May 14th, 2007

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Work work work

I finished another dress.

I never thought it would be possible, but i found a fabric that rivals the cuteness of
[info]sakurafairy 's birthday cake dress that i modeled for her at Otakon last year.

(That thing in the middle that looks like a hamburger is actually just an oddly-colored cake...unless you know someone who puts candles in hamburgers =P)

Anyway, come see what I made with it:
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Piccie post! :D

I posted some pictures not too long ago but last saturday me and my friend took some more so I've decided to post (a few) of them aswell ^^
Everything is home made except the socks.


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That was all I had for now!
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Summer Sandals:

I've seen a few entries on Summer shoes for lolis now, but I haven't seen anything I like in particular.

My search is this: I'm looking for a pair of sandals, white or black (or both) that are workable with loli without socks. Anyone know of any?

I'm a size 8.5 (US) and i'm located in the US.
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Coordinating Advice/Opinions

Meets over! Thanks for the help everyone! :)

This is my first post so please excuse me if I'm breaking any rules.

But anway, I'm trying to figure out what to wear for the Long Beach Lolita Meet on Sunday May 20th & I am considering this outfit. I would like some opinions. I get the feeling that there might be too much color going on =/ (pink+white+red+black) 0_0;;

Here's the top (the jackets are different--take note of that) By the way, the skirt has pink ruffles & white on the bottom:
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Handmade Beauty Shop Wigs ?

I've heard good things about handmade beauty shop's wigs, but I was wondering if anyone owns any of their curly or wavy wigs specifically ? In the pictures some of them look kindof ... crispy. It might just be pixelation of the images, but I wanted to make sure before I order from them. I'm looking for a wig that I can wear for lolita, but also for everyday wear, so I'd like my wig to atleast look pretty realistic.

If anyone can tell me any more about their wigs, or has any pictures, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)