has ever purchased clothes from www.yesasia.com.  I have bought cd's and Kdramas but I have never purchased any clothing items from there other web site www.yesstyle.com

I saw this dress, and was wondering if anyone ever heard of this brand?

If so, is the sizing true to size. 


Thanks for the help. 

F+F sizing?

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I noticed the sizing is incredibly off for the US sizing. I'm a size 8 but my waist IS NOT 24". For those of you who have bought from F+F, are their sizings pretty much close to the actual inches the have on their chart (disregarding the US/UK/EUR sizing)? Or are they off?

Secondly, has anyone bought this outfit: http://www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-364/Gothic-Lolita-Pirate-Sailor/Detail
and have pictures of yourself wearing it? Thanks!

Bad and good loli?

Hm, so it seems that not everyone approved of those two topics...and in a way I can understand why. But this thing has been taken way too seriously. So this decided me to write a little something about it since it was my quote that was used to introduce the "good Lolita" topic.
To clear things up I'd like to say that in my opinion the "ideal Lolita" does not exist. It is a concept, and like all ideals, not meant to exist in real life, not to mention in a human being. As such, we all have flaws, but that's what makes our charm.
I can distinguish two types of people. Those who consider Lolita as a lifestyle, because they have a personality which corrisponds to their idea of what Lolita is, whether a Romantic or childish, innocent vision of life; and those who see Lolita only as a fashion, and therefore may possibly have a personality not at all Romantic or whatever can be seen as linked to a "Lolita mentality". Those two categories are neither right nor wrong, they just have a different way of understanding Lolita, and that's perfectly fine. People from both sides have flaws and qualities.
So please, I sincerly wish these topics do not lead to any drama, since they were basically made for fun. They did highlight two different visions of Lolita, however we should not start arguing about "true Lolitas" and "fake Lolitas". Some people here have the experience of the Goth community and culture, and  know how this silly little argument is annoying. No matter how we perceive Lolita, we all share one thing, the love for beautiful clothes, so let's enjoy this!  ^____^  I apologize again if anyone was annoyed by the two previously mentioned topics, though I didn't directly initiate any of them.

Long live Lolita! :)

Rakuten / AN*TEN*NA question :3

Have anybody ordered through this store without being in a group order?
Is this a difficult process?
Also, do people start group order for Rakuten often on egl : )?
Lastly, would An*Ten*Na EVVEEER gonna bring back their RHS? They have THE most gorgeous sole I've seen on RHS, and I'd love to get one in medium T_T;.

Sorry for the newbtastic questions, I've only been on here for a short time @_@;

Photo post and introduction

My name is Mimmi, I'm from Sweden and I'm 12 years old. I've been interested in lolita in about 3 years, but I've only dressed for an half... I've been lurking here for a while, and posted my first post about a few weeks ago. But now, as I came home from Paris two days ago and have bought a dress and an umbrella from Btssb, I decided to post some pictures and introduce myself!
I don't really know how to post pictures, but I hope I'll do it right...

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Xelyna the Gothic Lolita
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Don't think, just Lolita!

Ahhhh, everybody analysing whether they are a good lolita or not is making me sad(>_<) Stop thinking, just do it! Lolita should be fun! If you think too much about it you just won't enjoy it!

And with that off my chest, picspam o(>0<)o!!!!!!!!

Lolita kitaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello EGL~

Ladies and Gents, I come to you with a question about loli-decor!

I will be redoing my room in a sort of modern victorianesque bedding. And I was wondering what else I could do to make the room more decorated and more lolita-like.

Basically my room is completely bare, so, working around things would be easy. Any decor tips would be great! and I'd appreciate it ^^

Also, if this isnt up to community-par, please feel free to remove. :]