May 31st, 2007

Still the Prettiest


Will the young lady who uses the name Raonjena - forest of witch for her paypal business please contact me at concerning your BPAL group order? The email you have listed via paypal is registering as a mailer demon and I have no other way of contacting you ~ thanks.
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pink princess

(no subject)

As you may or may not know, Script Frenzy, the summertime offshoot of National Novel Writing Month, begins tomorrow! And yet again I have signed up, more optomistic than ever (despite the fact I didn't finish my novel). My novel was Lolita-based and I plan on my screenplay also being centered around a Lolita character. She is a modern Lolita, living in a small generic city somewhere in the United States. Polly lives in a slum because she spends all her money on brand and is cut off from her parents ever since she got a useless college degree. She's worked at a family-owned Chinese restaurant called the Golden Prawn since she was 11, so now that she's 20 the family considers her the only one suitable outside the family to marry in. And that's how she becomes engaged to George Yi, the restaurant heir and eldest son, at the same time that she meets a cynical blonde man in a wheelchair who she thinks is her true prince.

Ok, so that's the basic opening set-up. My question that I pose to you Lolis is - what do I title this screenplay? I was going to try 'How the Golden Prawn Exploded' but I think that gives it away too much.

Feel free to point out anything you think doesn't fit, or if you know anything about running a Chinese restaurant <.<;; Thank you!

if this isn't really Lolita, please delete ^^;;

Ahoy (again)

Anyone running Japanese shopping services at the moment, who might be able to pick me up this? I did look in the memories and I have managed to track down one or two services, but they mostly appear to be out of commission/super slow at the moment, and I am impatient ^^;


REMINDER TO NYC RESIDENTS! This saturday is National Loliday as well as our June meetup!

Also, we will 95% not be meeting at the aquarium in Brooklyn. Instead, we will be going to boring old Central Park. Why? Because NY1 (NYC's answer to CNN, for outoftowners who are curious) will be there, and media coverage would be great for city lolitas!

Details on where precisely in the park we will be meeting will be issued by Friday morning at the latest, so stay tuned.

Other plans for the remainder of the day--cupcakes, movie, etc.--remain in effect.

Also, please note the weather; it will be a bit muggy with over 50% humidity and a high of 88°F, and there will be short spurts of rain here and there, so please dress and accessorize accordingly. We will all be happier if we are all of us comfortable!

Remember, 1pm this saturday!

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Anyone in the Humble/Kingwood/Atascocita Area?

Since I'm not going to A-kon due to last minute...difficulties, *anger* I was wondering if there was anyone in the Humble/Kingwood/Atascocita or surrounding areas who was interested in a meetup for Loliday on Saturday. I'll be at the Deerbrook mall on FM 1960 and highway 59, if anyone's interested. I'm still not sure exactly what time I'll be getting there...I'm going to try to be there by 12 noon and I'll stay as long as I can. However, I do want to make my brother's birthday party, so I will probably leave by 6:30 or 7:00. If you're interested, you can comment here, or e-mail me at lyricalfayethechibi[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Thanks!!! Have a happy Loliday!!!
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Possible Meet up?

Alright, I'll be house sitting for my dad between June 3-13, and he said I could have people over. I was thinking of doing a meet up, so I'm asking any las vegas lolitas or lolitas who will be in las vegas during that time if they have any suggestions for dates and times (since I'm trying to choose one that's good for everyone).

I want to see your wish lists.

I know a lot of people here keep photobuckets/flickr/lj posts of their wish lists and wants. I love looking at pictures of lolita stuff (like we all do) so I'd love to browse everyone's list and steal pictures of the items I'd like to add to my own.
mwah mwah bernard

I need help!

So I have a kind of silly question to ask all of you lovely people...

I'm dressing up my best friend in Kodona to match me tomorrow at A-kon and I wanted to tie his tie in the bow style rather than just a normal tie.  Does that make sense?  (I was trying to find an example image, but I'm having difficulties.)  My problem is that I can't for the life of me figure out how to tie it that way... Can anyone help me out?  Thanks in advance!
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Childhood memories

I was wondering about how some books or movies had impressed upon me when I was a child, and looking at it with a more adult eye, they strike me as being very lolita in a way. I'm thinking of The Secret Garden which used to make me cry (and probably still would if I could see it again), Little Princess (I think that's how it's called) and the statement I still love to use that "all girls are Princesses". And also I have always been attracted by fairy-tales and fantasy, I remember reading the Wizard of Oz series.
This is probably a commonly discussed topic, but I would like to know, what are the books/movies that had a strong impact on you when you were children, and that strike you today as being related to lolita, or at least, your vision of lolita.
Tell me, tell me! \^-^/

EDIT  : wow, thanks for all those answers, they were very nice to read. It seems that many of us have the same books in common! I really should read The Last Unicorn, I keep hearing about it but never got my hands on it or saw the movie. I guess I'll be in for some crying again lol. In my opinion a lot of fantasy books/movies can qualify for evoking lolita, because they usually convey the idea of childhood wonder. 
Some of you wrote about tales with a darker twist, and even more mature horror stories. I love gothic novels and vampire stories too, starting from Edgar Poe, ending with Anne Rice, and many in between. I read those when I was older though. They're more gothic lolita than lolita I guess, but then I'm a bit of both.
Anybody here who likes the Adams Family? Isn't Wednesday such a spooky little gothic lolita? ^^
Someone mentioned Tim Burton's movies, I also love those.


Official Project A-kon loli panels

Hey Y'all!

"Sweet Tea will be hosting two panels and the fabulously popular Iron Lolita contest at Project A-kon 18 this year. Join us in your finest gothic and lolita outfits and please feel free to participate in the contests. There will be prizes as usual! Come on, cute prizes for minimal effort? That's awesome!!!"

Sorry I'm so late in posting this, just wanted to let everyone here know that we'll be at it again, giving away prizes made of awesome. Please come by and say hi so we don't look like total noobs. I'll be wearing lolita on Friday and Saturday, looking super stressed out, hah hah. If anyone is hosting a tea party, please comment so we can announce it at the panels.