May 27th, 2007

sakura l'arc

Natural Look Make-up Tutorial: Looooong!

Hi y'all!

I've seen a few entries on make-up in the memories and the handbook community, but while they tell you what to use in general they don't tell you how to actually apply it. I'm sort of an armchair make-up artist (I've done shoots with my friends, read books on the topic, done some unique Halloween costumes/effects, and have a tiny little book of my work), so I thought I'd share some concrete advice here: hope you find it useful!

None of these tips are necessarily Loli-specific, but I thought people might like seeing them all together. This is a general "natural" look that I think could be easily adapted or used by most Loli styles. (Edited to incorporate some good advice and reminders! :) Thanks, y'all! )

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Modification of a Baby order after payment?

I wonder if there's a possibility to change a baby order once payment has been made. I found the dress I pre-ordered to baby for less so I thought maybe I could ask them to change my order with something about the same value. They have not shipped the order yet (and not before june for sure since it is still in reservation section)

I already sent them an email to know if they want but I just wanted to know if someone else already done something similar because I'm running in round stressed at home in case they refuse and I buy 2 times the same dress >_<

Thank you!

Hooray, photo post!

Today my friend asked me to come into town in lolita so that she could photograph me for a FRUiTS-themed photography assignment she's working on (she's studying photography in college). I hadn't had a chance to wear out my red velveteen Meta skirt yet, so it was the perfect opportunity to go nuts with red and white and frills. It was an amazing late autumn day, and while I was afraid I would be too cold, I think that the combination of warm sunshine and three petticoats definitely kept me warm enough!
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Lolita nuub and coordination

I am hoping I will be able to get some insight and recommendations on my first lolita coordination from this amiable community ^^ I've been typing and compiling this for about two nights (before my family trip), so please tell me if I did anything incorrectly or if I left anything out +-+;;...

cami = nuub

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  • ishje

Question: looking for images

goodevening ^^

I am giving a lolita party in august.
for that I want to make a invitation.
but the question is:

where on the internet can I find nice lolita images that I can use for the invitation???

I hope you all can help me with some good links :)

thanks ^^
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Loli Blooper #537

Okay. My first sewing attempt was a complete FAILURE. But I was lazy with it so it's my own stupidness that's led me here.

Anyway~! I thought everyone would like to see my craptastic attempt anyway!

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Ohmygawd shoes.

It has recently come to my attention that i have a rather dangerous shoe addiction. I guess there are worse things to be addicted to, but when you have a bank account that is currently in the red....satisfying a shoe addiction becomes difficult.

I'm working on putting together an outfit for Otakon for which I required a pair of cute white shoes with bows on the toes (haha rhyme). As I'm sure you are all aware, finding white shoes that are lolita in ANY Capacity is extremely difficult unless you're willing to spend upwards of $60 to order them from ebay sellers (*shakes fist at postage rates from China*) or even worse, brand X_x....which *I* am, but my bank account is not.

Luckily for me, I happen to be a rather crafty wench with an inordinate number of old shoes lying around the house. Un-luckily for me...almost all of the shoes I own are black (I have one pair of white platform maryjanes, but they're too chunky for the outfit I'm working on). However, also luckily, being an art student = innate craftiness and lots of handy paint supplies XD. So I embarked on a mission to turn a pair of ugly old black shoes into adorable lolitastic white ones.

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So, there you go! For the super-low price of absolutely nothing and a few hours of my weekend, I've acquired a pair of cute white loli shoes from some old frumpy heels and a few things around the house. XD Hopefully this inspires you to try your own shoe-modding project! Just please...don't glue lace to your shoes. O.o It looks tacky.