May 30th, 2007

An Email From Warriors of Innocence

Hello TL,
Thank you for the email. I saw several lolita fashion sites and I did not report any of them. I didn't even report a lot of the sites listed as lolicon for the same reasons.
As I've stated earlier today, I cannot control what LJ deletes. While I am glad they are deleting pedophile sites, I can understand the anger and frustration directed at us - the messenger - for this action.
4 chan sites (and the others) have been reported.
Once again, thank you for the time you took to email us.
WFI Team Member


Interesting, non?
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Ling-lam Crisis

Okay, it's been almost four months since I ordered my black rocking horse shoes from Ling-lam via ebay and they haven't arrived.

I've sent them email after email and I haven't gotten a response. Any idea what I should do? :/ I really want these goshdarn shoes because I paid for them, goshdarnit. D:<<<<

I have no idea what to do regarding it. I've sent them countless amounts of messages and still no answer. So frustrating. D:

Loli Swimwear?

I've never been able to find/read anything about Lolita swimwear! So I'm wondering, is there something specific that lolis wear on the beach? Please tell me it's not those really strange "bathing costumes" xD.

Could it be just a frilly gingham swimsuit? Or a one-piece to keep up with modesty?

In Lolita, the novel, Dolores Haze wears a two-piece with a halter...I specifically remember one of my favorite lines in the book being something like "...wearing a halter with nothing to halt." ahhahaa..a...a.

Somebody fill me in!
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Want to Loli-fy Your Room? (tips case-by-case)

Ever since I was a poor college goth, I've enjoyed the challenge of creating themes in rooms and rooms on a budget.

A post I saw here today about Loli furniture was fun to look at(thanks again for that :) ), and I got to thinking about how you could create a Loli-themed room without a ton of cash. Combine that with a cold I've got right now keeping me in the house, and here you are! Sorry? ^^;

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Note: I'm still pretty new to the Lolita style, but I think I have a fair grasp on it. I'll do my best and know I can count on the fact bad ideas will be immediately(and properly!) pointed out by my fellow com. members. ;) I also don't know if anyone will be interested, but we'll see!
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Lailah's Fanime Lolita panel photos

Thanks [info]j9photos for this picture!

We participated in the Lolita fashion panel on Monday~ 

To all the lolitas who participated: I'm so glad we met each other =)  I couldn't have worked with a better group~ even though much of it was very last minute, you guys were so nice to work with and everything went so smoothly.  Thank you! <3

Warning!  20 photos!

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A crossover culture...

So, we all know about the WFI. Venting is good. BUT. There is something of value that can emerge from this (maybe).

From all the really great comments, rants, discussions and information sharing that has been flying around this community, there is much to be said about the cross over aspects of lolita culture. That is, sociologically and psychologically. People are discussing their fear for their fandoms (and rightly so), RPG-ing, and more. As lolitas, are we drawn to the fashion AFTER establishing ourselves in these other sub-cultural enclaves? Or are we drawn to these other cultures due to their close ties with the lolita culture? Some of this might be obvious, in example the relationship to anime, but, it does bear discussion. Why not start a good, positively oriented thread from all of the negativity.

I for one had an interest in anime and it's fandom in the form of reading fanfiction, which translated into an interest in kimono culture that led me here to lolita fashion. I'm just now getting into writing fanfiction, and have a slight interest in getting involved in RPG-ing.

It's been done before, but why not. Go, discussion, go! Please note as well that this should not be taken as an actual piece of academic research (since this data has not been gathered correctly AT ALL), but as a guesstimate from data offered. And it's just plain fun to see what we can gleem!

EDIT, EDIT: You'll see me adding to the trends constantly, so keep your eye on the list down here!

EDIT: Noticed trends-


Interest in lolita as something unique or different
Interest in history
Interest in antiques, victoriana
Interest in anime
Interest in Jrock/pop/visual kei
Interest in cosmetology
Interest in fanfiction
Interest in fanart
Interest in RPGing
Interest in renaissance fairs
Interest in Western goth, punk, rave scenes
No interest in anime, but interest in manga
No interest in anime/manga/fandom/Japanese pop culture but interest in Western goth

Introduction to lolita through anime conventions
Introduction to lolita through anime
Introduction to lolita through another Japanese fashion movement
Introduction to lolita through Jrock/visual kei
Introduction to lolita through Western gothic fashion movement

Introduction to Japanese music, mostly visual kei, after interest in lolita
Introduction to Fruits/decora/alternate Japanese fashion through lolita

Attraction to 'fill a void' from leaving a different anime/fandom or other interest
Leaving an interest in anime/fandom after pursuing interest in lolita
Transition from boyish/tomboy clothing to lolita/super girly clothing

---It would also be neat to do a list of relevant fandoms that seem to be a commonality in lolita interests ^_^ There seems to be a lot of crossover with that, but it would be cool to try to nail it down. As I keep on saying, though you think it has nothing to do with lolita, content or subject wise, there is that indirect connection due to the inordinate number of lolita who share your same interests.

Also: What have you gotten into AFTER getting into lolita?

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Cute Low Priced Teapots

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I bought this teapot and mug set at the Vivienne exhibit in San Francisco. I love the set and thought I'd share the love. Its super cheap too! Only $30 for the teapot. The website has some more awesome teapots and sets that I've added under the cut. Even a classy black teapot for those with gothic leanings out there!

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ORCA Lolita Meet-Up June 16th
in SAN FRANCISCO!(or possibly Lafayette)
If you *think* you can make an afternoon(starting anytime frome 11AM-1PM) tea ($15-25) please comment here!
We need to know in order to pick a place for reservation!
Everyone who plans to dress lolita, kodona, or aristocrat invited ^^!
Thanks ^^!
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