June 3rd, 2007


Review of my new winter coat from dorset_clothing!

I've always wanted a lolita winter coat, and so I commissioned the wonderful dorset_clothing to make it for me! The Australian winter has just started, so when I picked my coat up from Mon last night, she just made the next few months so much better for me!

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In short, everyone should commission dorset_clothing! All I need now is a blouse, and I'll have a full Dorset wardrobe :D
Harvey- farscape

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I found a place on ebay that sells fairly decent looking jewelery for a great price. I believe many of the pieces would appeal to some classic Lolitas. The site covers pretty much everything, including some neat hair pieces. Just thought I'd share.

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Let's Discuss: Lolita and Girl-Love

Let's discuss!

We all know Lolita fashion is a very feminine fashion. This doesn't mean that it's girls-only, but it does mean that boys who enter it are expected to be as feminine as possible when wearing the clothing. Even 'boy styles' like kodona are oriented more to the idea of a girl dressing up/play-acting as a boy rather than an actual masculine style. And the branches which are more masculine-oriented such as oujisama/aristocratic still emphasizes effeminate beauty and androgyny.

Once again, I'm not suggesting that men can't do Lolita or its related fashions, but the elements of the fashion require a certain softness, delicacy, ephemeral nature and etc. that is largely associated with feminine beauty standards of the culture that Lolita draws its roots from, the nostalgic past of Western Europe.

Lolita also has a root or two in the shoujo classics of the 1970s such as Rose of Versailles. A common theme of shoujo works is the idea of deep-love and admiration between girls. These stories don't always imply sex or lesbianism but they do center on the idea of girls and their private worlds to the exclusion of males. Or at least males who are interested in forming mature relationships. (Often the only males present in these works are brothers and fathers).

One example that comes to mind is Maria-sama ga Miteru, a modern story about a private all-girls high school which has a mentoring system built into its structure. Older girls will chose a girl from a year below them to be their 'soeur' (sister en Francais) and the bond between soeurs will be extremely close, usually much more beyond the normal friendships formed in high school. Maria-sama discusses the gray areas of these relationships. Some girls are clearly lovers. Others are simply close friends. And in many cases, the younger soeur's feelings towards her older soeur can be described as a feeling of 'intense admiration' and 'deep love'. A girl-crush, not necessarily sexual but certainly not simply love between friends.

Tying it back into Lolita, for a fashion that truly is about femininity and feminine beauty, what would that suggest about relationships between Lolitas? A lot of Lolitas say that they dress in the fashion because it feels more elegant, and it also protects them from objectification. And there have been plenty of hints and bits floating around various communities related to Lolita that a lot of Lolita enthusiasts also have a certain interest in forming some sort of deep bond with another girl. The idea of intense admiration at someone else's elegance/beauty plays into this trend that I've seen.

We've kind of danced around the issue of Lolitas and sex, one that I'd like to discuss later on in a frank talk, but right now I'd be interested in hearing the feedback from Lolitas in the community about the themes of girl-love/girl-crush and yes, lesbianism, in Lolita.

Clarification: Guys, I'm not saying being a Lolita = lesbian or that anyone is into Lolita because they are a lesbian and etc. I just think that there is an interesting overlap between the whole idea of a 'lifestyle' Lolita (someone who wants to incorporate elegance and etc. into their life beyond just clothing) and the shoujo concept of girl-love. Lolita does have something more to it than just pretty clothing and that's an aspect that hasn't been talked about on the community yet. What does Lolita add to feminine relationships or our concepts of them?

Early Lolita

I was looking around youtube at old Luna Sea videos.  When looking at this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gETRgteN1vQ I spotted a row of lolita's (2.53). And it made me wonder.  

I know Lolita has existed for some time now in some shape or form.  I even saw a recent post of Baby's horrible 90"s velvet dress.  But Does anyone have pictures of early lolitas.  The earliest pics of Lolita's I have seen is around 2000.  

Can anyone show me pictures of Lolitas from Earlier days? 


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And another Edit: I found this TimeLine could one say this is a good timeline of Lolita Fashion? And yes I know history of lolita has been discussed more than once. But my Original question is still out for pictures of early lolita. Although if anyone has anything to say on the timeline it would be appreciated. 

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Marriage equality!

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I know it's sorta late, but I haven't gotten the chance to post this until now.

I signed up for the Loliday postcard exchange, and I had my two partners to send the postcards to..but the e-mail with their names and addresses accidentally got deleted, and I can't find the original post to ask to have them re-sent.

Soooo..if you were one of my partners, please e-mail me at absintheadvil@yahoo.com, and I will be more-than-happy to still send your postcards. Just a little late >_____>;


casual loli?

i found a lovely outfit that i want to wear out (and will) but was just wondering...
is this rori? lol, but seriously, would you consider this casual loli at all, or just a girl in a poofy skirt?
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Also I got a t-shirt in Portland while i was out there but it is a medium (the only size they had) and i wear a small. i am thinking about cutting it up to make it smaller, and cutting a chunk off the bottom cause its a bit long. but before i do that would anyone be interested in it? its a cat with a crown on its head.
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pink princess

Coordination Question: Black Shoes

I'm trying to select a pair of shoes for my trip to Seattle this summer and I'd like a pair from Baby. Today my aunt mentioned that good, comfortable shoes are a must, so I am trying to select the most comfortable and practical looking. I am in love with the Chandelier heels but I get the impression they wouldn't be good on my tender feet, so I am interested in the Heart Buckle shoes. However, the only sizes they have left for me are in black, red or black and white. I am wondering if black would clash with the soft pastels of sweet Lolita, like pink and blue, or if one could use it as a neutral. I know usually one matches to the lace, (usually white for sweet) but I'm wondering if there is loophole (like black goes with everything.)

I'm a size 8 US which I believe is a Japanese large...? Correct me if I'm wrong and it's a medium or LL...

If you have any ideas for 'the most comfortable Baby shoes' that would also be helpful. For all I know, there is another set that is more comfortable.

Tips from those who know?

Thank you!
sby, famiko

Handkerchiefs and 'Antique' shirts

ok girls (and boys). I'd like to know your own opinions on the best brand for the Antique coloured shirts.
I love that colour but have no idea where to go for it. Please give me referances as i am going to japan soon
mainly just to buy loli clothes ;_; . I need shirts so so bad.

Also, i would love some delicate and ornate handkerchiefs. I know MMM used to do them ... well they are sold out on the site.
Any other brands that do them, In-store? or know anywhere to get them online or in england that will mail?
I love pink or blue embroidered ones, with flowers and whatnot. doesnt matter what colour the cloth is, but standard white will do.

thank you!!
Antoinette Among Roses

Prom Dresses!

Since most of the graduating lolitas in this community have been to their proms by now, I think this is an excellent time to call for pictures of everybody's prom dresses!

Let's find out what the lolitas of this community wore to prom. Did your love of lolita fashion affect your choice of dress? Did you actually wear lolita to prom? Or was your dress the total antithesis of lolita?

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