June 1st, 2007

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Reserving on Baby/Meta/Closet Child? o.O

Hey fellow Lolis and gents.

I've heard of reserving (or pre-ordering) dresses and such on Baby and Meta on designs that haven't been released yet, and I've heard of instances where the Closet Child owner very kindly put items on hold for a certain amount of time for a few people who couldn't pay right away. However, are you able to put dresses that have already been released on reserve that are still available at Baby and Meta? >^< (I know putting items on hold in Closet Child is basically the same as reserve, so don't bother answering it for CC.)

I don't know, I'm sure you can if you can pre-order designs, but I was poking around and I wasn't able to find a way.
Merry Making Party Angelic Pretty

Other Fanime Pictures

Sorry for posting again so soon!  These are the other pictures during Fanime besides the lolita panel. I've decided to put all my photos together into this one post so that I won't spam you guys anymore with my photoposts~ =P [edit: there's just too many photos... I've moved the photoshoot too another post.  Sorry!]

I went to Fanime for the first time this past weekend.  sweetiepup  took me there~  ^__^  we had lots of fun prepping in the morning... even though it took us around 3 hours to be ready... (´□`)

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For more pictures, please visit:

Fanime Day 2
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Fanime Day 4
Me and Sweetiepup's photoshoot with Brocas
More pictures of the day of the panel (brocas 's site)


I need an Italian friend!

So here's my problem. I'm going to Verona, Italy for the first half of the next school year, I don't have the exact date yet, but it will probably be between late September/early October to early February. It's an ERASMUS student exchange, and naturally my goal is to improve my Italian.
The thing is, I'm a bit nervous about it, as my Italian isn't very good really, and I know no one there, neither family or friends. So I'm looking for a nice Italian loli who would like to be my penpal and help me out a bit so I feel less *scared* lol. It would be great if you lived in Verona so we could even meet, but I need to be lucky ^^". If you are not Italian but are planning to travel to Italy during that time period it still works fine with me.
I hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. I'm French, if this has any kind of importance ^^"

Angelic Prole

Towards a Dress Categorisation...?

Would it be any use to have a guide to refer to, that:
-Categorises the styles of garment most widely used in Lolita fashion;
-Deconstructs garments according to these styles (i.e. 'this type of bodice with this type of sleeves' etc.)

I've been toying with this as a timewasting exercise, after looking at brand stuff to see which styles (i.e. types of jsk.) they use most often.
I also thought it may be relevent to anyone wondering what patterns to buy/make in order to make their own Loli clothes; if you can recognise the basic elements of a design, it's easier to recreate it.

If it's useful to anyone else I will write it up properly and post it, with added pictorial goodness.

Quickie Question!

How do you order from Jesus Diamante? Do they only take orders by phone?

Also, do you think Jesus Diamante is worth the money? They have incredibly adorable shoes, but it also look like it's something I can DIY ('__'?)

Gothic Lolita Rooms and Furniture

Well, there were a few posts this last week about GothLoli themed rooms. So, I decided to scan some of the pages from the Gothic & Lolita Bible Extra 2 that came out last year. (^.^) It also includes some DIY instructions. It'd be nice if someone can translate, since I can't read Japanese. (-_-) But you can still look at the pretty-ness! (^O^)

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EDIT: Larger scans have been uploaded! (^O^)

GothLoli Food!

Yes, I'm making a separate post for this. <(^.^)

But anyway, I also scanned the food recipes at the back of the GLB Extra 2. And I was hoping someone would be able to translate them. My birthday's coming up soon (Tuesday! XD) and I thought it'd be fun to make some of these for friends and family. And other members can enjoy them as well.

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EDIT: Larger scans have been uploaded! (^O^)

GLB Recipes

A recent post by wyngstakeflight has made me curious...

Does anyone have large scans of recipes from the Gothic&Lolita Bibles?

I'm interested in any ones you can offer up~ I'm on a cooking/ baking binge and want to try and see how many of the cute little treats I am able to make. (I know there's a couple translated recipes here: candle cheesecake, choco skull balls, corset cakes and a trifle... But I'd love to see original scans from the mooks those appeared in.)

Also, if anyone is interested, I would be creating a little lolita baking journal with step by steps of each recipe... So if anyones interested in this, please do let me know. ^_^ (Also, the journal may turn into a general baking journal...)

I am aware there is a lolita cooking community already (egl_cooking). I would like to say that the type of journal I am speaking about is a personal one where I would explore my own passion for baking cute treats- and that I would be willing to share step-by-step processes with any interested members.
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Coordinate ? + some

Are there any brands that currently have fully shirred lavender jsks or ops that would match these shoes?

Also, I'm considering putting my pink BTSSB sweet check op + matching head bow up for sale [pattern||style] [if you have the official pic of this & could upload it for me, I'd be forever grateful ( ̄∇ ̄)]. I'd like to gauge interest in this so if you would be seriously interested in this, comment 'Aye' or some other sort affirmative response.

big shoes on short notice and a TOTAL NEWB question re: ITS pettis

So I just realized I've got about three weeks until Anime Expo to get myself together. I'm hoping to wear lolita throughout the convention, but then it hit me... I need shoes! And big ones... an American size 10 roughly, perhaps a bit bigger. I need to do this on a reasonable time and money budget, so I can't go ordering from RoseChocolat.

I found a pair of Demonia shoes that I like with bows but they look a bit cheap in the photos. Does anyone have these shoes? Can you vouch for them? Or if you don't have them, any ideas where I can get a decent pair of shoes? Shoes can easily make or break an outfit and I'd like to look good!

And lastly, for an embarrassing newbie question... to help myself feel less silly, I'd like to state that I've been into lolita for five years now, but just started buying clothing for myself. I got my first petticoat (the princess from In The Starlight) and I love it. However, I'm prancing about and go to sit down when I panic. If I sit down on this, it's going to deflate right?? I can push it around so I'm not sitting on the tulle, but that's hardly lady-like! So ladies, what's the best way to sit? And yes, I do realize that this is most likely a question which will have me lose any loli street cred I may have had. I just want the petti to last! I've got a big booty and I don't wanna suffocate the poor dear!

Thanks all for all your help! :)