May 23rd, 2007

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not too long ago i purchased a cute skirt from aein that i own for a while now but havent had the chance to take pictures and a lovely handmade set from the wonderful clarice which arrived just yesterday, both are very casual which i like alot because im very much into wearing lolita / lolita inspired fashion on a daily basis and i just wanted to share some quick mirror-shots of the new items. i hope you enjoy them a bit.

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A Reminder Regarding Sales Posts

We get a metric TON of sales posts on egl so sometimes moderators will miss catching non-Lolita items or rules that aren't complied with but we are doing our best. If we catch your sales post, it isn't a personal thing, simply that you happened to run the red light just at the moment that the cop set her donut down and wiped the powdered sugar off her chin.

A quick reminder:

1) Unless your sales journal/eBay shop contains nothing but Lolita items, you must directly link items in your sales post that you wish to market to Lolita buyers. It's cheating if you advertise a Metamorphose skirt and then link back to a sales journal full of Gundam W figurines and one Meta skirt. There are communities on LJ for your Gundam W collection. Go find them and post that stuff THERE. And then give a DIRECT LINK to the Meta skirt on this community.

2) "Loliable" is a very loose term and up to the moderator, but in general even if something can be used in a Lolita outfit, that doesn't mean it's Lolita. Yes, I could probably rock some Apple Bottom cutoffs and a modified FUBU jersey in an "urban kodona" outfit with enough gin martinis and some good camera angles, but there is no way in heck that I am allowed to market such items as "kodonaable".

All jokes aside, you can't just post something as "loliable" without putting it under scrutiny. There are other communties for generalized merchandise, and certainly there are fruits/decora communties which have a looser policy and which your item can fit into. But Lolita is a stricter style, therefore sales posts are stricter. Even if something can be used in a Lolita outfit, that doesn't make it Lolita in itself.

3) If it ain't sellin', give it away. We see a lot of reposts over and over of the same items which won't move with the prices only lowered fractionally. The truth is if people aren't buying the item then you need to sell it for super-cheap, scan some WTB posts and make offers, or just wait a few months.

All sales and store advertisements must be placed under a cut. Internet store sales and direct sales may be posted once. Online auctions may be posted twice, once near the beginning of the auction, and once near the end. Additional advertisements are subject to mod approval. Updates for online stores, selling journals, and commissioners should be kept to a minimum. Please keep these updates to no more than twice a month.

Sales Rules and Standards

Is there any meet-ups happening around the uk somewhere?

Hello egl commuinity,
                                        Its Emma agian with another question to ask (Sorry if I get annoying). So my question is shall they're be any lolita meet-ups happening around the uk soon? If there are can you post comment where abouts the meet-up will be held, the date ect. Thank you for your time,
                                                                                                                             Lady Emma:)
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RHS question ^^;

It's been about 2 weeks since I've joined this community, and the outfits are SO gorgeous!

I usually lurk, but today, I'm going to be brave and post XD;!
I have a question to the more experienced lolis, especially the ones who owns rocking horse shoes.
I measured my foot in CM, and it was 23. That would mean that I'm Japanese foot size 23 right? I went to Ling_Lam to get a RHS, and according to her chart, I fall in 6.5-7. Now, should I get the RHS in 6.5-7, or should I get it in one size bigger, 7 - 7.5, which is 23.5 cm?
In US, I wear anywhere from 6 to 7 -_-;.
I don't know how narrow/wide these shoes are, so I don't know if I should give that extra .5cm or not : (!

Advices would be much appreciated!
Thanks for taking your time <333

This is a very odd post

Alright. I sold a Tall Size Meta Jumpsuit in White to banshee123. She recieved it and informed me that the badge that attaches at the neck was missing from the front pocket. I thought dry cleaning rudely lost it. Well, I moved, and found it in the very very back corner of the shelf over my closet. Miracle of Miracles. I know she sold it to someone else, and she informed me that person sold it as well. If you have that jumpsuit, I'd really like to get this to you.