May 20th, 2007

Me Hawaii

WTB: blouse, sailor type jsk/OP, & Blue alice dress

First post; thank you for your patience!

Looking for:

Blouse:  cream colored ama-lolita: Example: Collapse )
-prefer detachable sleeves
-definatly peter pan collar

Jsk/OP:  sailor style Examples: "F+F jsk"""> </lj-cut>

-&/or Meta sailor jsk, things made of seesucker etc.

Blue Alice OP:  preferably with apron

-I'm small & petite
-both brand and nonbrand is fine

Thanks for looking!! ;3
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Tigger &amp; Rabbit

It's my birfday!

I'm twenty, whoooooo!

Anyway, I felt kind of dead on this comm lately, so I decided to take some pictures of myself in a skirt I bought a while ago, with a new short-sleeved blouse I got from F+F. Also, I discovered the self-timer I never knew my old camera had.
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...question about an-te-na RHS...RH boots to be exact.

I hate to do this but I honestly looked and found no answer.

I’m going to buy rocking horse boots from an-ten-na (assuming they’re still in stock when I decide to buy) but...I have chicken legs ;_;

now....anyone that has chicken legs knows how hard it may be to find any kind of boot that doesn’t look weird and just WAYYYYY to big on you.

so I need to know if anyone has the shoes and would be willing to measure the circumference around the boot? or perhaps pics of girls with thin legs wearing them, so i can see how they look? ^^;;

any help on this would be appreciated  ^_^

HK Lolita Shops

I remeber a couple months ago someone made a post about some lolita shops in Hong Kong...I have been trying to find that enry in the memories page and I can't find it..I know this is a really dumb post, but can someone help me out and give me a URL to it?

Mods you can delete this post if you would like...I'm not usre how to do the cut thing.
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A&P Victorian Pirate set [EGA Pirate]

This is a special set for those of you always complaining about me taking photos in my front yard. The amazing hat and top/jabot are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, the skirt is F+F and the corset is Meschantes. There is a bustle pillow a friend made for me under there and i'm weaing my beloved Fluevogs ;p Hair extensions by Carriemonster. WARNING: this is an EGA shoot so my makeup is heavy and the feel is quite gothic - I hope this is ok.

many more below the cut!

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Remember this fabric? What'd you do with it?

Hey everyone :) Sorry for bringing up this fabric again, but I chanced upon some at Wal-Mart awhile ago (which was very exciting!) and though I have some ideas of what to make of it, I'd really like to see what anyone else who has it (I remember there being a number of people who responded to an old post about this fabric that I cannot find -I looked!) has made with it. ^^
Does anyone have any photos of jsk's, OP's, or even skirts that they've made with this fabric?
Thanks a lot  and sorry for the trouble!

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Day two~

So today was the second (and final) day of the con. I woke up early and felt sick so I stayed in bed until 2 and then made it to the con at about 3. All we really did was go to the dealer's room, eat and then see the improv show (which was great).
So yes, yesterday was hime/sweet, today was gothic!

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sakura l&#39;arc

How Loli Are You? - Quiz!

So Lolita for many is a fashion choice, from what I've seen lurking around here, and has been said to not really be an organized lifestyle or subculture.

However, it pulls a lot from Victorian and earlier aesthetics, so I got to thinking about what a Lolita subculture would involve and wondered if it would mirror the upper nobility of those societies. And it makes a nice break from packing. ;)

So here's the following quiz, intended for amusement only and not to be taken seriously... :)

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Silly question, but help a loli out! I'm just curious - with this is it worn? Since it's so tiny, would you think it would look odd off-center, or should it be be plopped on the top of your head like every other headdress? I'm intrigued by it, but it just seems... small. x.x; Thoughts?

lolita art~

So yeah, it's been ages since I last posted here, due to random life issues/school/etcetcetc~

I just finished drawing this, and I thought I'd share. I just wanted to do something sweet and simple, it was relaxing to draw TAT. The lines aren't as clean as they could be, but I didn't feel like doing my usual line process with this lol.


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I hope you enjoy ;3;

Essay on lolita and Japanese society

I've just finished my essay for a university class I'm taking, 'Modern Japanese Culture', and I thought some here may be interested in reading it. Obviously, there are some parts which are tailored to fit the essay question, but I feel that I've summed up lolita quite well and even managed to draw out a few aspects of the fashion that I hadn't really thought about before. Any thoughts on it would be greatly appreciated!
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Humor time!

So, we have all our genres and sub-genres of lolita fashion. Country, Sweet, Classic, Gothic, etc...

It is time to invent:

1. The best new genre.
2. The most challenging new genre. (Possible but with a huge fat risk of being ita-loli.)
3. The most ridiculous, painful idea ever to meet lolita fashion.

Here are mine.
1. Best new = 1930s. Stuff a classic movie starlet would wear, but with the lolita silhouette.
2. Most challenging = Greek and Roman inspirations. They did Wa-loli and Qi-loli, why not classic ancient Western dress?
3. Most ridiculous = Fur-themed. Forget fur accents passing as whatever, I mean FUR all over the place. I had a bunch of other stuff buzzing around in my head but they could probably go under most challenging. Fur is by far the most ridiculous.