May 28th, 2007

Image Request

Could anybody show me some pictures of any kind of Double-Bow Headband being worn? I did a search on the community for "double bow headband", but only got sales posts.

Thanks in advance, I appreciate it!
Wonder Woman

MaruiOne building moved? ah~ help!

hey I just heard that the MaruiOne (onejuku) building has moved..... I need to know it's current location.
last week I posted about how I need help picking out what to have my friend Karl buy for my at Baby while he was in Japan. I was sending him to the MaruiOne building....

I gave him the Tokyo/Shinjuku guide map that was in the memories (which happens to be old and way outof date I guess, someone should update it...or has someone done a more recent post on it?...I feel like they did, but I couldn't find anything..).

 but I just found out that that is not it's location anymore, they moved~!

so I need to know ASAP....

is this map on the onejuku website correct....? b/c if so I think that is all he would need...
is this what he would need? (he can read japanese..)

please help me~! onegaishimasu m(_)m
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ai lolita

Olelo Baby...

For fun, I agreed to host an episode of my friend's upcoming public access show here in gave me a great excuse to get dolled up, and finally wear my new Marie Antoinette cutsew. It has been so hot lately that I haven't been dressing up, but the studio was air-conditioned so I was happy. Here are a few pics taken with my crappy camera, maybe I will post better photos when the actual photographers put them online XD.
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Picture request and Baby Blog site

Hey everyone I was wondering if you can help me find pictures of the Marie Anntionette Jumper Skirt in pink x black lace. I am looking for the picture from the site.

Also is this the Baby paris shop blog site?
Site in question
I just don't know if it's an offical blog or what.

Well thanks in advance!!! :3

EDIT: It is Baby's Paris blog. :3
Pretty cool if you ask me.

Before anyone hits me, yes, I have looked in the memories :P

Australians -

Anyone ordered direct from baby, and paid by a money order? Does it work/is it okay? I know the walk-through on ordering from baby in the memories suggests that if you live outside the USA, you are better off sending the payment via bank transfer, but I am not keen on the $45 dollars in combined bank fees...

So, any experiences?

Alternatively, does anyone have a black bunny bag they want to sell? hee.

No make-up vs Natural Make-up.

Hi guys, i was in Porland OR for a week, during which time i got an e-mail from a model/make-up artist friend of mine with photos of the above statement and tips. I am now home in Atlanta GA, and am ready to post what she sent me. Haveing been paging trough entries today trying to get caught up, i saw that there was a post like this yesterday (i think) Which is conincidental. I Ask that you look at this if for nothing else than to see the difference of what no make-up and natural make up look like. Plus tips from a  professional model/make-up artist couldn;t hurt. 
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Hello all, I have a friend who is interested in Boz.
I don't have the most experience with Boz so I am coming to you for help.

He is looking to buy a jacket or coat. Do you know if Boz ever restocks sold out styles? If so, how often?
How often do they release new styles?
Is it fairly true to size?

I guess that's all I really want to know for now.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

So, one more questions!
If you've owned Boz or a brand of equal quality, how long did it last you, and with what sort of wear? Because my friend wants to wear Boz pretty regularly... not with any sort of hardcore activity. Mostly just walkin' around town and stuff.
So my friend wanted to get this jacket potentially but we just wanted to make sure regarding the color..
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