May 15th, 2007

image search!

I just got home (I've been in Montreal/Longueuil for a week) and remembered that I am getting my hair done today.

I am looking for pictures of short curly hair, more specifically with bangs/fringe.


get those pencils ready, its design time

There was a discussion a while back about traditional styles that have not yet been loli-fied yet as the kimono (wa-loli) and cheongsam( qi-loli) have been. So, for a bit of sport how about posting your designs for the ones that have not been? Below are some ideas to work with, but add on as you like!

Hanbok of Korea
Sari of India
Ao Dai of Vietnam
Hawaiin (names of traditional wear?)

( to note, yes I know of loli_design, but the community is sadly not that active, and I felt there was a need to break up some of the sale posts with a fun post ^_^)

Spring Lolita

EGL Panel at AX

Did anyone here do a panel request for AX of this year for an EGL panel? A friend of mine from the staff called and asked if the EGL community had put in a panel request. I was filling one out when I accidentally closed the window.

The deadline for panel requests was yesterday at 10 pm pacific, but it seems they may have a few slots open (maybe...?) Anyone here put in a request?

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Spring Lolita

Wa-loli styles pictures needed!

Ok, I have tried surfing the net and haven't found anything useful yet. Here in LA every July is the LoJ masquerade ball. This year my friends and I were thinking of doing our costumes based on Wa-Loli (my friend saw the ones from Bodyline and thought the ideas were cute). What I need are ideas and pictures of wa-loli so that we can develope the costumes.

My friend is doing hers out of the garish blue print with large gold and silver carps on it (these are carp and not koi). Her boyfriend wants to do something with a matching blue print that has a the Kinkakuji on it (also very large and gold). As for me, I am completely stumped.

Does anyone have any good ideas/images for something like this? Or links? I don't want this to turn into a needs more race!!!! project. Note, this aren't going to be loli accurate as they are costumes for a ball, but god do I need some more ideas!

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Picture Request for a French Class Project

For my final for French class, I have to create a magazine (extraneous info can be found here).

I'm planning on making a magazine about GosuRori and writing articles about how it relates to the clothing styles of France and England way-back-when (<---super technical term).
Kind of like a "then and now" sort of thing.

I would be very appreciative if some people would be willing to let me use photos of them in the magazine.

Any style is fine, but I'll of course be looking for shots of BTSSB's Marie Antoinette set.

Thanks for any help in advance. ^o^
puking mickey

Visiting Europe =P!

On july the 15th I will be travelling to europe and visitng London, Paris and Rome.

I just wanted to ask which stores do you recomend me... I've already got the adress of baby and Q-pot( I love candy themed jewerly I f you recomend me a cheaper store It would be great ... as well as vivienne westwood replicas both jewerly or rocking horse shoes...

I would also love to buy tons of stockings and sock ^^ specially those ones highly decorated or patterned ^^

THank you very much ^.^

Art Post!

This'll be my first art post, so go easy on meh. O_O;

xD; I drew this for the art school I'm enrolled in. The assignment was to draw the shoes we were wearing --- I however, was wearing Converse knock-offs at the time, and didn't feel like drawing them, so instead I drew a shoe from memory ... A certain type of shoe I'm sure you're all too familiar with! =3;

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Drawing// Kurumi!
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I haven't been here in so long @A@. Anyways, I'm bored with the lonely summer days so I have been drawing super quick lolita for a simple story. I thought I would post it here incase anyone enjoys lolita themed arts.

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You people are going to think I never do anything but sew

...erm...well...that's kinda true. When I have free time, that's pretty much all I do. Sew, or sleep.

Work sent me home early tonight because they were overstaffed (For those of you who don't know, I work at Panera Bread) so I decided to be productive and make something with my newfound free time.

So, i rummaged around in my fabric bins and came across this material that I"ve had laying around for *ages*. I had tried to make a dress out of it back in....November, i think, when I still had pretty much no idea how to actually make a dress. So I took it apart, took the skirt-part off, and made a new skirt out of it.

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