May 19th, 2007

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emily temple cute picture request

In a few weeks my exams will be over and I'll have graduated - at least I should, if I stop browsing through brand blogs instead of reading philosophy. That means I'll get some money from my family and I like to think that I'll finally stop saving money for this and that I want to do and allow myself to buy something brand ^^

At the moment I am obsessed by emily temple cute and also by milk, that's why I'm interested in photos of proud owners wearing their emily temple cute clothes to see how they look worn.
I haven't seen many pictures of that, probably because they're expensive and ETC donesn't have an own webshop, so if you're not from Japan please tell me how you got your clothes and if you want to tell how much you paid for it.

Thank you very much, I read the community info again and I don't think this belongs under a cut, but if it does just tell me and I'll fix it, thanks for reading and hopefully replying.
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Emily Temple Cute auctions?


Does anyone here have a good auction site with many ETC dress and other items from them? I searched daily through yahoo, Mbok .. but I never seem to find anything, just some cutsew and perhaps one simple dress. Then it seems like others here find great stuff >_< So, do you searched at a special way ore something? I just searched for Emily Temple Cute, but perhaps that´s wrong thing to do? :S

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Question about this dress?

does anyone own this dress? I'd love to see some pictures of it being worn ^-^;

This has been on my wish list for some time but its been bothering me because I'm not sure it would even fit me. The measurements sound perfect for me, but a girl as tall as me (5'6) once posted a picture in it and it looked very short ;_; (I can't seem to find that post again!). It doesnt make sense since the measurements show its actually longer than some of the dresses I own that fit me perfectly... so I'm confused. That girl was also bigger than me though, so perhaps that pulled it up and shortned it. Any help would be much appreciated (^-^)/ again, its not the around measurements that worry me since I'm fairly thin, but being 5'6 :x

question ^^; (auction site)

Konnichi wa minna-san! *bows deeply*

Im new to this community, but I've been into lolita styles/clothing for quite some time now. : ) Since I live in the netherlands its hard to obtain this types of clothing: which brings me to my important question! :0

Ive spotted my favorite Baby the stars shine bright dress over at this site: Ive never been on this site, and I was wondering if anyone has already ordered anything from here? Also, do the sellers ship outside japan? And what are the payment methods? I have clearly no clue 0o

Thank you in advance!
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(no subject)

perhaps a really silly question, but what length are most loli skirts, op's, and jsk usually aimmed at? above, below, or at the knee? elsewhere?

also, golden week in japan has long passed and this is kinda mostly for those in japan. did anyone check out any of closet child's or any brand stores specials during that time? i'm curious to hear about how it was. closet child had some intersting teaser pics on their website but i'm kinda doubtful they really had some of those items (just ahunch but i could be wrong)


sewing tips for egl clothes?

I'm sorry if this isn't allowed! If I can't ask, let me know and I'll delete it.

Anyway, I'm kind of new to EGL fashion since I've been so much into the FRUiTS-thing for years. I like to sew/create my own clothes, but so far all of the super-cute EGL dresses I've seen look really hard to make! So my question is, does anybody have any tips? Like what's the best way to make ruffles like that, or what's an easy pattern to modify? Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance! (´・ω・`)
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Haven't been here in a while...

Anyone have pics from the Fashion show at Acen?

Mad props to everyone! I had fun being in the show, and I loved the music choices for each catergory, especially Fight Club, that was too sweet! I had no idea they had those kinds of categories. I would love to make an outfit with the medical horror set up. There was so many models and all the seats were full again! I can't wait til' next year. Hopefully there will be another show before then. =^.^=
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Today I went to the local anime con. I came a bit late today so all I saw was the cosplay (which had it's moments). I think I saw spirithime but she wandered away when I was stuck in line ;_;

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I really hate to do this buuut... I'm wanting to know how Shopping Mall Japan is as a shopping service, and I can't find the comm that has reviews of such things? Can anyone help? *hides under a rock*