May 16th, 2007

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OK, so my new dress should be arriving soon and I really want to accentuate the rococo-esque shape (and can't afford a commission at the moment >_>), so I was wondering if anyone new a simple way to make a petticoat that has a similar shape to a side hoop pannier? Something to give it a shape kind of like this or this (only loli example I could find). Preferably more towards the shape of the first example, though.

purple lolita

The definition of Gothic Lolita on Deviant Art.

I apologize if this upsets anyone because that is not my intention. I just wish to express my slight irritation with what people label "goth-loli" on Deviant Art here lately, and you are the only lovely people who would understand my reason for this irritation.

Yes, there is a wonderful amount of real G&L-inspired art on DA that's just simply fabulous, and I'm sure that some of it comes from members of this delightful community.

However, there seems to be a trend lately...this trend of men and even women uploading cute art and labeling it all "goth-loli". Why? To bring in more viewers or do they not understand the meaning and think they have the right idea?

It doesn't really anger me so much as it saddens me.

I stumbled upon "this" today. I'll admit that the artwork is amazing. This person is truly talented. However, their statement that the picture is of a "goth-loli" nurse is simply ridiculous. Out of all of the commenters, only one other person noted that it wasn't Gothic Lolita and asked them to "try again". Everyone else raved about the picture and added that they loved Gothic Lolita.

This is sad, because the same person also did "this". Notice the huge difference.

I don't know what to think anymore. Am I wrong for finding the amount of false G&L art a tad worrisome? Or am I wrong for just trying to ignore it all instead of correcting the artist on their definition? Which is worse?

[Edit: I'm still tired and made two big glaring mistakes. Sorry about that. As far as the title of the post, it still stands because the person who created the art was the one to label their artwork "Gothic Lolita".]
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Harvey- farscape

"POTENTIAL" Special RoseChocolat Group Order

I am NOT starting a group order at the moment. I want to identify any one that would be willing to participate in custom size group order, meaning any one who would have to order the three (or was it two?) or more pairs from Rose Chocolat because they exceed the listed sizes. I don't see orders done this way very often so I just want to be sure that there are people willing out there as well as there being enough people with similar sizes so every one gets something they want.

This is for large custom sizes only.

Edit: Let me know your shoe size and the style you want.

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I need a haircut anyway to trim my bangs and maintain my layers. I love having bouncy loose curls in my hair, especially to wear with lolita and lolita inspired outfits, but HATE how long it takes me to curl my hair with an iron and never get the result I want from rollers, so I was considering curls put in at the same time.

I just don't know how to tell the stylist what I'm asking for? One person tells me it's called a body wave and don't call it a perm or you'll get 80s hair, another tells me to ask for "the new kind of perm that's less horrible for your hair" and show a picture... erk? Have any lolis gotten their hair permed (or whatever) into curls and have some sage advice to offer.

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Also, if I get this done, how often will I have to get it done? If I get bored with it will it look horrible growing out and/or be impossible to use a straightener on? If I'm swimming daily in a chlorinated pool for most of the summer will my hair turn to straw? Share with me your words of wisdom.

Possible Mask Italia group order if anyone is interested

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EDIT: I'm such a dork x.x I forgot to add that if you're interested, e-mail me at crystal_star_ssAThotmailDOTcom or leave the name of the one you want in the comments (along with what series it is in) and I'll tell you the price exactly. I'm going out of town next week and will be back the first week of June, but since it takes them about that long to make the masks, it won't make a big deal anyway ^^;

For American Lolitas

So I just ordered my first brand outfit from Baby! Yay! A JSK, blouse, and double bow headband.

I have a question. I checked through the memories and didn't see any info. I sent out my IMPO the other day and I just assumed that the post office could take the yen amount and convert it to how much it would cost me in dollars. So, I guessed how much based on For 41400 yen, I sent $350 USD. Is this right? How should I have gone about calculating how much to send? I sent Baby an email asking what would happen if I sent too much or too little, but I figured I would ask here first, in case I should send more. I think I may send another $10 just in case. Help?!
Bad Apple Reimu

Ring sizes! :o

Hopefully this isn't too off topic, although the outcome of this will be finding out what size ring I can buy at BtSSB.
Does anyone know if Avon ring sizes are standard American sizes? Or are they a different sizing system all together. In Australia, you buy a ring from them ranging from 7 - 12. I have lost weight on my hands so I am a 9 now, so hopefully, I can fit in the A&P armour ring. o^_^o
Any input will be appreciated, these are the only rings I have that I know the size of. Thank you! <3

Quick question:shirring

Hello everyone! =D
I haven´t introduced me yet, sorry!! But I have posted earlier, with a question about btssb in Paris.
However, I think I shall sew a JSK on the summerbreak. I have a problem with the back, don't know how I should do it. I've been thinking of sewing on a zipper, or sewing it shirred.
But I don't know how to sew shirring, can anyone help? ^^
And, is there anything to think about when sewing a JSK?

Thank you very much!!

(and sorry for my bad english)
by kisa_chan
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leaving feedback = item received?

Concerning Celga, if they left the seller feedback about your item, can you assume it's received in Celgas warehouse and request shipping?
I just send a warehouse inquiry a few days ago and don't want to send one immediately after and annoy them, but since feedback is left I'm hoping the item is in the warehouse so I can request shipping (and wear my very first AP jsk soon! :D)

If anyone knows how this works, please let me know :) Or should I just send another inquiry?