May 22nd, 2007

shopping question

has anyone ordered anything from STIGMATA?

it seems like they don't have an ACTUAL webshop, they just list their shop address and a fax number for ordering...?
if i want to order things from them [which i do. a lot!!], could i use a service like crescent, celga, etc ... or would i have to get someone else who lives in japan/runs a service on here to go there for me??

and everything nice...

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So I am trying to beef up my Lolita wardrobe and incorporate more into my daily wear. So I went through and mixed and matched with some items I have in my closet. Since I don't have many Lolita friends, I would greatly appreciate some constructive feedback. This is mostly meant for casual looks.

PS- I also got my order from Fan Friend today so I will include those pictures too

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MILK 20th anniversary in 1990

I just posted this in the Jane Marple community, but then realized that this would be pertinent to EGL as well. It's scans and translation of a feature in CUTIE back in 1990 about MILK's 20th anniversary. Seeing as how MILK, alongside with Jane Marple, was considered one of the few lolita brands back in the day, this is probably interesting for some of you who are interested in lolita before gothic lolita came along. Please let me know if there are any errors in the translation. m(_ _)m

This link takes you to the original post on danslesalon.
not real

My Shopping Service is Over.

Hi everyone. I'm letting you all know my shopping service is over. I will not longer be in Japan after Thursday, YAY!!, so I'm handing my shopping service over. threemadness will be taking over my service for me. She will be doing all my Swimmer orders from now on. I think she will be doing some other shops also but please contact her for that. I don't think the prices will change but for info about her service please contact her. She can be contacted at threemadness at

I really enjoyed doing shopping service for everyone and I was able get very familar with all the little shops of Tokyo. If I ever plan to come back to Japan, which I doubt, I would love to offer a shopping service again. Thank you to every for being a apart of the service.

fashion show

In two weeks there will be a fashion show at Alhambra high school
any one interested in going? One of the lines to be model will have a sweet loli theme to it. smaple pics within img src="">
img src=>

please check out this site for information on the show

thankyou for reading this post

prolly a really silly question, but

Does Walmart sell black or beige/tan kneehighs? I have white ones, but I am needing of the others, and don't remember seeing black. I kinda need them for this weekend. =/

But on the plus side, my F+F stuff came today! [However, since I supposedly wasn't home at the time (maybe next time try KNOCKING Mr. silly mailmanperson?!) I have to wait until morning to pick them up.]