June 4th, 2007


International Loliday!

So we celebrated International Loliday on Saturday with a small little gathering =D We mostly just stayed within the cafe as Singapore weather is REALLY not condusive for rori wear! But we took the chance to take some photos outside the cafe when the sky was overcast. Run in and then run back into air-conditioned heaven!

And we had the cafe waitress take a group photo for us but it turned out lopsided, lol! Still, it's the only group photo available so here it is~~~

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rarity stylin

NYC Loli-day extravaganza meetup!

Yaz is making his debut in our sexy Carla-baby's journal update because livejournal needs to apparently do some obscene things to a few roosters for not letting her update properly.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by Yaz. [Onto the important stuff]

I'm really, terribly sorry to the girls who actually came on time (you poor things haven't learned about NYClolita time, ahaha @_@) and waited for such a long time. Several things detained the rest of us; I hope you had fun on your own!

Because I am a big crankyface and so was everybody else ♥, we ditched all the careful plans I'd made and decided to go for a stroll in the park, followed by strolling around the UWS and scaring the gentry.

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Jewellery Jelly

Now that Baby accepts Paypal...

I would love to order from them directly *kicks shopping services to curb*

but then:  would Baby mark down the prices?  I know some people say it is not good/wise/legal to mark down prices (and I totally understand...), but the UK custom is so high. And Parcelforce watches like a hawk - so far all my EMS packages have faced customs. And Parcelforce charges a standard £14 everytime a package goes through. *rants*

Thank you! <3

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Philly lolitas?

Hello! I'm sorry if this post isn't appropriate, delete if necessary! But, I ran into a couple of ladies who were having a lolita meetup in Philly (near Chinatown)- I was wondering if I could find out their lj names if they could comment here? I didn't see a post on here about it, but one of the girls told me to come to this community. Anyway, comment and say "hi"!!
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How much do Innocent World's, Baby's and Meta's formation 生成 colour look alike, match each other?

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Thanks in advance! ^^ And sorry if everything is phrased awkwardly.
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Lolitas at CSULA?

This is mainly for curiousity :P

I was walking on campus today (CSULA) after my final when I saw a lolita!I instantly called my bf to spasm hahaha.

SO are there any other lolitas who attend CSULA?


Sorry if this question is irrelevant.

I'm curious if anyone has ever had problems with customs, and parasols.
I'm considering purchasing my first parasol soon.
However, I'm worried about it getting through. (I'm in Ontario, Canada.)
Just wondering if it's worth it. I fear it being stolen, or worse broken.

Thank you for your time, and for reading. ^^;
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Help me decide! F+F vs. Meta

Dearest lolita's! Would you kindly help me make a decision?

For the local anime and gaming convention (AVcon), this year I've decided not to cosplay but to sport the lolita fashion as it seems to be growing oh-so rapidly here in Adelaide. I come to you girls of exquisite taste to help me make a decision between two blouses.

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Baby Doll

St. Louis area Lolita-chan?

Hello out there, I was just wondering if there are any STL area lolitas who would be interested in a meet-up in the fall sometime?
I am going to be attending Saint Louis University for four years starting in the fall of 2007 and I thought I'd ask to see because it seems like there might be more lolita there than there are here in Pittsburgh, PA.
I did a search already and found one or two posts, but one girl hasn't updated her journal since last year and her email bounced back. T.T; So hence why I ask.  : )