May 18th, 2007

Jewellery Jelly

UK custom??

It seems that my package from Crescent Shop is stuck in custom.  Does anyone know how much is custom (approx. my package was £130)?  And how do they calculate it?  Also, are there ways to avoid this situation in the future (e.g. does sending by airmail rather than EMS help?  Does putting the package as gift help; though I know Crescent shop wouldn't do that for me ;____;?)

Aargh.  After all the bloody fees, I still have to pay.  I really have to think twice about buying stuff.

Thanks! ^^;;;

EDIT: £47.21 out of my pocket. FUCK you UK customs. *phew, I am ok...*
I still have another parcel coming through *sigh* just need to find a way to take advantage of that under-£7-no-duty thing.

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Last night I finished my green and white seer sucker OP! FINALLY

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I'm pretty happy with it, I feel like it turned out well after much frustration. I'm sad that alot of the detail disappeared in these shots ;___; Anyway, enjoy!
pink princess

Question About Celga

My graduation is on the 3rd of June and I need a dress to wear underneath the gown. I have selected a JSk from Innocent World but obviously this needs a shopping service. I plan on using Celga. I just read through all of the ordering information, however, and it appears that it will take at least 14 business days to get to the warehouse alone! Is this accurate? In your experience, could the dress arrive in time for the 3rd [16 days from now] or would I be better off with a different brand that delivers overseas [like Baby or Meta?]. I've never done overseas ordering myself, just in group orders. And I know if it arrives, say, two days after graduation, my mother [who has graciously agreed to foot the bill] will never let me hear the end of it!! Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

Help please!