May 25th, 2007

Hair style experiment

I'd like to share one of my experiments with you ^__^ it was the first time I've ever attempted putting my hair up in a way that would make sitting in the car with the window down a nightmare! Feel free to delete this if you find this off topic but I figured hair is an imporant factor to being in Lolita wear ^__^.

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So close.... yet so far....

I just received my pink plaid JSK from Baby at work and I can't leave until 2PM. I so want to go into the bathroom lock both doors, put on my outfit and twirl and prance in it! I won't be able to try it on when I get home either because my boyfriend's home and he'll kill me if he knows I bought more lolita, but what he doens't know won't hurt him. lol

"starter" blouse?

Hi, everyone. ^^; I'm new to the community, and although I've been a fan of loli style for a good few years I'm only just starting to get into it myself - so forgive me if I make a fool of myself. :p

So yeah, I'm about to buy a kind of base outfit to kick off my wardrobe. Because I'll be buying quite a few things at once, I probably won't be able to afford real brand stuff yet (at least if I want to do anything else this summer and not starve this autumn :p), but In The Starlight seems to do some pretty nice items. I was thinking I'd buy the gingham skirt, petticoat (haven't quite decided what kind yet :p), and maybe a black bow (from ITS or elsewhere). And some new socks. I plan to buy a good all-round pair of black MJs, too (I just bought a lovely black leather/brown corduroy pair for only £10, but for the most part they'll have to wait for when I can afford a lovely Country Lolita jsk or something :x).

The sticking point for me, really, is the blouse. Initially I thought a black blouse might go best with the skirt, but then I thought a white blouse would work too, would be more suitable for the upcoming summer and would be a better staple item when it comes to coordinating future buys. I'm not 100% sure on how nice the ITS ones would actually be in person, though, as in my experience a good blouse can be kind of hard to find. I don't want to end up with a lovely skirt and shoes but looking awkward on top.

So I suppose my questions are:

* How nice are the ITS blouses, for anyone who's worn one? How is the quality, and would you say it's flattering? I'm kind of worried the small collar on the Dolly Blouse, for example, would make me look kind of huge and top-heavy. :x
* Would you say it's worth spending more/going over-budget to get a really high-quality blouse to start off with? The worst thing is that I technically do have the money saved to go on a mega spending spree, but I can't afford to use it all up. XD But I might be able to spend a bit more at a push.
* Any other advice or ideas when it comes to getting a first, base loli blouse? Any other good places I could look?
* If anyone's got anything that could be suitable that they want to sell, please speak up too! :3

If you got this far, thank you very much for your patience! I have taken a look in some of the memories, but still felt I could use a bit of personal, more specific advice. ^^;

Oregon Lolis!

OK, first forgive me if i spelled your state wrong(**fixed!**). Second, i am here! a little GA loli will be wandering your zoo, rose gardens, and japanese gardens all day today! i give us about one hour before we depart, and will be stopping at the zoo first, and the gardens later. I unfortunately can;t meet up for tea or anything as i am with friends, but it would be nice to possibly see another loli walking by and saying hi. =) so maybe you would like to visit the zoo with friends today? =P In any case i'll be there in loli (my only loli day!). If not, on sat i won;t be in loli, but i would still be cool to see one, i'll be at the saturday market and the c-13 vendors tommorow. i'll keep my eyes peeled. =)
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photos from the heritage village

tamulove and i went to a local heritage village museum, where everything is set around the 1920s ^ ^
here are some pictures i thought it would be nice to share (>v< )

our theme: お姫様の砂糖菓子~ ローズクリム編
(the sweets of princesses - rose cream) XDD

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P.S.  (thank you for all the support with the bunnies!  my mom and i are rearranging our dining and basement area to fit as many bunnies as possible right now XDD)

Questions/tentative WTB

Before I get crucified about a lack of lj-cut... LJ IS BEING STUPID. Thousands of apologies if this is against the rules, but I think I'm going to have to break up my post into comments on the original post, because I've still been able to comment today. I don't know what's going on. o_o If I am able to fix it, I will. I was hoping this could be a temporary substitute for lj-cut. If not, feel free to delete, and I'll post my question-filled post when Liverjournal decides not to be an ass.

WTB: Inexpensive pettis plus more impending questions. See comments for details. >_>
Shoes and blue bird

An odd question

So I have a bit of an unusual problem. I usually wear jumper skirts or one-pieces with my lolita wear, so I've never run into this issue before, but my new favorite skirt keeps giving me troubles. Say you have this skirt that's slightly too big for you. You don't really have the hips to hold it up where it belongs. You're not at risk of falling out of it, but it does tend to slip down past where it's supposed to sit, and let's face it--constantly pulling your skirt up just doesn't look classy. The combined layers of bloomers and petticoat sort of help it stay in place, but it's a heavy skirt--it likes to tug your petti down a bit too, thus ruining your perfect bell shape. So, how the heck do you hold it up? Do you wear something underneath that you can pin it to, such as an undershirt? Invest in a petti with a tighter waist so that it won't slip? Visit the witch on the other side of the woods and beg for secret loli magic?

Any and all crazy ideas will be considered. I am one step away from lashing the thing to my waist.
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Imai kira birdgcage

Screenprint design

I wanted a shirt with a cute Angelic Pretty-esque picture so I drew this up. Its still pretty rough and certain things that will be coloured in havent been yet. But my problem is that it looks like something is missing or off.
Any suggestions or changes? Anything goes, ill be drawing this one on the computer for once so i can do any changes. Im just looking for any input.. cause i cant figure out whats wrong with it but its bothering me!! X[

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Shipping service idea?

I have this totally crazy idea that might either be completely idiotic or completely genious, depends on how it actually works, which is why I want to ask you guys.

I'm leaving for Japan in a few months to study. Of course I won't have enough money to support my awful lifestyle and love of shopping, so...I thought about something that works like this:

You check out a loli/punk/kodona or the like-site that DOES NOT SHIP OVERSEAS (ie. not Algonquins or Baby etc), you link me, I go check it out if it's available, you pay for the item+shipment+around...say 15% interest, I send it as soon as possible. And I might sell second hand stuff now and then too.

Would that work legally?

(Hey, don't steal my idea! ;D)

Heads up, Western lolis!

As many of you probably know, the yen is at a 20-year low against the dollar. Five years ago, a 24,000 dress would cost about 240 dollars, but according to The Economist, that same dress would cost 203 dollars today.

What I'm wondering is, do brands have the flat exchange rate of five years ago (about 100-110 yen to the dollar) or do they charge the exchange rate of today? (110-120 yen to the dollar.) If they use the up-to-date rate, I want to take advantage of it before it's too late. After all, saving $40 on a dress is an excellent discount...=3
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Dress Patterns...

Im sorry if this has been asked before, but I just joined this community!

Basically, My friends mum said she was able to make me egl design dress that I want ^^
But she is unsure how to fully do it. So I need to find a dress pattern for it

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Baby Questions

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone had this skirt? (images are not working, but it's that cutsew skirt that is not really ugly like there other three, lol, The plain one with two tiers) I saw a couple on yahoo japan recently and I kind of want one, what do you guys think of it? I like that it's more than half the price of the regular skirts, plus it's more casual so I would probably wear it more. ^_^ Also, do you think I could still rock black shoes with a pink skirt? What if I was wearing some socks with black on them? Oh and one last thing, I want a bunny cutsew and I think it would look totally adorable with jumperskirts and skirts and I would use it all the time, but I am worried that the ears might flop funny and I might want to get a blouse instead? But I am a very casual person. Sorry about all these questions, I want to order some stuff so I can get one of those awesome ice cream bags!