May 24th, 2007

gothic lolita

BtSSB going to accept PayPal soon...

I sent an inquiry email to BtSSB yesterday and was very happy with thier responce...

Dear Mari
Thank you for mailing.
We will introduct Pay Pal in near future and we are trying to
open English website.
We're verry sorry for unconvinience of the overses BABY fans !
Please wait a little more while....
The fans of BABY is our precious tresure.
Thank you for supporting us.

this means overseas customers 
will not have to pay the big fee for bank transfer...YAY.
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I'm really nervous about posting this.

I got into Lolita recently (about a few months ago), and decided to do a Lolita dress for Prom. So I saved a bunch of pictures, then found a pattern so my mom could sew it (I plan to learn how to sew this summer so I can make more). It's a Gothic Lolita dress- I'm nervous about posting, because I know the Loli community can be quite critical at times, and I'm worried that the fabric, style, etc might not be right. (If you're wondering, the dress was inspired by a Bo Peep-style dress I saw in a GosuRori scan that I gothed out some.)  Like  I said, this is my first time with a handmade Lolita dress, so please be gentle in your criticism (though don't hold back in compliments! ^_^)

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Hey, I just want to bump this submission. It's not mine, but I really want it to be made. Click the picture.

My Submission

I'm not personal friends with this artist, but her work is amazing! I found her through her webcomic called The Doctor Pepper Show. It features lots of dandies and lolita fashion and a considerable amount of medical fetish.

The URL for the comic is

Her deviantART is
from there you can find her myspace, email, etc.

Vote $5!
being a Belmont sucks

This may sound VERY stupid, but...

Does anyone know if the Alice Auaa brand is still alive and well? I'm going to Japan in a few days and I wanted to see the newest line, but I haven't seen A.A. in any recent Gothic and Lolita magazines (then again I could have missed it and need to get my eyes checked)
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I was just wondering if anyone was planning on going to A-Kon in Dallas, TX next weekend. My sis, cousin, and I will be going and dressing in Loli on Friday. Just wondering if there was any meetups or panels ect... planned. I'm so happy because I will have my new BtSSB outfit to wear! So what if I have to drive 13 hrs the day before. lol

Jrevolution meet up!

I realize that another girl asked a question about this already, but I really would like to smosh together and make a group meeting! I know that when I previously made an entry about this (which is now gone because of it's antiquity), a bunch of people said they were going and would like to meet up. I also realize that it is the night before the concert and some people are probably already there, waiting in line? But I hope all those who are going and see this will be interested.

Comment if you would like to meet up!
Wonder Woman

need help deciding....please help and vote...

hey guys...
My friend Karl is going to Japan next week and has kindly offered to go shopping for me (what a sweety~! he says it will be fun going into lolita stores. he likes loli...if only he wasn't gay *sigh* what a great boyfriend he would make....anyways I digress)

Anyways, here is where you come in. I can't decide which dress to choose....
HELP~!!!!!! onegaishimasu      m(_)m

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