May 23rd, 2007

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| casual outfit ^^ |

not too long ago i purchased a cute skirt from aein that i own for a while now but havent had the chance to take pictures and a lovely handmade set from the wonderful clarice which arrived just yesterday, both are very casual which i like alot because im very much into wearing lolita / lolita inspired fashion on a daily basis and i just wanted to share some quick mirror-shots of the new items. i hope you enjoy them a bit.

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Is there any meet-ups happening around the uk somewhere?

Hello egl commuinity,
                                        Its Emma agian with another question to ask (Sorry if I get annoying). So my question is shall they're be any lolita meet-ups happening around the uk soon? If there are can you post comment where abouts the meet-up will be held, the date ect. Thank you for your time,
                                                                                                                             Lady Emma:)
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RHS question ^^;

It's been about 2 weeks since I've joined this community, and the outfits are SO gorgeous!

I usually lurk, but today, I'm going to be brave and post XD;!
I have a question to the more experienced lolis, especially the ones who owns rocking horse shoes.
I measured my foot in CM, and it was 23. That would mean that I'm Japanese foot size 23 right? I went to Ling_Lam to get a RHS, and according to her chart, I fall in 6.5-7. Now, should I get the RHS in 6.5-7, or should I get it in one size bigger, 7 - 7.5, which is 23.5 cm?
In US, I wear anywhere from 6 to 7 -_-;.
I don't know how narrow/wide these shoes are, so I don't know if I should give that extra .5cm or not : (!

Advices would be much appreciated!
Thanks for taking your time <333

This is a very odd post

Alright. I sold a Tall Size Meta Jumpsuit in White to banshee123. She recieved it and informed me that the badge that attaches at the neck was missing from the front pocket. I thought dry cleaning rudely lost it. Well, I moved, and found it in the very very back corner of the shelf over my closet. Miracle of Miracles. I know she sold it to someone else, and she informed me that person sold it as well. If you have that jumpsuit, I'd really like to get this to you.