May 17th, 2007

Gothic Lolita Article in Bust Magazine: Update

Before you get started, yes I know there was already a post about the article...that's the reason I started looking into Bust magazine and discovered that it's something I'd like to read (and thus, subscribed). I just wanted to post a silly little update-tidbit I saw when I opened up the new issue.

While reading the "Dear Bust" section (letters to the editor), I found that they printed one about the Lolita article, and it's from our very own ugly_kitties! XD Carla, you're famous now. Be sure to keep posting when you move to Hollywood with all the stars. :P

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Woe is me ;_;

I just got my order from baby.

My first brand JSK, some socks and a headband.

Giggling like a tard, I take it all out and have a look at my loot and they sent the wrong jsk...

My question is how you girls have found baby to be with exchanges... I've already sent them an email saying that they sent the wrong jsk stating the product codes but just so I know what to expect.

;_; Woooooooeeeeeee.
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Lolita Friendly stores in Victoria ?


I was hoping that some Lolita's here would be able to point me in the direction of some lolita friendly shops in Victoria.I am traveling to B.C to visit my Aunt's Salt Spring Island house and will be shopping in Victoria.
If you know of any stores that sell clothing, gloomy bear(and other character goods) as well as mooks etc please let me know.

Thank you very much!

elastic waist question for those who sew

for those of you who sew (or shop a lot), when making a skirt with an elastic waist how much smaller than the wearer's waist do you make the elastic? or what unstretched and stretched measurement range do you suggest for what waist sizes?
i fit myself by making it comfortable but that's hard to judge without an actual body in front of you.

Help: Taiwan Baby Blog

I seem  to have accidentally deleted the link to Taiwan's baby blog. >_<
Does anyone has the link?
I have checked the ljseek and memories and can't seem to find it.

Does anyone also know if the Creme Brulee shop will open anytime soon?


Otakon Tea Party

Okay, ladies!  Remember me?  I posted about a month ago about organizing a tea party at Otakon this year.  Well, I'm here to give you
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Also!  Does anyone know if there's going to be an Lolita panel this year?  I had to miss it last year because of my gofer schedule, and I'd love to be able to go this year.

EDIT: Wow, there's been a lot of response!  I'm going to have to put a cap on attendance, since I spoke to the restaurant and the largest party they can accommodate is 20.  This means that the people who've already expressed an interest are included in the 20, but please understand that if someone confirms before you, I must accept them instead.  If you decide not to go, please tell me so I can open your spot again!  If you've missed the signup and really want to come, e-mail me and I may be able to work something out.

EDITED AGAIN: LOL, I just realized that I should have specified "special
dietary needs".  I didn't think to ask about accessibility needs, though I'm sure they'd be accommodating to that, too.  As for e-mailing me, my e-mail is  As of right now, reservations are completely full up, so as before, if you really want to come and have expressed a prior interest in attending, please e-mail me so we can work it out.

Musics for you ^^

I was just wandering around youtube when I came across some videos/songs I thought some of you might enjoy :) Some of them are lolita-ish 6_6' maybe. Some are completely unrelated but they're pretty songs.

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Speaking of videos. There were some videos posted a (long) while ago and I never saved the URLs!! If describe them and anyone remembers could they provide links please? Thanks!
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So for the past few weeks I've been working on a dinosaur themed dress. Which sounds god awful I know, but the fabric is cream with very muted cartoon dinosaurs, no cheap race, nothing shiny. Promise. But anyway, I was looking for some creative ideas as far as head wear and bags go. If all else fails I can whip up a couple of bows for my hair and a tote bag in a few minutes, but any input that's a bit more interesting than that would be terribly helpful!